Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am experimenting with running two times a day all week(5days). Typcially I wake up and run 6 miles and then run 4 or 5 in the evening. All of the runs are fairly easy. I am doing this to get my miliage up without breaking my leg muscles down. My goal is to run 75-80 miles per week without much bother.

Even though my legs feel tired I can do the runs pretty easily.

I often run into different characters as well. For example, as I was running home from work about 9pm last night, I ran into Jim Hage who was doing Hill Repeats up Porter street.

Anyway. thoughts and or analysis is always welcome.


Diego said...

Max, if you drink half a liter of Scotch in the morning and half in the evening, it’s better for your liver than drinking 1 liter every evening, but you won’t get the same wasted.
I think you body needs to get used to the effort of running over 40'. I’d say that what you are doing now may be good for your legs, but not the same good for your endurance. Sorry man.

MAX said...

If I drank a half liter of scotch at 6am I would go back to bed that would be that. How does running twice a day hurt your endurance?

DM said...

Diego's thing is actually spot on. It doesn't HURT your endurance, but 10 a day does more in building your endurance than a daily 6 and 4 will, which is why a lot of people wait til 80-ish MPW before they throw in doubles ... which is not to say, however, that Max's plan is not good one.

MAX said...

what if i run run 10-11 at once on sats and then 15-18 on sunday

KLIM said...

When I run twice a day I run 4-5 in the morning and 9-10 at night. So one run is at least an hour and the other run is at least 25-30 mins (this is actually the minimal amount of clock time needed to "get anything" out of your run).

Easy is key.

DM said...

But shorter doubles, too, will work when mixed in with mediumish long runs, and it's a good way to build up mileage. Like, for Max, run 10-12 one day and then do 5 and 5 or 6 and 6 the next. Pfitzinger, for instance, is a big advocate of easy doubles after hard workouts; you get some rest but decent volume, too. Nothing but short doubles, on the other hand, is no good. I think I'd rather just build up slowly with singles than rush it up there with doubles. If anyone, by the way, wants to run extra for me while I get over this foot hangup -- much obliged.