Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sorry to hear about the foot pain brother Mercer. For good or for worse, unless you can afford the maintenance to combat such woes, pain and running are lovers never to part.

Don't fret as you will learn to live with and then be at one, with some tender loving pain.

ran 10 miles on rolling hills with some slight, but none the less, faint pain.

love and kisses from the RunCO


Anonymous said...

Somebody's glass is half empty.

Unknown said...

hey anonymous. the point is pain is part of the game. do you think Kobe Bryant plays pain free or meb runs without a glitch? the body simply responds to the amount of stress placed on it. i suggest spending a week with a pro team or athlete to see the types of body maintenance they recieve on a daily basis. the maintenance helps the body heal from the damage inflicted due to stress. think of yourself as a car. a car that moves fast pushes the limits needs constant repair and tune ups vs the car that drives at a more conservative pace. its pretty much common sense.