Monday, November 29, 2010


I highly recommend that some of you come in and try the Newton Shoes we now carry. This is a for the athlete who wants to improve or alter their biomechanics in order to gain a more efficient running stride and cut down on risk of injury.

Newton is a favorite of the multi sport athlete and is gaining popularity in the running ranks.

Please note that we cannot give these away to race team members who are eligible for shoes as the shoe is costly and we are bringing them in slowly.

I do however, strongly recommend that you try them on at the store and so on.

PS. Jake, the Kayano or Evolution shoe you wear is for someone who is mechanicaly inefficient or needs a great deal of support to prohibit severe overpronation. It is a good shoe but my guess, it is not the best for you. I think you should try something more low profile.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the unpaid ad, Chief

Charlie Ban said...

oops, that was me, I wasn't signed in

Joe Wiggy said...

Jake doesn't do low profile