Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Needless to say I am disappointed that our store race team came in 2nd out of 10 local store teams. Potomac River Running's Reston store kicked our butt by putting some serious talent together. I do not know any of their runners but they won fair and square.

Their team won with a combined average time of 2:51 and some change compared with our 3:03.

Ian, if you had only kept pace and not nearly died(literally), you might have won the whole thing. oh my.....

there is always next year


Anonymous said...

uncalled for

P Murph said...

How about this instead:

Congrats to our GRC team for finishing second. Way to represent the team and store well.

Andy said...

If anyone deserves criticism, it's Towpath for his choice of hos over bros!!

Andy said...

Actually, vixens over foxes.

Charlie Ban said...

foooooooor sho'

Matias said...

Woe is Me
by Max Lockwood

Woe is Me
I like to criticize thee
I no longer run
So I Monday morning quarterback as a way to have fun
Sure I am old and broken
But that doesn't keep me from being outspoken

Woe is Me
I think we can all agree

Peter said...

Update: Matias named United States Poet Laureate.

Tenderfoot, I'm gonna git you, I'm gonna git you good.

Matias said...

Wiki says "Currently, the laureate receives a $35,000 annual stipend"

Saaaawweeeeet! I proudly accept the honor.

Joe Wiggy said...

To run 26.2 is something I have the utmost respect for anyone that can conquer the distance... To compete in the way that our GRC crew did at MCM (whether they reached their goal, had some unlucky issues come up or came up short on the season time goal) is something that the 1000's of other people in the race as well as spectating look up to. I guarantee that each of the GRCers wearing the logo (which is your employer) were hearing "Go Georgetown Running Company" "Wow look at that guy/Girl from Georgetown." Each of our runners on our team are in a special class... Top to bottom... Don't take away from that... It is not fair and quite honestly is pathetic.

Matias said...


Woe is Max