Monday, April 30, 2012

More Weekend Results

Not to be forgotten, and on two opposite ends of the race distance spectrum, Mike Cotterell ran 2:40:01 at the Eugene Marathon and Chuck Kacsur ran 1:55.38 at Shippensburg in, you guessed it, the 800m run

Cotterell, the second "Boston refugee" to attempt another 'thon, was apparently on 2:35 pace up until 20-21 miles and then...well, then he had 5+ more miles to go.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dusen, O'Hara lead GRC at PP10k

Karl Dusen enjoys a chocolate milkshake after running his best race in over a year
Karl Dusen - 30:05! - 4:51 pace!
Jake Klim - 31:32
Dave Wertz - 31:58 (PR!)
Dickson Mercer - 32:31
Chris Bain - 32:48 (PR!)
Patrick Murphy - 33:23
Clarke Lind - 33:29
Drew Sovonick - 35:04

Laura O'Hara - 35:51 (PR!) - first personal best in 7 years! 9th overall
Lindsay Donaldson - 35:54 10th overall
Beth Young - 36:11 (PR!)
Susan Hendrick - 36:23
Lauren Woodall - 37:28
Elizabeth Laseter - 37:44
Aubrey Zimmerling - 38:22

"Setting a road PR demonstrates that Karl is back to race fitness,"said GRC Coach Jerry Alexander. "This is the confidence booster he needed to be ready to race well in the late spring."

Several members of the women's team stuck together for much of the race, and finished pretty close together in places nine through 12.

LTO ran her first PR in several years, and this will not be the last one this year," Alexander said. "A confident, fit LTO is going to be a force to be reckoned with the rest of the spring and into the fall." Donaldson finished a few seconds behind."This performance is only a small indication of what she is capable of once she gets in a few months of solid training," he said, noting her six All-American citations during her college career.

Though he did not PR, Klim's comeback tour included another successful show on Rockville Pike.

"Klim ran a very solid race, considering he has been banged up the last couple of weeks," Alexander said.

Not far behind, Dave Wertz ran another PR, and will end his season on a high note before he starts to contend with living with a tiny sociopath who doesn't know how to tell time.
Beth Young also set a PR in what has been a successful comeback season, and Lauren Woodall set her second PR in eight days.

Chris Bain, who fought through heat that swiftly thinned the ranks of Boston Marathon runners, PRed, too, the cagey vet that he is. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

GRC makes most of Penn Relays opportunity

From the point when the team's six competitors climbed aboard the van to Philadelphia, there was no question what they were doing. The shared sense of focus and competitive tension permeated the white hunk of metal and it cruised up I-95.

That mission, however, was not apparent to all observers. As the gaggle of GRC runners milled around the entrance to the Annanberg School for Communication's theater on the University of Pennsylvania's campus, an inquisitive woman opened the door.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. "Are you here for the film festival?"


They had business at Franklin Field. By midnight, three big PRs and a team record were in the books and the most successful track season in team history had its apex, in visceral images perhaps appropriately collected on celluloid but heart pounding in person.

First, the ascendance of Drea Garvue. On the heels of 5k and 10 mile PRs in the last month, she set a 99-second PR in the 10k, running 35:46. After a 5:36 opening mile, she launched through a string of 85s, demonstrating to her parents and music teachers that metronomes were a waste of money. She split 17:42, just eight seconds slower than her 5k PR from a few weeks ago. She hit in 8k in 28:30 and fought through a late-race slump to close in 82. Her muscular frame punished the cool, but humid air that stood between her and the finish. She finished between two Olympic Trials qualifiers in the marathon.

"To run that hard for 5k, and still hang on and finish strong is a testament to Drea's toughness," said GRC Coach Jerry Alexander. "She has had a truly phenomenal season, and this race establishes that Drea is capable of competing on the highest levels.  Drea is getting better every race, and there's every reason to think that trend will continue."
She will continue her season in three weeks at the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon.

As Drea concluded her race, the rain took off and soaked the track as the men's 10k began.
"Sam's here to party," Alexander remarked as Luff and Dave Burnham took the line.
"$#(*@# those #@(&#)ers!" Charlie Ban yelled to him.

Luff came into the race, planning to pass the time and cover the ground until it was time to go. Adopting strategies from sub-30 10k teammates Karl Dusen and Dirk DeHeer, he looked at the remaining distance as an opportunity.

"I felt like I was holding back for the first half of the race, which meant that instead of thinking 'damn I have 5k to go,' I thought, 'OK, now I have 5k to catch as many guys as I can,'" Diddy said, his squishy footsteps still echoing throughout the stadium.

The race started out slow, but when it accelerated and the vicious cockfight began, he kept his head on a swivel. He followed the splits, rather than the pack, and was happy to get to 5k easily on pace for his basic goal -- breaking 30-- which he did in 14:57, before tearing into a 3.1-mile kick that would launch him beyond his modest goals to a major achievement.

"Sam was clearly in the best shape of his life, but his results so far this year were not indicative of his fitness," Alexander said. "But Sam knew that he was ready to pop a big one tonight, and he went in with a plan, and executed it to perfection."

A succession of 70s and 71 led him to 27:23 with 800 to go. In the next 69 seconds, the rain reared its ugly head again, daring him to stare it down. With a 65-second final 400, he started through the deluge that was unable to extinguish the fire in his eyes. His time was a new club record, breaking his own from the year before, by 36 seconds.

"That kind of huge breakthrough is the product of months and months of hard work, planning, and lessons learned in other races, and Sam put it all together in the biggest meet of the year,"  Alexander said. "I could not have been more pleased with Sam's performance.  He has truly elevated himself to a whole new level, and he's going to build off that stellar race in the weeks and months to come.

In the 5k, Ryan Witters ran a big PR of 14:40 in his outdoor debut at the distance.  The pace was slow, and Witty was in contact with the leaders for 3k.  At that point, the front of the pack made a move and Witty could not respond, but he hung on and fought hard through 4800 meters, where he came through in 14:10.  The horse smelled the barn  from there, and Witty finished with a sizzling 30 second last 200.  "Witty proved to himself tonight that he can compete with the big boys at 5k," Alexander said. "The speed is there, and when he develops the strength to go along with it, he can be be a factor in this race next year."

Nobody who has run with him doubts he has a gas tank to finish those races fast.

Maura Carroll ran a solid 17:34.  "The pacing was uneven, and Maura struggled to find a rhythm, but the effort was there, and Maura will have better days.  Her progress at 5k this spring has been excellent, and she will learn from this race and continue to improve," said Alexander.

As great as the night was, GRC did not bat 1.000.  Ryan Hanson struggled in the 5k, and was never comfortable despite the slow early pace.  "Ryan was not himself out there tonight," Alexander said. "Bad races happen to everyone, but this is no way indicative of Ryan's fitness, and he will bounce back and run strong the rest of the season."  Dave Burnham's return to the track did not go as he planned, and he dropped out of the 10k after 17 laps.  Dave was competitive, going through 4 miles in 19:48, but he was struggling to the point that he could not contiune.  "Dave has worked himself back into racing shape, and he will be back.  Dave has too much talent to stay down for long," said Alexander.

Sam Luff - 29:37! PR!! NEW GRC RECORD!
Dave Burnham - drops out

Drea Garvue - 35:46! PR!!

Ryan Witters - 14:40! PR!!
Ryan Hanson - 15:19

Maura Carroll - 17:34

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GRC heads to Penn Relays

GRC will be sending a contingent of 6 runners to compete in the legendary Penn Relays Distance Carnival on Thursday night. This is by far the largest group of GRC athletes ever to run at Penn, and the first time that GRC has sent women to compete in this prestigious event. It highlights a banner year for the GRC's efforts on the track.

Maura Carroll, Ryan Hanson, and Ryan Witters will run the 5000 meters. Hanson ran the 5k last year at Penn, and is looking to improve significantly on his time of 14:41.5.
"Ryan is in the best shape of his life," said GRC Coach Jerry Alexander. "He has run well this season at 1500, 3k, and 5k, but he has yet to make the kind of breakthrough his training indicates he’s capable of. This could well be the last 5k of Ryan’s career before he goes to medical school and he’s ready to make it a memorable one."

Maura competed in the steeplechase twice at Penn Relays in college, but this will be her first 5k on the big stage. "Maura has made steady progress at 5k this spring, and after her 23 second PR two weeks ago, she’s got the confidence to compete on this level," said Alexander.

Witters will be making not only his Penn Relays debut, but also his 5k outdoor debut. "Witty’s training has gone great, and he proved in the fall that he can be successful at this distance. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in toughness and determination."

Sam Luff, Dave Burnham, and Drea Garvue will run the 10,000 meters. Sam ran his PR and club record 30:13 at Penn last year, and after pushing the pace on American Record holder Alan Webb two weeks ago in the 5k, he is ready to improve on that performance. "Sam is ready to step up to the next level,"  Alexander said. "The way his training has been going, the sky is the limit on Thursday."

Drea will be making her Penn debut in what has been a breakout season for her. After her stunning 58:50 at Cherry Blossom and her 17 second 5k PR two weeks later, Drea is looking to make a splash at 10k. "Drea has been running great all year, and this event will play to her strengths because she is a rhythm runner. I expect Drea to lock in to a pace, and run a steady, consistent race that will almost surely end with another big PR," said Alexander.

The most intriguing story of the night is the return to the track of Dave Burhnam, a man who hates the track with a passion, something he will emphasize with each step. Years ago, he ran 29:41 for 10k, but he has not raced on the track since he graduated from college in 2006. Dave has been training hard in recent months, and while he’s not quite ready to challenge his venerable PR, he will be looking to prove that he’s back in form. "Dave is a great talent, and his return to the track shows that he has rededicated himself to the sport. That bodes well for GRC in the future," Alexander said.

Live results will be found here.

Efforts will be made to update the team's Twitter account with splits during the races.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Results

Results trickling in from weekend races...

GW Parkway Ten Miler:

Ban - 6th, 53:23 -- almost a minute PR!

LTO - 3rd, 61:04
Woodall - 8th, 63:11
Kirby - 9th (1st master), 64:48

In Toledo, OH -- Brian "Breezy" Young ran 2:53:01 at the Glass City Mutual Marathon.

More from Dirk on his race at Mt Sac:

Brief synopsis: Training had been good over the past 4 months, nothing really special, but lots of longer stuff at 5.10 mile pace (at 7000ft altitude) with short breaks. I knew this could maybe be my final shot at 30 minutes. I knew I could have done it in college, but never ran a 10k then, and as work and life gets busier, you realize how few chances you may get at these things. 
With a seed time of 30.25, I was right in the middle of the start list, with the fastest seed at 30.10. At our late start time (11.10pm), the weather was on our side: very little wind and 60 degrees. When the gun went off, an Adams State guy opened a gap right away (he went on to win by 15sec). The rest of us followed and settled at laps of 71. Slowly but surely I passed one guy after another. After about 8.55 for 3k, we slowed ever so slightly to just around 15.00 at 5k with maybe 12 of us in the pack. I still felt comfortable. I had told myself to get to 10 laps to go and then take it one at a time. Our pack continued to thin as we rolled along in 72s and 73s. We hit 8k with 7 guys left in our pack at 24.03. I knew with a good last mile, sub 30 was in my reach. At 9k, we were at 27.05 and we were slowing down a bit. Dutch Paul and Tex Paul were at the 200m yelling at me that this was the time!! We hit 600m with 1.44 left, I knew I had to move soon. With the bell lap, we had 67 seconds left. At 300m, I passed four guys coming out of the curve and with a last 200m of about 31, I had just made it: 29.59.04 for 4th. Looking back, I actually wish I had gone for broke at 2k or 1 mile to go, but after 4 years of no track racing, I felt almost inhibited to make a move. Regardless of whether I will ever run a competitive race again, I am happy and grateful for this race and can strongly recommend Mt Sac!! And couldn't have done it without the support of the Paul's!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Expat De Heer - 29:59 at Mt Sac!

At Princeton:
Hanson came close to  Wiggy's 1500 record by half a second, finishing in 3:54.82 at Princeton's Larry Ellis Invitational Friday night.
Jason Myers hits 4:06.03 Saturday afternoon, equivalent to about a two second PR when converted to 1600m.

UPDATE: this corrects an early version in which De Heer's time was reported as 30:02. Mt Sac has since corrected its results.

This is a breakthrough race for the former GRC standout.
  1 Nathan Sellers               Adams State           29:38.77
  2 Phil Schneider               Colorado Mines        29:53.97
  3 Sean Davidson                Cal Poly              29:56.38
  4 dirk de heer                 Netherlands           29:59.04
  5 Kiya Dandena                 TAMU-Kingsville       29:59.66
  6 Shayne Collins               UNA-UCLA              30:00.64
  7 Hayden Legg                  Missouri              30:00.78
  8 Jacob Naylor                 Paradise Valley       30:14.50
  9 Paul Yak                     Augustana (S.D.)      30:17.67
 10 Trent Lusignan               South Dakota St.      30:25.46

Tonight, in Princeton, Ryan Hanson will take a stab at the club's 1500m record. Jason Myers is racing the 1500m there tomorrow.  

On Sunday, LTO, Kirby, Lauren (her GRC debut), and Charlie Ban are racing the GW Parkway Ten Miler.  Susan Hendrick and Karl Dusen are racing 5ks.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates and developments...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Saturday Shop Run

Jake and I are planning to run from the store at 9:00 AM tomorrow. We'll both be shooting for about 10 miles. Come on down before the storms hit and wash the District into the Potomac.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekend Recap & Weekly Workout

From Coach Jerry:

I.  Race Results

       A.  Track and Roads

Ali-Frazier, Magic-Bird, McEnroe-Connors. To this list of epic American sports rivalries we can now add Luff-Webb. On Saturday night in the 5k at George Mason, Sam went toe-to-toe with Alan Webb, the American record holder in the mile, whose 5k PR of 13:10 is over a minute faster than Sam's. But never one to back down from a fight, especially with a guy who is short, Sam led the race from the gun, with Webb right on his shoulder. Sam looked in control through 2 miles, but when Webb made a big move with 4 laps to go, Sam could not respond. Sam closed the race hard, but Webb’s world-class speed was too much for Sam to overcome. Despite not being able to hold on for the win, Sam looked very, very impressive in running a negative split 14:22.51, his second fastest time ever. Webb came out on top in round 1, but Sam is ready for a rematch, any time, any place, any distance. Webb can run, but he can't hide!

Sam was not the only GRC athlete to run a memorable 5k on Saturday. In the morning, Maura, Drea, and Beth all ran huge PRs at the Hopkins/Loyola Invitational. Maura led the way with an outstanding 17:27, for a massive 23 second PR. Maura had her baptism by fire in the 5k at Raleigh two weeks ago, and this time around, she was able to stay comfortable through 2 miles off of a fast pace, and she dropped the hammer with 1k to go.  Maura is still learning how to race this distance, but her future is bright indeed. Drea ran 17:34, for an impressive 16 second PR. Although 5k is at the short end of Drea's range, she fought hard throughout, and will be ready for a big performance in the 10k at Penn Relays. Beth ran her first track 5k, and her first track race of any distance in the 21st century, and her 17:52 was a revelation. Beth is a true distance runner, but she proved that she has enough speed to be competitive in short races as well.

Our final set of track 5k results comes from Bucknell, where Sam Boimov, Dave Wertz, and Jason got after it. Sam continues to work his way back to PR shape, and his 15:20 was another big step in the right direction. Dave continued to prove that he's got plenty of run left in his 36 year-old legs, running a PR of 15:29.7. Dave has run a total of 2 track races in his life, and his lack of tactical sense cost him a few seconds, but he'll be ready to roll when he gets back on the roads at Pikes Peak. Jason was disappointed with his 15:50, but he is far too fit to continue to underperform in races, and he will show what he is capable of before this season is over.

We also had some exciting performances on the roads this weekend. Michelle made her long-anticipated return to action with a comfortable 18:46 5k. Michelle is going to continue to focus on biking this spring, and will ease back into running gradually, but she is finally healthy, and will be back to her GRC MVP form this fall. Susan ran a very solid 18:11 at the Women’s 5k By The Bay.  And Kirby ran an impressive 18:02 for 2.98 miles in a low key road race. Had the course been 5k, Kirby would have likely run a PR. Well done to all!

         B.  Boston Marathon

The marathon is a cruel event, and that point was bitterly proven once again today in Boston. The conditions simply made it impossible for our guys (and everyone else) to run well. Not only was it extremely warm and humid on the course, the effects were exacerbated by the fact none of us are acclimated to heat right now. It’s truly a shame because several of our athletes were ready for big PRs. Dickson was in the best shape of his life, and his training could not have gone better. Boston has been his sole focus for the last year, and he did everything he could to put himself in a position to succeed. Murph was also in PR shape, and was prepared for a huge breakthrough performance. But it was not meant to be, and the day ended in disappointment for everyone. And while their disappointment is understandable, to me, the guys should be proud of the process. Distance running in general, and the marathon in particular, are process-driven, because weather is such a huge factor. By that I mean that no matter how well prepared a runner is for a marathon, there is always the strong chance of an unsatisfying result due to factors that are utterly beyond our control, with weather at the top of that list. Dickson and Murph, as well as Bain, Breezy, and Lavar, did everything right in the months leading up to the race. I am extremely proud of the process each of them underook, and I take comfort in knowing that they will have better days, hopefully in the very near future as we start to figure out Plan B. This crew will be heard from again this spring.  Well done, men! 

II.  Workout

We’re going to continue to prepare for the big races at the end of April with something peppy on Wednesday. The A group is going to do a 5-4-3-2-1, all with a 3:00 rest, in 75s on the 5, 73s on the 4, 71s on the 3, 69s on the 2, and 65 on the 1. I’d like the B groupers who are running Pikes Peak, and anyone else who wants in, to sit out the 5, and then do the 4-3-2-1 with the A group. If there’s anyone who needs something slower, give me a holler and we’ll figure out a plan.

I’ll send the women’s workout separately.

III.  Administrative

We’ll come back on SUNDAY at BCC and do a sharpening workout for the folks who are running Penn, and anyone else who wants to come out.

I’ll see you Wednesday at BCC.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Bain: "I had a Boston streak to keep alive"

GRC's Dickson Mercer, donning hat and shades, tries to stay cool near mile 11 in Natick

UPDATE: Chris Bain, GRC's top harrier in yesterday's Boston Marathon, is quoted this morning in the Washington Times:

"Local runners all agreed it was a rough time out there.

'It was really tough,' said experienced marathoner Chris Bain of Takoma Park. 'A lot harder than I thought it would be. I went out at 1:18 for the half marathon and I thought that was conservative. I came back in 1:28. I started feeling it at mile eight, a little chill, like the first sign of heat stroke. So I started slowing at 14 miles. I ran Boston in 2004 [one of the hottest in history] but this was worse than 2004.'

A veteran of 35 marathons, Bain said he did not even consider deferring to next year’s race.

'No, I had a Boston streak to keep alive,' said Bain, a 34-year-old software developer who now has completed 15 consecutive Boston Marathons and runs for the Georgetown Running Company."

NOTE - yesterday, I incorrectly identified Bain's Boston streak as 14.


Patrick Reaves runs 2:36:22, which is quite good for a man who detests all things heat and humidity.

Chris Bain - 2:45:43

Lavar Curley - 2:56:00

Robert Jarrin - 3:52:00

According to tracking, all others have dropped out.

Per the heat, Brian Young planned to drop out and will run the Glass City Marathon on Sunday.

Pittsburgh, Burlington (VT), Cleveland are other spring 'thon options.

At 10:00am EST, a solid contingent of GRC harriers will toe the line in Hopkinton, Massachusetts for a 26.2 mile jaunt towards downtown Boston. That roster includes Dickson Mercer (marathon PR of 2:29), Chris Bain (2:31) and Patrick Murphy (2:36). Will Rawson (2:45ish) heads into the race a little under trained due to an injury. Lavar Curley, Robert Jarrin, Scott Koonce, Patrick Hughes and Brian Young have all run circa 2:48-2:50ish.

Weather and temperature have been the subject of conversation amongst analysts, elites, citizen runners and Joe joggers alike. Reports indicate the temperature in Hopkinton at the start will be 71 degrees with 53% humidity. Making conditions even worse is that there doesn't appear to be a cloud in the sky. Temperatures on the asphalt will "feel like" 80-85 degrees by the time racers enter Boston proper.

UPDATE: Mike Cotterell has pulled out of the race...not sure whether this is due to the heat or another factor. Cotterell was the top GRC runner (2:37) when weather similarly inhibited runners at Chicago in 2010.

Suggested finish time after 5k (approx):

              » Bain, Christopher (USA)    224         02:35:20             
               » Curley, Lavar (USA)    1290         02:59:42             
               » Jarrin, Robert (USA)    1801         02:51:56             
               » Koonce, Scott (USA)    1398         02:59:58             
               » Mercer, Dickson (USA)    286         02:32:32             
               » Murphy, Patrick (USA)    502         02:35:18             
               » Rawson, Will (USA)    535         02:43:44             
               » Reaves, Patrick (USA)    269         02:28:38

Suggested finish time after 10k (approx):

Bain/Murphy have picked up the pace ever so slightly

              » Bain, Christopher (USA)    224         02:34:38             
               » Curley, Lavar (USA)    1290         02:58:01             
               » Hughes, Patrick (USA)    1022         -             
               » Jarrin, Robert (USA)    1801         02:55:32             
               » Koonce, Scott (USA)    1398         02:59:58             
               » Mercer, Dickson (USA)    286         02:33:13             
               » Murphy, Patrick (USA)    502         02:34:38             
               » Rawson, Will (USA)    535         02:46:22             
               » Reaves, Patrick (USA)    269         02:29:30             
               » Young, Brian (USA)    940         02:45:33

Suggested finish time after 15k (approx):  

Dix, Bain, Murphy all running together now and have "settled" into a sub-6:00 pace. Expat Reaves about 2:00 ahead of our trio at 9.3 miles.

Lavar, a Navajo Indian who hails from the Arizona desert, is one of the few pushing his pace

              » Bain, Christopher (USA)    224         02:35:01            
               » Curley, Lavar (USA)    1290         02:58:01            
               » Jarrin, Robert (USA)    1801         02:55:32            
               » Koonce, Scott (USA)    1398         03:01:28            
               » Mercer, Dickson (USA)    286         02:34:58            
               » Murphy, Patrick (USA)    502         02:35:01            
               » Rawson, Will (USA)    535         02:49:44            
               » Reaves, Patrick (USA)    269         02:29:30            
               » Young, Brian (USA)    940         02:53:58                          

Suggested finish time after 13.1m (approx):

Expat Reaves clings to sub-2:30 pace - 1:14:58 at 13.1

Dix and Murphy fall back from Bain

              » Bain, Christopher (USA)    224    01:18:07  (half)  02:36:13             
               » Curley, Lavar (USA)    1290    01:27:38    02:55:16             
               » Jarrin, Robert (USA)    1801         03:12:19             
               » Koonce, Scott (USA)    1398    01:31:53    03:03:46             
               » Mercer, Dickson (USA)    286    01:21:00    02:42:00             
               » Murphy, Patrick (USA)    502    01:21:00    02:42:00             
               » Rawson, Will (USA)    535    01:27:35    02:55:10             
               » Reaves, Patrick (USA)    269    01:14:58    02:30:01             
               » Young, Brian (USA)    940         02:53:58     

As Baystaters would say, the sun is now "wicked".

Dix and Murphy dropped out at Wellesley...and might save the entire 26.2 for another day.

Rawson, Koonce and Jarrin also out at 13.1?

Breezy dropped out around mile 10.

Bain has slowed in the hills, but still running strong especially considering the heat. He is running 2:40 pace.

Lavar has...picked up the pace.

Reaves, at 30k, is on 2:30 pace.

Suggested finish time after 30-35k (approx):

              » Bain, Christopher (USA)    224    01:18:07    02:42:22             
               » Curley, Lavar (USA)    1290    01:27:38    02:54:35
               » Reaves, Patrick (USA)    269    01:14:58    02:31:58              

The Science of the Sport blog has a good analysis and perspective on the conditions.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Now with video: Luff outkicked by timid Webb at Mason

BAN: Luff leads at mile, 4:39 Luff -4:36 split for second mile Webb runs a modest 14:15 sitting on "our own" Sam Luff for two miles. Luff couldn't match Webb's 4:23 last 1600 and rans 14:22.51 with a 4:34 third mile., just holding off a BU runner  DEVELOPING...

Coach Jerry Alexander liked what he saw, at least in terms of how Sam raced.
"Sam led right form the gun, and Webb was happy to sit back and let Sam do the work.  When Webb made his move with 4 laps to go, it was decisive, and Sam could not answer.  But Sam ran an excellent last mile, and finished in 1:39 for the final 600.  If Sam had some help with the pacing, he certainly could have run a PR.  As it was, he ran an excellent race that will leave him confident and ready to roll at Penn."

Watch Sam's race starting at 4:10:
Video courtesy of University of Richmond Track and Field. Jon Molz, videographer.

Up at Bucknell, New Sam ran 15:20.55 and Dave Wertz 15:29.79, with Dolla Billlz hitting 15:50.07.

Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering, blazin' that #$& up every day

Maura Carroll ran 17:27 for third place and a significant 21-second PR at the Johns Hopkins/Loyola Invitational Saturday morning. Drea Garvue continued to show her range with a fifth place finish in 17:34--complete with a 16-second PR, and Beth Young ran 17:52 for sixth and a 37-second PR in her first track race.

Liz Laseter ran 11:31.89 for third in the steeplechase.

After one event, the Georgetown Running Company trails Johns Hopkins 19-14. Projections indicate that after all events, the GRC will score 294 points... The race remains too close to call.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wiggy, here is your chance...

As I came across with MCRRC yahoo group and saw this –
Since Mr. Wiggy lost his security guard position in White Flint, maybe this can be your new additional income…  ^_^
However, members of MCRRC in GRC team should do something about it …

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Recap/Workout Plan

From Coach Jerry:


We had some excellent performances at the Colonial Relays this weekend. Congratulations to Big City for once again lowering his club record in the 800. Chuck is getting better every week, and there’s every reason to think that trend will continue. Ryan Hanson narrowly missed breaking his club record in the 3000. Ryan ran aggressively throughout, and led for most of the second half of the race before being out kicked in the final 200 by an athlete whose PR is much, much faster than Ryan's. When Ryan gets into races at Penn and Princeton where he doesn’t have to do the work, he’s going to run some huge PRs. Ryan Witters also lead for much of his heat in the 1500, and while he could not hold on in the final stages, he will be ready to roll later in the month at 1500 and 5k. Well done, men!


We’ve got a huge weekend coming up, with various track and road races on Saturday, and Boston on Monday. We’re going to get a jump on the big weekend by practicing on TUESDAY at BCC.

For the men, there will be at least two options. The track/road group will do 400s. Sam is going to do 8 x 4, 2 @ 68, 2 @ 66, 2 @ 64, 2 @ 62, all with a 400 recovery. Hanson and Witty, and anyone else who fells ambitious, are going to do an extra set of 2 at the end in 60. On the other end of the spectrum, the Boston group will do a 3 mile tempo at goal pace. If you aren’t running Boston and don’t want to run hard 400s, let me know, and we’ll come up with a third option.

I'll send the women's workout separately.

Also, if anyone can’t make it Tuesday, I’m planning to be at American on Wednesday, so let me know if you want to come out then.

See you at BCC tomorrow.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Urban sprawl- Big City runs 1:54.66

Chuck breaks his own team 800m record at the Colonial Relays, with Color Me Badd ringing in his ears.
Witty ran 3:59.01 in the 1500.
Hanson hits third in the 3k with 8.26.63.
Videos courtesy of the University of Richmond sports information office.

Witters starts at 4:26

Weekend Runs

Saturday: I plan on doing a 3 mile tempo on the track (something like 505-455-445) followed by some cutdown 300s. My plan was to start the workout at 10:00 am at BCC, meaning warm-up starting circa 9:15. I'm open to changing locations if its more conducive to others.

Sunday: Longish run from CABIN JOHN TUCKER MAN ENTRANCE at 9:00 am.

One last video: Snow and the Red Fox

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Videos Surface from Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

Weekend Recap & Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry:


What a great weekend for GRC! The list of excellent performances is long, but there’s no question that the coveted GRC Athlete of the Week award goes to Drea for her stunning PR of 58:50 at Cherry Blossom. That was truly a breakout race, and it’s surely the GRC performance of the year so far. Drea had never broken 60 until Sunday, and she skipped the 59s and jumped directly into the 58s.  It sure looked to me like Drea had more gas in the tank at the finish, and we’re going to see more fantastic running from her this spring, and beyond!

Sticking with the women, Beth also had a huge breakthrough at Cherry Blossom, running a 90 second PR of 60:47. Now that Beth is fully healthy for the first time in a year, she is starting to tap her huge reservoir of talent, and there are more big PRs coming this spring. Susan also ran a very nice PR of 61:24, and is making a successful transition to the longer distances. While LTO’s 61:15 was not a PR, it was the grittiest performance of the day, as LTO was dealing with her very severe cherry blossom allergy which affected her not only on race day, but also in the weeks leading up to the race. LTO is never one to make excuses or back down, and she fought hard all the way to the finish, despite extreme discomfort in her chest. The final excellent women’s performance of the weekend came from Maura at Raleigh Relays. Maura ran her track 5k debut, and as luck would have it, she ended up in a heat that was too fast for her, so much so that she went through the mile in 5:29, and was in dead last. It got worse before it got better, as with 6 laps to go, Maura was 100 meters behind the field. But Maura fought through that very tough strecth, passed two girls in the final 800, and ran 17:50, which would be solid under any circumstances, but which was outstanding in these circumstances. In a more conducive competitive environment, Maura will run much, much faster this spring.

We had numerous excellent performance by the men as well. On the track, Sam ran 14:26 in Raleigh, the second fastest 5k of his career. Sam went through 2 miles in 9:05 and was on pace for a big PR, but he started his cooldown a couple of laps too early. The next time Sam goes out on PR pace, he’s going to hold on, and shatter his club record. We also had an excellent performance at 5k on the track from Ryan Hanson, who opened is season with a very comfortable 14:46 solo effort in St. Louis. Ryan is getting off to a late start this year, and he will be ready to peak when the big races roll around in April and May. In addition, Sam Boimov ran a very solid 15:28 at Maryland, his best race, by far, in GRC singlet. In the shorter distances at Maryland, we had a new club record of 1:55.6 in the 800 from Big City, and a strong 800-1500 double from Witty, as he went 3:58.9 and 1:57.2. Witty is getting stronger every week, and he will do some damage later this spring at 800, 1500, and 5k.

And of course we had several excellent runs from the men at Cherry Blossom, led by Dave Burnham’s PR of 51:23. Dave has PR’ed at 10 miles and the half-marathon in the last 3 weeks, and he’s making his long awaited return to the track at Penn Relays. While Dave does not expect to threaten his 10k PR of 29:41, he is fitter than he has been in several years, and he’s on his way to regaining the form that made him a star at Dartmouth. While Karl did not approach his 10 mile PR, his 51:25 was an excellent performance because his training this year has been severely limited by illness. Karl is now on the path back to race fitness, and will be ready to roll later this spring. Jake also did not PR, but his 52:32 proves conclusively that his comeback is right on schedule. No one wants to succeed more than Jake, and for the first time in almost two years, he has every reason to believe that he can run PRs in the near future. Other notable performances at Cherry Blossom came from Dave Wertz, who ran a huge PR of 53:21, and Luke, who made a successful 10 mile debut in 53:15. Finally, we had some very solid runs from our Boston group. Dickson led the way in 53:05, showing he is ready for a big PR in 2 weeks. Also looking ready to PR in Boston are Chris, Murph, and Breezy, who ran 54:54, 56:15, and 58:03, respectively. Congratulations to all on a job well done!

Finally, in the all-important intra-squad Cherry Blossom team competition, the clear victor was Team Keith, with an outstanding total time of 6:24:01, and an average time of 54:51, as opposed to Team de Heer, with an utterly pathetic total time of 6:30:29, and a 55:41 average. Those of you who ran on Team Keith are clearly wonderful human beings. Those of you on Team de Heer, for shame. How do you live with yourselves? Team Keith members can claim their free drinks at the season-ending party on May 26. Team de Heer members have until then to slink out of town, hanging their heads in disgrace.


For the mens workout this week, there are several options. Hanson and Witty, who are competing at Colonial Relays on Friday, will be working out with me on Tuesday in Virginia. If anyone wants to get in on that, let me know. On Wednesday, there will be several possibilities for the men. Sam is going to do 8 x 800 with a 3:00 rest, 2 @ 2;16, 2 @ 2:14, 2 @ 2:12, 2 @ 2:10. The track guys who are not racing this weekend can work in with Sam to help him get through this challenging workout, and anyone else who wants in is welcome. I’d like the Boston group to do 3 x mile, easy, medium, hard. Exactly what easy, medium, and hard means will vary upon your goal pace and your level of fatigue from yesterday. If you’re not running Boston and you don’t want to work in with Sam on those fast 800s, give me a holler and we’ll figure out what is appropriate for you.

I’ll send the women’s workout separately.

See you Wednesday at BCC.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

GRC women win Cherry Blossom team competition

Now that the results have been straightened out, the GRCs women's team posted a more than two-minute victory over Pacers- 3:00:44 - 3:03:04

1  Jelliah Tinega          26 Kenya            !   54:02 7500
2  Malika Mejdoub          29 Ethiopia         !   54:24 4000
3  Yihunlish Delelecha     30 Ethiopia         !   54:33 2000
4  Agnieszka Ciolek        26 Poland           !   54:36 1500
5  Claire Hallissey        29 Arlington VA     !   54:37 1000
6  Stephanie Pezzullo      29 Charlotte NC     !   55:16  900
7  Kristen Zaitz           32 Boulder CO       !   55:24  800
8   Emily Harrison          26 Flagstaff AZ     !   56:04  700
9   Kateryna Stetsenko      30 Ukraine          !   57:28  600
10 Colleen De Reuck        47 Boulder CO       !   58:14  500
11 Caitlin Chrisman        26 Charlotte NC     !   58:38    
12 Andrea Garvue           27 Chevy Chase MD       58:50      
13 Christine Ramsey        29 Baltimore MD     !   59:38    
14 Dalena Custer           29 Charlotte NC     !   59:59    
15 Amanda Trotter          26 Arlington VA       1:00:01    
16 Kaitlin Koplin          27 Washington DC    ! 1:00:05    
17 Loring Crowley          28 Winston Salem NC ! 1:00:14    
18 Peggy Yetman            43 Leesburg VA        1:00:22    
19 Lisa Thomas             36 Alexandria VA    ! 1:00:22    
20 Renee High              30 Virginia Beach V ! 1:00:33    
21 Elizabeth Young         32 Washington DC      1:00:47      
22 Laura O'Hara            31 Alexandria VA      1:01:07      
23 Katie O'Regan           27 Lebanon PA       ! 1:01:21    
24 Susan Hendrick          26 Washington DC      1:01:24      
25Brenda Schrank          40 Winchester VA    ! 1:01:48

61  Samantha Cole          43 Arlington VA           32:03 1:04:50 1:04:50  6:29
109 Elizabeth Laseter      23 Washington DC          32:58 1:07:31 1:07:27  6:45

2012 Cherry Blossom Photos

I finally got all my photos posted from the race as Jake noted below.  There are two albums.


I tagged a lot of people but not quite everyone.  Please tag, like and share!

Also, I uploaded high res images which anyone can download. Click options, then download.

I have some videos also which I'll post as soon as I can edit them.  If Towpath or anyone else with video editing skillz would like to take a shot at them, just let me know.

Jimmy took some great pix on Sunday, which is a good excuse to friend him FaceBook so that you can see for yourself...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

2012 Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Photos

Great job today, everyone. Click the link below for some more photos of GRCers and a few friendly foes. Enjoy!

Official Results & Post-CB Happy Hour


1   Allan Kiprono          22 Kenya                  22:32   45:15   45:15  4:32
2   Lani Kiplagat          23 Kenya                  22:39   46:28   46:28  4:39
3   John Korir             36 Kenya                  23:20   47:33   47:33  4:46
4   Ian Burrell            27 Tucson AZ              23:51   47:34   47:34  4:46
5   Jesse Cherry           24 Blowing Rock NC        23:50   47:40   47:40  4:46
6   Ketema Nugusse         31 Ethiopia               23:42   47:50   47:50  4:47
7   Josh Moen              29 Minneapolis MN         24:06   48:38   48:38  4:52
8   Patrick Rizzo          28 Boulder CO             24:24   49:14   49:14  4:56
9   Stephen Hallinan       26 Washington DC          25:01   50:18   50:18  5:02
10 Paolo Natali           31 Washington DC          25:20   50:44   50:44  5:05
11  David McCollam         32 Bridgeport WV          25:33   50:56   50:56  5:06
12  Frank Devar            23 Washington DC          25:28   50:57   50:57  5:06
13  Bert Rodriguez         32 Arlington VA           25:32   50:57   50:57  5:06
14  Chris Juarez           41 Alexandria VA          25:29   51:10   51:10  5:07
15  Darryl Brown           29 Exton PA               25:28   51:16   51:16  5:08
16  Jay Luna               28 Denver CO              25:22   51:17   51:17  5:08
17  David Burnham          27 Arlington VA           25:28   51:23   51:23  5:09
18  Karl Dusen             29 Rockville MD           25:52   51:27   51:27  5:09
19 Brian Flynn            28 Bridgewater VA         25:35   51:29   51:29  5:09
20 Carlos Renjifo         29 Columbia MD            25:51   51:43   51:43  5:11
21 Dustin Meeker          30 Baltimore MD           25:52   51:53   51:53  5:12
22 Christopher Sloane     28 Rockville MD           25:32   51:57   51:57  5:12
23 Patrick Reaves         27 Durham NC              25:51   52:16   52:16  5:14
24 Jake Klim              31 North Bethesda MD      25:52   52:32   52:32  5:16
25 Will Viviani           29 Alexandria VA          26:31   52:41   52:41  5:17
26 Paul Guevara           25 Alexandria VA          26:00   52:55   52:54  5:18
27 Dickson Mercer         30 Washington DC          26:28   53:05   53:05  5:19
28 Luke Albertson         23 Arlington VA           26:42   53:15   53:15  5:20
29 David Wertz            36 Arlington VA           26:42   53:24   53:24  5:21
30 Evan Jurkovich         26 Washington DC          26:42   53:38   53:38  5:22
31 Cory Smith             33 Philadelphia PA        26:42   53:38   53:38  5:22
32 Rich Saunders          23 Washington DC          26:42   53:45   53:45  5:23
33 Cameron Hanlin         24 Hagerstown MD          26:28   54:00   54:00  5:24
34 Charlie Ban            29 Falls Church VA        26:41   54:20   54:20  5:26
35 Matias Palavecino      30 Alexandria VA          27:35   54:21   54:21  5:27
40 Christopher Bain       34 Takoma Park MD         27:27   54:54   54:54  5:30
44 Andy Sovonick          25 Gaithersburg MD        27:35   55:33   55:33  5:34
51 Patrick Murphy         27 Washington DC          28:55   56:15   56:15  5:38
59 Mike Cotterell         31 Bethesda MD            28:39   56:49   56:49  5:41
90 Brian Young            33 Washington DC          29:02   58:03   58:03  5:49
126William Rawson         29 Washington DC          29:24   59:42   59:39  5:58
184 Yukun Fung             33 Aspen Hill MD         30:35 1:01:21 1:01:21  6:09

4pm at Cleveland Park Bar & Grill
3421 Connecticut Ave. NW
Red Line, Cleveland Park Metro Station

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