Thursday, November 4, 2010


I was looking at some interview footage of Haile G the other day. What left does he have to prove? What a star. He has run so strong for so long and still beats the young guys. I mean he just creamed Ritz at some half marathon and he is 10 years younger.

The pundits out there say Haile might be washed up or that he cannot beat major competition any longer.

Clearly he is making some good cash for coming to the NYM but he is also doing it for pride and to send a message.

He seems like such a gentle and first class person. What a smile--Will there ever be another one like him?


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DM said...

If he had nothing left to prove he would not be racing in New York. He clearly does think he has something to prove. The first and third graph are sort of contradictory.

No one had said he is washed up or can't beat the competition, either. They have only said he has ducked the competition - and it's a valid point. But, you also can't blame a pro of his caliber for choosing his races very carefully. Has he focused on time, not competition? Yes. Is there anything wrong with that? No. It's just a choice, and he happens to have the world record. Honestly, this stuff just isn't very complex. Rather than post messages, just read a little more.