Friday, November 5, 2010


The game of life is day to day contradiction. Just go follow the last four years of American politics and this will be ingrained in your head.

At this point in his career and life Geb is far more than a Champion runner(I think). He is a politician, a statesman and a banner of hope for his people. This is why I admire him.

Running is a big piece of his heart and soul and his given him an opportunity to give back and be large. Some athletes take this route but most do not.

As for proving much, I suppose I will ask him.

Getting into reality,

So far the following people have responded about attendence at this event

Mike Smith
Mike C
Ian(if he is still alive). He emailed me and said he is still down for the count from the marathon.

If anyone is missing, let me know. The entrance fee is $25 and 100% of the proceeds go to the Girls Gotta Run Foundation, a foundation aimed at supporting impoverished Ethiopian female runners. There is going to be a big crowd so please get here by 6ish at the latest.

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Jerry Greenlaw said...

max, what is your email address. I posted on here I'd like to go to the event but you must have missed it, my apologies.