Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Demessa Teferra, wants to run on the track on Wednesdays. He does not know where the track is and for this initial go-a-round, would like to be picked up/meet someone at the store tomorrow around 530 or 6.

Demessa came to DC a few years ago from NY and of course, before that Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia he was on the National Team and trained with Geb and others. Running races every week in the states has put some wear and tear on his legs. However, he has the ability to run sub 210 and run a 102 half if he is healthy and rested.

Is anyone able to help him out and get him acclimated to the GRC team training schedule at the track?

Please respond via Max.Lockwood@gmail.com


KLIM said...

If anyone can arrange a pick-up, this could be the start of something really nice.

That being said, most of the guys take the metro to Bethesda and then walk to the track from there.

MAX said...

If anyone is able, he will be at the chevy chase store tomorrow at 530pm

Joe Wiggy said...

I could pick demesse up at bethesda metro. Or he can get off at metro and meet up w. The metro goers and walk over. Is gurmessa interested in coming out?