Friday, November 12, 2010


I notice that longtime RunCo race team nemesis Bert(the dagger)Rodriguez is running for Pacers on Sunday. Bert is one heck of a runner and you might say he is Haile G and Jake is Paul Tergat in their running rivalry. Bert has a vicious kick and though does not race much, when he does, its for the win.

A free pair of racing flats for the first GRCer who crosses the line before mighty Bert


Andy said...

That is some great incentive for our new teammates!!

KLIM said...

Actually, about a year ago when I was VERY bored, and after a bet with Bert, I went back and totaled all the cumulative time I had beaten Bert in races, and the total cumulative time Bert had beaten me. The end verdict was that I had him by a meager 4 seconds over the course of a 5-year rivalry. I sent this to stat to BErt but never heard back. Probably because he thinks I am stupid for doing it. I know he beat me by 4 seconds at CB last year and we haven't raced since then, so we might be at an even 0 now. Also, all of our PRs from 5k to 10 miles are within a few seconds. I am not trying to prove anything by stating all this, I just found it very interesting.