Friday, November 19, 2010


Back before time was invented and the world was square, people ran. Today as I was doing some Fall cleanup of the house I came across a 2001 Washington Running Report. I looked through and boy did some familiar names pop up.

Of note...

Jim Hage had hair
Phillipe Rolly was winning all of the races for Pacers
Ray Pugsley ran the same times as he does now
Edmund Burke looks the same as he does now
Chuck Moeser ran and still runs without a shirt
Alisa Harvey was winning all of the open division women's races
The St Patrick's Day race was a 10k and not an 8k
Felix limo and Evans Rutto(famous marathoners) both ran Cherry Blossom
There were no local Ethopian or Kenyan runners
Jay Wind was Jay Wind
The Georgetown Running store was still in its infancy
Michael Wardian was running races every weekend(just not as fast)

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Charlie Ban said...

A St. Patrick's Day 10k, hmmm? I didn't realize there were two more shitty kilometers in the city to add to that course.