Sunday, January 17, 2010


Rather than re-write a race report I am cutting and pasting. Bottom line is the legs are finally starting to feel better after years of aggravation. Research Graston technique for those looking for some help with injuries involving scar tissue.

Upon waking up yesterday, I glanced over email and saw that my friend Colin emailed me about a race that very same morning. It was a 20k to down in Gtown along the Capital Crescent Trail called the JFK 20k. I ran it years back and upon reading Colin's email, thought it over. I mulled a bit and since the spirit was high, I decided to run downtown and jump in it. Now mind you, the race ready legs are not conditioned yet to throw down with reckless abandon but I was eager to see running friends and be part of the cause.

On the way to the race, I stopped at 7 Eleven for a cup of coffee and a quick read of the paper. Of course, the news is all about Haiti and the terrible misfortune that has riddled that nation. May they heal quickly, After some stooping, I jogged over to the Capital Crescent trail to see hundreds of runners. It reminded me of the old days. In attendance was the legendary Jay Wind, Bob Trost, Jerry Ives, Chan Robbins, Jame, the stat machine Moreland, along with young guns Pat Hughes, Colin Fishwick and then people like me, sort of tweeners. I evn saw Joe Racine, who i have been battling for years. Some years he gets me and then there are some, where I am the ruler.

So many familiar faces is and was a good sight. As per the custom, i was so caught up with talking to people that i did not bother to sign up. Soon the director was calling for people to toe the line. With this said, I figured I am entitled to bandit a DC Road Runner race now and again. I went to the start with no idea how I might run. I decided to try and run 6:10 pace for the entire 20K. Soon there was the blow of the whistle and we were off. As I jogged along, a young gent, who I have raced for years came up to me and started complaining about this or that with his running. I listened for a bit and then urged him to suck it up and enjoy the moment. At this instance, he produced a scowl and took off ahead of me. As we moved along, I began to get into a rhythm and i settled into 6:10sh zone. We ran and ran and various people I have run against for years ran with me, ahead of me or dropped way behind me.

Sometime at the halfway point, I heard a huffing and puffing and up comes old Rob Wolfe. For those that do not know Rob, he is a trooper and has run races in the area for eons. We are both older now and when he came up to me I grabbed him and said, "Rob, for old times sake, lets run this together". Rob grinned and we began talking about life, careers, how time has flown by and so on. It reminded me of the many training runs we have done over the years. At mile 9 or so, a young gent sneaks up on us and his face is all so familiar. Is this a guy I recently sold a Garmin to, I say to myself. In any case, the guy begins running with us and calling out our time per mile via Garmin read outs. He is hooked on the thing. At some point he pulls ahead and we all sort of spread out a bit.

Throughout all of this, i am having a great run. the legs are moving in unison, the breathing is easy and the air is all so cool.

As I coast along towards the finish, I start to hear the voices of young men. Then, I hear the pitter patter of feet. And then to my shock, I hear "that's Max, lets get him" I cannot believe this. I take a quick look behind me and see three young guys bearing down on me, hard! I look ahead and smile and say, "Not on this day" What a race and what fun. Now its up to intelligent recovery and making sure the legs maintain their robust energy.


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