Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am now taking Running Company sponsored sensitivity training. Oh Well. We all must show some growth, albeit limited.

On a side note, we are nearly capped for space for the Haile event this Monday.

If people from the race team are sincerely interested in attending as a guest or as a volunteer, please let me know by COB tomorrow.

From the land of shoes and Body Glide



Mike Smith said...

Hi Max, I really really want to attend the Haile event.

Mike C said...

Add me to the guest list

Joe Wiggy said...

add me as well, thanks..

Matias said...

We still love ya MAX! Its all about the love. Nothing like a little Max to get ppl hot a bothered. That you excel at.

Lindsey Jerdonek said...

Hi Max,

I would really like to attend the Haile event as a guest.

Jerry Greenlaw said...

can you add me to the guest list please?