Friday, November 19, 2010

Old Anglers Inn on Sunday?

I'm just throwing this out there as an option for Sunday. I am certainly not running as much as the rest of y'all, so I defer to you, but I figured this would be a good option?

Mainly I wanted to knock that Hanson post down...

Also, I'm running at the Store on Saturday...9:00am.


Paul Guevara said...

The return of the 8:30 am Saturday, I like it...question is will it really be 9:15?

Also, I'm looking to go 18 either Saturday or Sunday for my long run, anybody trying to hit that on Sunday?

KLIM said...

Charlie Ban brought up a good point. The traditional start time is 9am, but we dip it to 8:30am in the summers per the heat.

I think it's appropriate now to move the start time back to 9am. That means getting to The Store at 8:45am so that we can be out the door at 9:01.


Jerry Greenlaw said...

there is a good chance I'll be working at the store tomorrow post run. I am still waiting to hear back from Jess on ... If that is so I plan on going long at 7:30. If anyone wants to join me post it up. If not I'll be there at 8:30(really 9) to swing by for those starting.

Jerry Greenlaw said...

I'll be going at 9 with everyone...see you then