Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well, it seems as if Mighty Bert was able to maintain and hold off the GRC one more time. I have known Bert for years and he never seems to break or slow down. I should call him steady Bert.

I remember when he used to show up for races wearing US NAVY cotton shirts. This was years ago before he joined Pacers.

After the race I spoke with him and in his laid back manner simply said, the running is going ok and that he needs to bump his mileage up a bit to take on Jake at Cherry Blossom.

Other than that what a day for a race.

I think I noticed Paul and Jerry running a full 90 minutes after the race. How many miles did you guys run?


Jerry Greenlaw said...

paul and I cooled down about 8 miles. Cherry blossom will be fun this year.. especially after some workouts and a huge winter. Double your shoe deal for that and you'll see some magic my man. Props to max, charlie, and matt on the course. Great to have people cheering. You may have been the ONLY 3 the whole time I heard( aside some 8 year old girl who said come on number 17!)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words Max. Here's to hoping that my arch nemesis and good friend Jake Klim is able to get completely healthy and ready for what will surely be an epic Cherry. He planted a seed in my head a few weeks back. It might have been fueled by a couple of beers but it went something like, "we will hit 5 miles at 25:00!"

Jerry Greenlaw said...

great race Bert. What is up next on the plate?

KLIM said...

Jerry - The Kitten Killer 6k.

Bert - I said 24:55 and I was stone sober.

Unknown said...'d you know I'm a dog person. I'm pretty sure you said 25:00 but what's 5 seconds between friends (besides the time differential between 20th and 22nd place at the 2010 Cherry). Plus you're never stone sober, let's talk about it over a few beers at the Hunt on thursday.

Andy said...

You better not kill any kittens.