Saturday, April 21, 2012

Expat De Heer - 29:59 at Mt Sac!

At Princeton:
Hanson came close to  Wiggy's 1500 record by half a second, finishing in 3:54.82 at Princeton's Larry Ellis Invitational Friday night.
Jason Myers hits 4:06.03 Saturday afternoon, equivalent to about a two second PR when converted to 1600m.

UPDATE: this corrects an early version in which De Heer's time was reported as 30:02. Mt Sac has since corrected its results.

This is a breakthrough race for the former GRC standout.
  1 Nathan Sellers               Adams State           29:38.77
  2 Phil Schneider               Colorado Mines        29:53.97
  3 Sean Davidson                Cal Poly              29:56.38
  4 dirk de heer                 Netherlands           29:59.04
  5 Kiya Dandena                 TAMU-Kingsville       29:59.66
  6 Shayne Collins               UNA-UCLA              30:00.64
  7 Hayden Legg                  Missouri              30:00.78
  8 Jacob Naylor                 Paradise Valley       30:14.50
  9 Paul Yak                     Augustana (S.D.)      30:17.67
 10 Trent Lusignan               South Dakota St.      30:25.46

Tonight, in Princeton, Ryan Hanson will take a stab at the club's 1500m record. Jason Myers is racing the 1500m there tomorrow.  

On Sunday, LTO, Kirby, Lauren (her GRC debut), and Charlie Ban are racing the GW Parkway Ten Miler.  Susan Hendrick and Karl Dusen are racing 5ks.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates and developments...


Andy said...

There might be a clock issue, he notes it could be a sub-30, hopefully we'll get an update soon. Either way he worked hard for it and it showed. What a beast.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely accent you have... New Jersey? #princeton