Thursday, November 11, 2010

Morning Runs

I hate running in the dark after work but I'm also not a morning person.  What do you guys think about some group morning runs?  It makes it much easier to get out of bed in the morning if you know you aren't alone.  If anyone is up for this 1-2 days a week over the winter, let me know and lets get something organized.

Also, if you are an active member of the race team and regularly attending group runs, please email me with information for your profile.


Ancient Chinese Secret said...


where is your location for morning run? i live in aspen hill md, if we some what close to each other, i don't mind to meet up 1-2 days per week.


KLIM said...

Jimmy - Karl, me, Joe (sometimes), Luff Daddy, Predator, Grampa Jordan, Uncle Buttweenis and McNugget all run from Grosvenor circa 6:45-7:00am most mornings. Naturally, attendance varies each day, but these folks seem to meet fairly regularly. Email me or KD if you ever want to meet up.