Monday, January 4, 2010


Let me start this off by making the well acknowledged assertion that perhaps I can be a bit pushy/opinionated and direct with my thoughts. So be it as most if it is intentional for the sake of sparking some thought and or debate. Sometimes I do it with the intention of throwing a curve ball at convention.

With this said, as the new year has started, my mind takes me back to when I first met a tall red head named Jake Klim as the Kentlands 5k several years ago. I was at the race with a young Kenyan, Hillary Kipchumba, whom Jay Wind was trying to save by getting him some sort of permit to stay in this country. Some time after Jake made inquiries about running with others and the rest is history. During this time, others joined the group such as Chris Bain, courtesy of Chuck Moeser, Jarrin, who conacted me out of the blue regarding running with others in order not to run like an asshole, Matt Ernst, who I met through Terrel Hale at a massage, Pat Murphy, who I met through Scott Munro(I think) and countless others who have made their way to the club/team through the blog, word of mouth and so on.

During the last few years, the team has won numerous team race awards, traveled to races, trained together, bonded on hiking trips and more.

It is a great thing.

One noticeable flaw is the lack of women runners, of course. For some reason, they have not been drawn to this flock. How can this be altered? Do we need a coach?

So, if you rap your minds around the last few years and analyze the events and subsequent results, you might smile, you might question and you might decide what you all want for the next year.

I am only a messenger from this point on and seek only to see something continue to evolve that stands the further test of time and can be worthy of a LetsRun atricle and more.



Chris Vames Sloane said...

Good post, Max. It'd be great to get a more consistent turnout of women. I'm sure Emily would agree as well. Lets all try to keep our eyes peeled for women who are looking to be on a team.

Anonymous said...


Emily said...

I definitely agree, and would love to have more women on the team to run with! We are starting to get a group together, any ladies interested please email me -

Shannon said...

Hear hear. I second what Emily said. Would be great to have some women to train with for Boston...