Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final Call for Veterans Day 10k!!!

We need to know whos IN.  so far this is the "IN IT" list:

    Andrew Sovonick
    Jordan Snyder
    Ryan Hanson
    Scott Koonce
    Joe Wiegner
    Jerry Greenlaw
    Paul Guevara
    Danielle Siebert

photo above:  Andrew Sovonick post "Tender" Tandrum at the PDR post race breakfast buffet...
      "no tenders and eggs??? &*%^$$"

     There were several others that were on the fence.  jump on over to the nice side of the yard and race...  As lady gaga/3MT says.....


Charlie Ban said...

This is overall the best post I have ever read on this blog

Jerry Greenlaw said...

im down like china town... pretty sure im in unless coach j doesn't think its a good idea

Karl D. said...

"Kid's Menu" is looking better all the time as an alternate nickname for Tender.

Paul Guevara said...

I'm in boys

Joe Wiggy said...