Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We are putting together a team for the JINGLE BELL 10K in a few weeks. Last year Mighty Bert won so this cannot happen again.

I know many people are going to the cross country race. However, for those staying put and want to race, please let Jim Daly know.

So far the following are on the team



Demessa Teferra, wants to run on the track on Wednesdays. He does not know where the track is and for this initial go-a-round, would like to be picked up/meet someone at the store tomorrow around 530 or 6.

Demessa came to DC a few years ago from NY and of course, before that Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia he was on the National Team and trained with Geb and others. Running races every week in the states has put some wear and tear on his legs. However, he has the ability to run sub 210 and run a 102 half if he is healthy and rested.

Is anyone able to help him out and get him acclimated to the GRC team training schedule at the track?

Please respond via Max.Lockwood@gmail.com

Monday, November 29, 2010

Coach Jerry

As most of you know, Coach Jerry Alexander has been coaching a number of guys on the team. The former head coach of UDC and a former assistant to AU Coach Matt Centrowitz, Jerry lives near B-CC and can be found at the track on Wednesday nights donning wind pants with duel stopwatches dangling from his neck. I personally haven't been doing workouts, but those who have say fantastic things about him and from what I observed, Jerry appears to have great ideas and a sound approach to all things training. I know that Joe, Sam, Ryan, The Outlaw, Karl and others have adopted him as a coach and I've spoken at length with Jerry and plan to hop into his sessions once I'm ready - likely in January. There was a lot of talk about a coach prior to our fall team meeting and Jerry seems like THE ideal fit because he doesn't want to change the current dynamic of the team. He is interested in coaching more of the team, but would prefer if you come to him if you are interested. GRCers who wish to remain self coached or keep their old coach can do that while still running with the team on Wednesday nights and with the team in general (of course!) -- the point of the coach is to help those who want to be coached, not to force those who don't. There is no fee.

If you're part of the GRC and interested in Jerry's services, please shoot him an e-mail - coach.jerry@live.com.

Wednesday Workout

Hey guys,

I don't know what was on the plan for this Wednesday. I'd like to do what I'll call an 8 mile alternator, just like the one's we did back and forth on the trail back in the summer. Obviously the trail is not an option now, but on the track doing the following:

1 mile 10 seconds faster than goal half pace
1 mile 45 seconds slower than goal half pace

I don't know what you guys were thinking, but I think this should also play well into the cross race coming up.


I highly recommend that some of you come in and try the Newton Shoes we now carry. This is a for the athlete who wants to improve or alter their biomechanics in order to gain a more efficient running stride and cut down on risk of injury.

Newton is a favorite of the multi sport athlete and is gaining popularity in the running ranks.

Please note that we cannot give these away to race team members who are eligible for shoes as the shoe is costly and we are bringing them in slowly.

I do however, strongly recommend that you try them on at the store and so on.

PS. Jake, the Kayano or Evolution shoe you wear is for someone who is mechanicaly inefficient or needs a great deal of support to prohibit severe overpronation. It is a good shoe but my guess, it is not the best for you. I think you should try something more low profile.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sunday Run...

We're going to be running tomorrow morning (Sunday) at Greenbelt Park in MD.  Matt Ernst, Silent Thunder, Texas Paul and I are planning to meet there at 9am sharp.  Two loops should do it (about 12 miles or so) - others may add on if interested.  We will be meeting at the usual parking area or if closed, at the high school across the road.  Both can be seen here


Wiggy Wins 10k in 31:33

...on a "hilly course".

MORE: Dixon is second in 5k, runs 16:27 on very hilly course. White Russians reportedly to blame for loss.


UNRELATED: If you're in town and around, post an option for a Sunday run.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Saturday Run...

For you locals that are still in town, Bain and I will be running from the Georgetown store tomorrow morning at 9am.  We're looking to go the usual 10-12 miles at an easy/moderate pace.  The more the merrier...


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Trot Results

Murphy tops all harriers with a 16:28. Huge is 4th in same race.

Texabama Paul -- 4th, 32:mid ($125) ------ Paul had to run 8 miles to the metro then to the start line, and did this as a tempo-paced run.

Dave Burnham -- high 33, or 34:01

Turkey Tender -- 34:46, 21st overall

Jordan Snyder -- 35:30, 24th overall, 1st master

MIGHTY Matias Palavecino -- 27:04, 11th overall (out of 3,300+)

Lindsey Jerdonek -- 31:05, 5th female, 63rd overall

Neal Hannan -- 25:39 (4.74 miles, 5:24 pace), 67th place

Pittsburgh YMCA Turkey Trot (5 Miler)
Predator -- 26:29 for the WIN
Charlie Ban -- 30:05

Wilson runs 15:46 (5:04 pace) to place second in local 5K

Reaves runs 33:36 at the Gobble Jog 10K to place 2nd.


Text/email me results.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Everyone who filled out the Cherry Blossom 2011 info on the spreadsheet will be admitted into the 2011 race. Some of these runners will get comp entries, but the headline here is that all of those on the list will NOT need to sign up in the lottery -- you are in. You need not do anything more until February...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wednesday A.M. Run at The Line...

A few of us are getting together tomorrow morning - 7:30am - at The Line for an hour+ run.  The more the merrier.


GRC Holiday Greetings


Monday, November 22, 2010


ANALYSIS: all GRCers appear to be injury free and on the comeback.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

GRC Thanksgiving Happy Hour!

Just like last year, many of us plan to get together for a pre-Thanksgiving happy hour before we all head in our separate directions.  We're planning on going to Chef Geoff's (near American University) on Tuesday starting around 6.  We'll be there for a while consuming phenomenal burgers and numerous Supermugs, so come when you can.

Happy Hour Menu


3201 New Mexico Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20016202

Workout Monday

Since there will be a buttload of people going home this week, tomorrow night at BCC myself and a few others will be working out. 4xmile progressive 455 450 445 440 with lap recovery. Starting usual time if you are interested.

Philadelphia Half Marathon update: Lindsey Jerdonek 17th female (1:26.50)!

Nice job LJ!  details developing...

Sunday Results

GRCers take 2, 3 and 5 in Wardian's 5k.
Eversmeyer - 16:36
Snyder -
Koonce -

Saturday, November 20, 2010


From Out of the Woods came Shannon...

REPORT: 9:35 for 50 miles over the undulating hill and dales of the Seneca Creek Trail. 

MORE: when this witness saw O'Neill at miles 30 and 40, she appeared lucid and determined to fight on....ran 2 marathons this fall in preparation...Bain accompanied Shannon from 30-50 miles...first 50 miler...


Shannon looking cool and collect at mile 40.

"Girl's Weekend" continues when Lindsey Jerdonek takes on the Philly Half Marathon tomorrow morning...

GRC outing tonight AT UNION JACKS + AM Run tomorrow

Tonight,  we have some interest in heading down to UNION JACKS in Bethesda.  Anyone interested and wants to do something earlier, I am having some people over to my place circa 7:30-8:00 tonight.  We were planning on taking the metro around 8:30 and meeting at UNION JACKS around 9:15ish... Do IT !

  Also, it has been confirmed that we will be meeting at 9am tomorrow morning at OLD ANGLERS INN.  (parking lot across the street from the inn).  See the "where we run" sidebar for directions.  Whispers in the wind say Some are looking to do an hour max where  others are going long (up to 18). 
      see ya tonight and tomorrow am,

At mile 30...

Shannon takes on the Stone 50 Miler...we're at mile 30 and she's looking strong.



Friday, November 19, 2010


Back before time was invented and the world was square, people ran. Today as I was doing some Fall cleanup of the house I came across a 2001 Washington Running Report. I looked through and boy did some familiar names pop up.

Of note...

Jim Hage had hair
Phillipe Rolly was winning all of the races for Pacers
Ray Pugsley ran the same times as he does now
Edmund Burke looks the same as he does now
Chuck Moeser ran and still runs without a shirt
Alisa Harvey was winning all of the open division women's races
The St Patrick's Day race was a 10k and not an 8k
Felix limo and Evans Rutto(famous marathoners) both ran Cherry Blossom
There were no local Ethopian or Kenyan runners
Jay Wind was Jay Wind
The Georgetown Running store was still in its infancy
Michael Wardian was running races every weekend(just not as fast)

Old Anglers Inn on Sunday?

I'm just throwing this out there as an option for Sunday. I am certainly not running as much as the rest of y'all, so I defer to you, but I figured this would be a good option?

Mainly I wanted to knock that Hanson post down...

Also, I'm running at the Store on Saturday...9:00am.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010




Loooong run this Saturday

Hi Everyone,

I'm running the Stone Mill 50 miler on Nov 20. I would love to see some of you out on the trails while I slog along at a 9-10 minute mile pace. When I say I would love to see you, you have to trust me on that--because I might not act so ecstatic at mile 37.

The start is at 7am at Damascus Regional Park, and the course is along the Seneca Greenway Trail passing near Montgomery Village and Germantown and heading all the way down towards the C&O canal. The course map, marked with locations of aid stations, is here. Email me if you want more info. It would be really fun to have some support out there.

Cherry Blossom!

It's almost that time of year again...

If you are interested in running Cherry Blossom, please add your name to the race on the GRC 2010 Race Calendar (link on the top right hand corner of the screen). Based on some of our performances last year and some of our running resumes, some of us will get in for free, but either way, I will have approximately 15 guaranteed entries (read - not comp) for the race next year. I would like to submit this list to my contact by the end of the week, so please make sure your name is on the list. On Friday, I'll email everyone on the list and ask for their PR, 2010 finish and 2011 goal time...then submit that.


On an unrelated note, here is Dix's recap of the Vet's Day 10k (with pictures soon)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wednesday Workout

Hey guys, I'm looking to do 16-20 x 400 this Wednesday with short rest (35-40 secs) @ 68-70 pace. I am up for doing 2 sets of 6 and a set of 6-8, but straight through is the idea. I don't know if this corresponds with the plan some of the other guys have set up, but I think having a solid group on it would be great.

In other news, I got word from Houston, and I'm in!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

FLASH: GRC Explorers Emerge from the Wilderness Alive

A ragtag Expeditionary Force, led by GRC's own RED FOX, tackled everything the West Virginia wilderness could throw at it this weekend, including coyotes, bears, owls, man-stench, overgrown trail, river crossings, dwindling foodstuffs, Viet Cong, and a dead car battery. These adventurers were thankful to live to tell the tale, as you can tell by the progression below, which details the RED FOX's efforts to restock his energy stores (and to put down more pizza to win an eating contest with TOWPATH at a pizza joint named, coincidentally, FOX'S PIZZA DEN), using techniques honed over his years of breeding cockatiels:

Step 1 - Flap wings
Step 2 - Ruffle chest feathers

Step 3 - Raise beak to open gullet and forcibly thrust food down with claws
Step 4 - Collapse to conserve energy for the next slice.

RELATED: JARRIN almost perished in the wilds.







Veterans' Day 10k

The GRC finished second this morning at the Veterans' Day 10k.
Rockville's Joey Wiegner led the lead with a 31:15, a 23-second PR.

Outlaw and Ryan Hanson from "To Catch a Predator" ran their first races for the team.

10.Joey Wiegner 31:15
11.Paul Guevara 31:38
12.Jerry Greenlaw 31:42
13.Ryan Hanson 31:49
21.Andrew Sovonick 34:06
24.Jordan Snyder 34:50
34.Scott Koonce 35:50

15.Danielle Siebert 40:43


Jordan Snyder, depicted here in a photo found in the National Archives, won the master's division. Though undated, the photo does not include the Washington Monument in the background, leading historians to believe it was taken prior to 1848.

Scott Koonce ran a c. 30-second PR.

FLASH: Patrick Murphy defends his title at the MMRF 5k in 16:23!!!

After PMurph witnessed PSU get dropped by OSU, Murph took vengence on the competition!!!  Great work Patrick!  A solo effort as he dropped his nearest competitor by almost 2 and 1/2 minutes!!!


Well, it seems as if Mighty Bert was able to maintain and hold off the GRC one more time. I have known Bert for years and he never seems to break or slow down. I should call him steady Bert.

I remember when he used to show up for races wearing US NAVY cotton shirts. This was years ago before he joined Pacers.

After the race I spoke with him and in his laid back manner simply said, the running is going ok and that he needs to bump his mileage up a bit to take on Jake at Cherry Blossom.

Other than that what a day for a race.

I think I noticed Paul and Jerry running a full 90 minutes after the race. How many miles did you guys run?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

FLASH: Ban wins 5k + $100 dollars then joins GRC for saturday morning run!!!

Sir Ban of Nottingham is a crazy SOB!

  Ban attended Q'doba shortly after group run, you know what this means....
        developing... (hopefully later than sooner)

Friday, November 12, 2010


I notice that longtime RunCo race team nemesis Bert(the dagger)Rodriguez is running for Pacers on Sunday. Bert is one heck of a runner and you might say he is Haile G and Jake is Paul Tergat in their running rivalry. Bert has a vicious kick and though does not race much, when he does, its for the win.

A free pair of racing flats for the first GRCer who crosses the line before mighty Bert


I have decided to run every night from the Chevy store at about 715. I am equipped with a headlight and can lend them out if need be. Will run different routes and paces. There will be post run beer. If anyone wants to come, this would be cool.



UPDATE:  Meet at the store at 8:45 so we can start the run at 9.

i will have veteran day race packets for all racing   try to be there so we dont have to worry about it race morning.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Morning Runs

I hate running in the dark after work but I'm also not a morning person.  What do you guys think about some group morning runs?  It makes it much easier to get out of bed in the morning if you know you aren't alone.  If anyone is up for this 1-2 days a week over the winter, let me know and lets get something organized.

Also, if you are an active member of the race team and regularly attending group runs, please email me with information for your profile.


Jumping on the back of Jerry's enthusiasm I figure I might as well throw out that we are doing the Chevy Chase run this eve at 7ish from the store. The runs are lots of fun and we are getting a large crowd of mixed talent.

Last night I took some young man(name to be left anonymous):), on a roller coaster run. We started from the store and ran up Wisconsin to Mass Ave. From this point, I took him all the way down to DuPont Circle. From here, we took a sharp left and ran up Conn ave all the way to Military and then went left back to the store. It was about 10 miles of tough, hilly running. It was fun, though. We ran hard. Reminded me of when I first came to DC and ran up and down Conn Ave everyday like it was my street. When you feel it, it feels good.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Philadelphia half-marathon

I'm running the half-marathon in Philadelphia Nov. 21 and am looking for a place to stay Saturday night near the race venue since the hotels are full. Please let me know if you have any leads.


I am going to run tomorrow at greenbelt around 3ish once I get out of work. Anyone interested in meeting up for an easy run?


Anonymous? this is a running blog not a band of secret spies plotting grand schemes. people throw random stuff out there and it either catches someone's attention or not. It's all more or less harmless. I think the anonymous commenter should COME OUT of Anonymous status and be true to themselves. Oh well, the liberated shall live on

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


All, thank you for coming last night. Geb was dead set on coming to the Girls Gotta Run event prior to his knee flareup and subsequent retirement. Clearly the knee issue and retirement announcement put all previous plans in jeopardy

I am disappointed that he did not come but I cannot blame him. Imagine his emotional state after the race and announcement.? Most likely, the last thing he wanted to deal with the day after was a bunch of his greatest fans asking him questions.

Based on his post race interview, he feels bad for letting folks down.

He is still the CHAMP and who knows, he might come back and pay us a a visit.

The Chevy Chase store and the Girls Gotta Run Foundation are grateful for your support.

thanks again


Monday, November 8, 2010

run from the store

I'm going to run from the store tonight at 5 for an easy hour before the shindig tonight. If anyone is down post it on here

Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Emperor's Reign is Over!

Moments ago, the greatest distance runner of all time, Haile Gebrselassie, announced his retirement at a press conference in NYC. Report confirmed by Runners Word etc.


Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

work out wednesday

I'll be doing 2x mile (400 run between) then into the 4x800(first four) at the beginning of the guys workout of 8x800 progressive. I'm planning to start this at 6:55 so I can hop in the 800s with the guys doing it. I think it'll synch up right if everyone starts at 715 which seems to be the case.

-Jerry G

long run today

great long run everyone. What a nice turn out it was. I think there were about 15-20 people there... Awesome stuff.

FLASH: Wilson Runs 2:26:47 in NYC

13.1 hit in 1:11


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Turn Back the Clock

Don't forget to turn back the clock tonight. We're meeting at The Line at 8am (which should feel like 9am).

Friday, November 5, 2010

Weird energizers...

Sweating depletes electrolytes.  If anyone has ever experienced a mid-run cramp, side stitch or an outright bonk, you're probably experiencing the symptoms caused by a loss of sodium and potassium.  In one of my last public blog posts (before going private), I wrote about an athletic study on using pickle juice to stave off cramping.  As weird as it sounds, it works.  The guy who I learned this from is a doctor from Michigan.  His name is Rick Ganzi and I've run 12 or so marathons with him.  He's featured in today's online MSNBC Health section - the article is found here.  Scroll down the page for a more technical explanation of why it works.



The game of life is day to day contradiction. Just go follow the last four years of American politics and this will be ingrained in your head.

At this point in his career and life Geb is far more than a Champion runner(I think). He is a politician, a statesman and a banner of hope for his people. This is why I admire him.

Running is a big piece of his heart and soul and his given him an opportunity to give back and be large. Some athletes take this route but most do not.

As for proving much, I suppose I will ask him.

Getting into reality,

So far the following people have responded about attendence at this event

Mike Smith
Mike C
Ian(if he is still alive). He emailed me and said he is still down for the count from the marathon.

If anyone is missing, let me know. The entrance fee is $25 and 100% of the proceeds go to the Girls Gotta Run Foundation, a foundation aimed at supporting impoverished Ethiopian female runners. There is going to be a big crowd so please get here by 6ish at the latest.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Power of Science

The article I attached below is rather scientific, but it is also pretty intriguing.  It breaks down the science behind "hitting the wall" and how to safely avoid.  I thought it might be of interest to you marathoners and rather helpful to Charlie...

"Hitting the Wall"



I was looking at some interview footage of Haile G the other day. What left does he have to prove? What a star. He has run so strong for so long and still beats the young guys. I mean he just creamed Ritz at some half marathon and he is 10 years younger.

The pundits out there say Haile might be washed up or that he cannot beat major competition any longer.

Clearly he is making some good cash for coming to the NYM but he is also doing it for pride and to send a message.

He seems like such a gentle and first class person. What a smile--Will there ever be another one like him?


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Left flats at BCC

I left my flats at the track, maybe in a blue plastic bag. Did anybody happen to pick them up?

Hey everyone

Hello GRC-type peeps,

After floundering in an abyss of non-motivation, I am back to training and racing, and I'm going to make a better effort to get to GRC runs and races. I think my last race with the GRC team (officially) was Club XC Nationals last year, so I guess it's fitting that I'm going to run Club XC Nats this year as my first race back.

Anyway, just posting to say hi, and I'll see you folks at some of the runs.



I am now taking Running Company sponsored sensitivity training. Oh Well. We all must show some growth, albeit limited.

On a side note, we are nearly capped for space for the Haile event this Monday.

If people from the race team are sincerely interested in attending as a guest or as a volunteer, please let me know by COB tomorrow.

From the land of shoes and Body Glide


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a breath of fresh air

I'd like to say to everyone that joining GRC has been great thus far for my running. I have not run with a team since last November so every day and run has been awesome. I think I speak for a few of us(especially the new guys) when I say that it is an exciting situation. The fact that we can have a group of guys who are very serious about the sport and are not ready to turn over the leaf of 'growing up' if you will( I use growing up very loosely) is absolutely awesome. I look forward to this winter and spring and hammering workouts with everyone,rolling some races, and inching towards that trials standard, goal, place, time, etc... I usually am not keen on racing when I'm not exactly race fit but I am really looking forward to being on the line with a few of us at Vet 10k. Kick some ass in the workout tomorrow and have a good time. I wish I could be there but I am bringing my 5th graders on an overnight trip so I had to do my workout today. Luckily I had an old black man to give me splits at Bowie state. Let's keep on having fun with the sport because in the end that is why we do it right?

on the line

Jerry G


Needless to say I am disappointed that our store race team came in 2nd out of 10 local store teams. Potomac River Running's Reston store kicked our butt by putting some serious talent together. I do not know any of their runners but they won fair and square.

Their team won with a combined average time of 2:51 and some change compared with our 3:03.

Ian, if you had only kept pace and not nearly died(literally), you might have won the whole thing. oh my.....

there is always next year

Final Call for Veterans Day 10k!!!

We need to know whos IN.  so far this is the "IN IT" list:

    Andrew Sovonick
    Jordan Snyder
    Ryan Hanson
    Scott Koonce
    Joe Wiegner
    Jerry Greenlaw
    Paul Guevara
    Danielle Siebert

photo above:  Andrew Sovonick post "Tender" Tandrum at the PDR post race breakfast buffet...
      "no tenders and eggs??? &*%^$$"

     There were several others that were on the fence.  jump on over to the nice side of the yard and race...  As lady gaga/3MT says.....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Workout Wednesday

Coach J has Ryan and I hitting up the following workout:
     2 x 1600 and 4x800 all with 400 recovery.
         5:00, 4:55, 2:22, 2:22, 2:18, 2:18 (are the projected splits).

           All are welcome.


Yesterday, one of the Running Company's sponsored athletes, Waldon Adams, completed the Marine Corps Marathon. Waldon's story is truly fantastic. Waldon came to the store via the Walker-Whitman clinic, one year ago. Walker-Whitman is an AIDS clinic in DC.

Waldon is a resident if the District of Columbia and is HIV positive. His story is long and filled with lore.

To make a long story short, Waldon was battling AIDS and near death on a Hospital Bed some years ago. He was depressed. During his hospital stay, Waldon began to run around his hospital bed and room. He liked the feeling running gave him. Running gave him hope.

He left the hospital and picked up running full time. He has run a few marathons now and runs almost everyday. His disease has subsided enough to the point where he feels he can live a more stable and comfortable life. He serves as a role model for others at the Clinic who need strength and an inspiration to live.

I bring this story to bare simply because I have been to the clinic and met the folks who are now running behind Waldon's leadership.

be well


This coming week for Sunday's run. Long at the line 8AM . Should be a few of us going anywhere from 14-18.

RunWash: Wiegner is 4th Ranked Runner in Area

GRC was pretty quiet on the summer racing scene (resting, building up) save for Joe who ran PRs in 5k, 8k (I think) and 10k.

Both Demesse Tefera and Gurmessa Megressa have run many races together and each has earned the title of Open champion. Their 2010 summer competition started in June when Megressa won the Run Through History 10K by a second in 31:52. On Independence Day they met again at the Reston Firecracker 5K. Tefera exploded to win in 14:26, while Megressa had an off-race, finishing in 15:12. A week later Megressa won the Caribbean Sounds 8K in 24:12. The following week Tefera lit it up at the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K in 24:06 just eight seconds behind winner Abiyot Endale, while Megressa faded to fourth in 24:54. July ended with Tefera edging out Megressa at the Friends of the W&OD 10K, winning a photo finish as both shared a gun time of 31:51

By Labor Day weekend, it was clear Megressa needed some help to win the title. They both started Kentlands/Lakelands 5K-then Tefera dropped out early in the race. Megerssa was still running for dear life as Joe Wiegner hounded him the whole way only to come up short by a stride in 14:44. Tim Young only had two races, but the two overall wins had just enough juice to push Gurmessa and Wiegner to third and fourth. Young had his way at the Civitan 10K Memorial Weekend with 30:35. Then he posted a 24:41 at the FARC Heritage Festival 5 Mile.

1 Tefera, Demesse ** 28 Washington, DC
2 Young, Tim ** 23 Fredericksburg, VA
3 Megerssa, Gurmessa *6 30 Washington, DC
4 Wiegner, Joe * 28 Rockville, MD
5 Molz, Jon ** 23 Richmond, VA
6 Dumm, Andrew * 25 Washington, DC
7 Wertz, David * 34 Arlington, VA
8 Berdan, Dave ** 29Parkville, MD
9 Christian, Will * 27 Norfolk, VA
10 Pauling, Ryan * 33 Baltimore, MD
11 Stasiowski, Ryan * 21 Hanover, MD
12 Zeleke, Birhanu ** 27 Washington, DC
13 Viviani, Will 28 Arlington, VA
14 Flynn, Ricky 23 Lynchburg, VA
15 Outaleb, Mouhcine ** 34 Baltimore, MD
16 Wilkinson, Kalib * 26 Lynchburg, VA
17 Abuya, Jared 34 Fairfax, VA
18 Carroll, Ryan *11 27 Portsmouth, VA
19 Church, Aaron *** 34 South Riding, VA
20 Schaefer, Tim 32 Gaithersburg, MD
21 Dusen, Karl ** 27 North Bethesda, MD
22 Wardian, Michael ** 36 Arlington, VA
23 Aramayo, Ed * 24 Baltimore, MD
24 Angell, David ** 33 Blue Ridge, VA
25 Abernathy, Mat * 21 College Park, MD
26 Shirk, Kevin * 30 Winchester, VA
27 Dewitt, Dan *** 22 Frostburg, MD
28 Doan, Caleb * 20 Virginia Beach, VA
29 Renjifo, Carlos * 27 Columbia, MD
30 Mehmedovic, Izzy 25 Columbia, MD
31 Mercer, Dickson * 29 Washington, DC
32 Battaglino, Alexander 24 Baltimore, MD
33 Decker, Gregory 21 Rockville, MD
34 Ban, Charlie * 28 Falls Church, VA
35 Belasik, Wylie 26 Washington, DC
36 Ingram, Ben 33 Winchester, VA
37 Saunders, Richard 22 Alexandria, VA
38 Sloane, Christopher 27 Gaithersburg, MD
39 Brown, Karsten *36 Front Royal, VA