Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Saturday XC Workout

UPDATE #2 - 9pm EST: Jerry asks that everyone arrive at Cell Tower Field at 8:45 so we can start the actual workout at 9:30

Everyone heading to XC Nationals should try to attend the final XC workout at Cell Tower Field on Saturday at 8:45am. Visit for directions.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Workouts for the Week of 11/28-12-3

From Coach Jerry:

We had many excellent performances over the weekend from our Club Nationals crew. Rather than focus on the athletes who were tuning up for big performances in Seattle, I want to comment on two runners who will not be running Clubs and from whom I expect big things in 2012, Jake and Elizabeth. Jake has been trying to recover from a serious injury for more than a year, and after months of taking two steps forward and one step back, he is on the verge of being healthy enough to resume full training with an eye towards being race fit in the spring. During his lengthy recovery, Jake has shown incredible determination to return to action, and has continued to perform his time-consuming, often thankless role as GRC captain. If there is justice in the running world, Jake’s dedication to the sport and the team will pay off in 2012, and his successful return to racing without having done any track workouts in 6 months portends more excellent results from him in the future. In contrast to grizzled GRC veteran Jake, Elizabeth made her GRC debut on Thursday after a successful collegiate career at Johns Hopkins. Elizabeth has a world of potential and she’s ready to work extremely hard to make the transition to road racing after focusing on the 1500 and steeple in college. I’m excited to see what she can do with a few months of training under her belt.

A couple of administrative notes before we get to the workout for the week:

1) We will practice on Saturday morning at the cell tower field, likely at 9:00 a.m. If you’re running Clubs, you want to be there if at all possible (but everyone is welcome). And if you’re running Clubs, you do not want to do a long run on Sunday. I want everyone rested and ready to roll in Seattle, so we’ll get in some work on the grass on Saturday, and after that we’ll be in taper mode.

2) The workout next week, which will be short and sweet, will be on TUESDAY night at BCC to accommodate our race/travel schedule.

3) Don’t forget the team meeting on December 17 at 5 pm in a bar-to- be-named-later in Bethesda. If you’re getting this email, I’d like you to be there if at all possible, as we will be discussing some pressing training/racing and administrative matters that are of concern to all of you.

The workout on Wednesday will be our last hard session prior to Clubs and we’re going to get after it. The men will do 4 x mile with a 3 minute recovery. The A group will go 5:00, 4:50, 4:40, 4:30; the B group will go 5:15, 5:05, 4:55, 4:45. The women will go 3 x mile with a 3 minute recovery in 5:40, 5:30, 5:20.

If you have any questions, give me a shout. See you Wednesday at BCC

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Run tomorrow from The Line


PMurph and I plan on running from the line tomorrow at 9AM. I'm guessing between 10-13mi. Comment if you plan on showing up. Or... just show up. 9AM.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

GRC Thanksgiving Day Race Results

Luff Wins Bethesda Turkey Chase 10k
Samuel Luff first overall, in 31:32. Runs last 4 miles or so alone against the brutal hills and wind.
Tender ~ 34:32, 11th overall, runs even splits alone for second half
Snyder ~ 36:31, 25th overall, finally doesn't win the masters purse (but still 3rd master)

Anna 2nd at Alexandria Turkey Trot 5miler
Anna 2nd woman in 28:42 (winner set course record)
Tex Paul 10th in 26:24 among a stacked field
LTO 6th in 30:21

Return of the Red Fox
Jake Klim marks return to racing with a convincing win in 15:57 in a 5k in Sandwich, Mass. Reports a 4:57 first mile.

Another 26:40ish 8k for PMurph
Patrick Murphy runs yet another 8km of 5:20/mi, finishing in 26:45 and 2nd overall at the Pete Keyes Turkey Trot in Binghamton, NY. We can all hope to strive for such consistency in the 8k. Also ran 2xmile @ that pace before the race start.

GRC Women Winners in Pittsburgh
Maura Carroll wins Pittsburgh YMCA 5k. Lisa Chilcote is top master in the "5.27 miler", running even 6:14 splits.

Ban Busts Guts in Trail Race
Charlie Ban wins the Gutbuster 8mi trail race in 49:16, setting the course record. "Demolished second place guy in the last mile"

Witty 2nd at Turkey Day 5k
Ryan Witters runs 14:53 en route to a 2nd place finish at Turkey Day 5k in Evansville. Now he heads home to spend time with the best family in the world.

Dangerous Dave is Dangerous in Boston
Dave Wertz places 2nd overall in the Boston Volvo 5k (in Boston), finishing in 16:00.

Hendrick 3rd at St. Pete's/Tampa Turkey Trot
Susan Hendrick comes in 3rd at the St. Petersburg Times Turkey Trot 5k and is probably the only team member who was ever warm on race morning.

Laseter Lights up Charlotte
Newcomer Liz Laseter puts in a fine performance at the Charlotte Turkey Trot 8k, coming in 6th with a time of 31:13, possibly a PR!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

MONDAY workout & Weekend Wrap


Congratulations to Kate, Drea, and Michelle for their performances in Philadelphia.

Kate ran a huge PR of
2:53:20, cutting over six minute off her previous best. Kate has had a spectacular 2011, running significant PRs at every distance. In the last two years Kate has transformed herself from an average local runner to elite status. Kate is only starting to scratch the surface of her talent, and there is every reason to believe that Kate will continue to make dramatic breakthroughs in the future as she develops the confidence to believe that she can compete at the highest level. I could not be more pleased with Kate’s performance yesterday, and I’m excited to watch her continued progression!

Drea also ran a huge PR of
1:21:06, knocking over 80 seconds from her previous best. Drea ran aggressively early on, setting a new 10k PR en route, and not surprisingly, she paid the price later in the race, but fought to the tape and held on for an excellent result. Drea was quite disappointed that she was not able to run Chicago due to a nagging injury, but this performance was certainly a nice consolation prize. With a full season of injury-free training in the spring, Drea will continue to develop into a runner to be reckoned with!

While Michelle did not meet her goal of qualifying for the Trials, she proved to me this season that she has a great future in the marathon. Her training was superb, and had she been fully healthy on race day (which she was not), there’s no doubt in my mind that she would have qualified with time to spare. Not to belabor the point, but Michelle is a national-class marathoner waiting to happen, and despite (or perhaps because of) this setback, she will be back with a vengeance when the qualifying window opens for 2016.

Well done to all! And good luck to everyone who is racing
on Thursday. I expect more great results to report next week.

Because of the holiday this week, Coach Jerry has the following workout scheduled on MONDAY at BCC. Meet in the parking lot at 6:30 for the warmup. From Jerry:

We'll be on the track this week on MONDAY because of thanksgiving races. We'll try to roll at 7:15 as normal. Everyone is doing a 4-3-2-1, with a 3 minute recovery on all of it. The A group will go 72s, 70s, 68s, 64. The B group will go 74s, 72s, 70s, 66. The women will go 84s, 81s, 78s, 74. Looking ahead, we will not meet again until the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, Nov 30, at which point we'll be 10 days out from Clubs, and we'll work hard at that workout. We'll come back the following Saturday, 12-3, at the cell tower field, and we'll have one final light sharpening workout either Tuesday or Wednesday the week of clubs. We're looking great, and we'll be ready to go in Seattle. And please mark your calender for the team meeting on Saturday, 12-17, at 5 pm in Bethesda at a bar to be named later.

FLASH: Dart bullseyes big PR at Philly Marathon

Final results

Kate Dart -- 2:53:19, 6-minute PR!
Michelle -- 2:59:41, notes "That was the hardest thing I've ever done"

REPORT: Scott Koonce succumbs to cramps and drops out of marathon early

Ban -- 1:12:36
Drea -- 1:21:08, PR!

WX REPORT: low 50s; maybe "a touch warm", some wind

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Miller to Attempt OTQ in Philly

FLASH: Patrick Murphy runs 26:39 at Rothman 8k in Philadelphia this morning.

Sunday promises to be a red-letter day for the
GRC women. Michelle Miller and Kate Dart are running the marathon while Drea Garvue is running the half. Michelle is planning to make a major splash in her marathon debut, and is shooting for the Olympic Trials B standard of 2:46.

"Michelle's preparation could not have gone better", said Coach Jerry, "she has hit every single workout at or below the target times, and has stayed well within herself even while running some very hard workouts. Her tune up races went great, and I have every reason to believe that she will qualify. I take nothing for granted, but I am extremely optimistic that she will get the job done, with some time to spare."

Alexander continued "Kate is also in amazing shape. Throughout this training cycle, I've had to keep reminding myself that Kate's PR is a relatively modest
2:59, because the way she's been training, she has sub-2:50 written all over her. Kate is ready for a major, major breakthrough on Sunday.

"Drea is ready to take a huge chunk off her current PR of
1:22:30. She's been with Michelle and Kate every step of the way in training, and after running some very impressive sharpening workouts in the last 2 weeks, I expect Drea to take a real shot at sub 1:20."

Charlie Ban looks to continue his solid fall season while running the half marathon and Scott Koonce will be running the full 26.2 for the GRC.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend Runs

From Coach Jerry: "let's shoot for starting the workout at 9, which means meeting for the warm up at 8:15. We'll run intervals, and the way I'd like to do it is to use a designated loop that will be somewhere in the 1k range. I've tried to explain in writing how we can do this once today already, and despite the utter simplicity of the plan, the written version is almost incomprehensible, so I will spare you my ramblings. Suffice to say that the men will do 8 x loop, and the women will do 6 x loop. As always, we will run a progression, so the men will do 2 x loop @ x time, 2 @ loop at x minus 5 seconds, 2 x loop @ x minus 10 seconds, 2 x loop @ x minus 15 seconds, all with a 2:30 rest. The women will 2 x loop @ x, 2 x loop @ x minus 5 seconds, 2 x loop @ x minus 10 seconds, also with a 2:30 rest. As mysterious as this may sound, all will become clear on Saturday."

Will anyone be there?

TBD. Anyone want to run long at Old Angler's Inn?

Post if you are interested...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Save Maryland Men's Track/XC and Swimming and Diving


It's with sad news I report the pending demise of the college track and cross country teams at the University of Maryland--alma mater for both me and current GRC athlete Danielle Siebert. Pending presidential adoption of a report released yesterday, eight total sports stand to be cut from Maryland's athletic department, affecting 166 student-athletes and countless alumni who have come through the school. This is the same program that produced:

  • Every ACC title from 1956-1979 in Outdoor Track.
  • Renaldo Nehemiah, who set a world record as a sophomore at Maryland in the 110m hurdles.
  • Mark Coogan, 1996 US Olympic Marathon.
  • Multiple All-Americans, including Dominic Berger, who competed for the US in the Pan Am games in the 110m hurdles last month.
  • Current Head Coach Andrew Valmon: also head coach of the US Olympic Track and Field Team next summer in London.

If you could join the Facebook group "Save Maryland Men's XC/Track & Field," that would be amazingly supportive as we try to figure out the next best step to prevent this all from transpiring. Among other programs, both swimming and diving programs are slated to be lost, who count GRC's own Lindsay Jerdonek in their distinguished alumni. Please check out as well.

On behalf of a lot of disappointed Terrapins out there, I sincerely appreciate the support.



Weekend Recap & Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry:

The coveted GRC Athlete of the Week award goes to Charlie Ban for his huge PR in Richmond. It’s unusual for an athlete as experienced as Charlie to have such a major breakthrough in a single race, and my hat is off to him for a truly excellent performance. Charlie was not the only GRC athlete to excel this weekend, as our Veterans Day crew turned in some outstanding runs as well. Top honors go to Maura, who unleashed a furious kick at the end of her first ever 10k, and fell just short of breaking 37 minutes. That is an impressive debut under any circumstances, but it is even more so given the fact that Maura has only been training for a couple of months. Anna had another very strong race, and although she’s not known for her patience, she showed admirable restraint early and ran negative splits. Susan ran a very solid race, and she’ll be ready to roll when the distance decreases at Clubs. LTO was undone by a wardrobe malfunction, and Kristie was hindered by a balky calf, and their times are not in any way indicative of their fitness. On the men’s side, Sam ran another very strong race, and had plenty of gas left in the tank when he crossed the line, which bodes well for Clubs. Ryan Witty continued to impress, and despite his assertion that the race was "six miles too long," he looked comfortable throughout. Ryan Hanson was a bit flat yesterday, but he will be ready to roll at Clubs. Dickson ran a very strong race, and he will be missed at Clubs. Dave Wertz continues to impress with his development, and the fact that a guy whose PR a year ago was over 35 minutes was disappointed to run 32:38 speaks volumes. Paul looked very solid in his first race since Twin Cities, and he will be ready to run well in Seattle once he gets a few workouts under his belt. Andy is still making the transition back to running full time after the conclusion of his tri season, and yesterday was a big step in the right direction. Finally, I was extremely pleased with Jimmy’s performance. In fact, after the serious medical problems Jimmy has dealt with this year, I’m pleased that Jimmy is running at all. He was in PR shape before the onset of his health issues, and I expect him to regain that fitness level in the next few months. Well done to all!

On Wednesday, because of the threat of heavy rain, we will be at BCC, not on the mall. The basic framework for the workout will be 2 x mile, 2 x 800, 4 x 400, with a 3 minute recovery after the miles and 8s, and 2 minutes after the 4s. The targets for the A group will be 5:00, 4:50 on the miles, 2:22, 2:20 on the 8s, and the 4s will be 2 @ 66, 2 @ 64. The targets for the B group will be 5:10, 5:05 for the miles, 2:26, 2:24 for the 8s, and the 4s will be 2 @ 67, 2 @ 65. I emphasize that these are flexible targets, as some of you will be ready to work hard, while others will want to run this as a maintenance workout because you’re still recovering from the race. We can adapt the paces and distances for anyone who needs an accommodation, so feel free to discuss this with me before the workout.

I'll send the women's workout separately.

See you Wednesday at BCC.

Looking for love? We'll point you in the right direction

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Day 10k photos

Andy Sovonick (18th, 33:45) passed the first mile in the first Veterans Day 10k that wasn't a disaster for him.
Sam Luff (3rd, 31:00) and Ryan Witters (4th, 31;17) came through three miles just under 15 minutes.
Ryan Hanson (6th, 31:55) and Wilson Komen (7th, 32:12) stalk GRC defector Chris Sloane at three miles.
Paul Guevara (15th, 33:00) got back on the roads after cooling his heels in Texas and Alabama following last month's Twin Cities Marathon.

Anna "Usain" Holt-Gosselin led the GRC women in 3rd place in 35:39.
Jerry Greenlaw (14th, 32:58) loops around in the fourth mile.
Dickson Mercer (10th, 32:19) and Dave Wertz (11th, 32:38) planned to run together and that ended up being a good idea.
Dizzy Jimmy Daly (22nd, 34:48) raced with the team for the first time in eons, following a long layoff thanks to vertigo. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH

Maura Carroll continued an excellent fall racing season with a 6th place finish in 37:05.
Susan Hendrick ran 37:34 for 9th place,then forgot to put her ticket in the raffle basket to try to win a free vacation.

Laura O'Hara's shoe came untied shortly before the third mile marker and she spent at least 30 seconds retying it, but still finished 10th in 37:42, holding off a Pacers runner.
The trophy for the Veterans Day10k team competition will rest in the GRC case at Hank Dietle's.
Ryan's eating cookies in this photograph.

FLASH: GRC Wins Vet's Day!

GRC wins team competition at Vet's Day 10k.

Luff leads men, Holt women.

Witty has big day
, PRs

1 1/67 48 Frank Devar 23 ALEXANDRIA VA 30:23 30:23 4:54 15:18
2 1/162 15 Bert Rodriguez 32 ARLINGTON VA 30:53 30:53 4:59 15:26
3 2/67 20 Samuel Luff 24 ROCKVILLE MD 31:00 31:00 5:00 15:34
4 3/67 22 Ryan Witters 23 WASHINGTON DC 31:17 31:17 5:03 15:34
5 4/67 1854 Tristram Thomas 24 BALTIMORE MD 31:50 31:50 5:08 15:55
6 5/67 28 Ryan Hanson 23 ROCKVILLE MD 31:55 31:55 5:09 15:56
7 2/162 3 Wilson Komen 33 WASHINGTON DC 32:12 32:12 5:11 15:56
8 1/167 5 Christopher Sloane 28 ROCKVILLE MD 32:15 32:15 5:12 15:55
9 2/167 1706 Dennis Wolff 29 HARTFORD CT 32:17 32:17 5:12 16:09
10 3/162 45 Dickson Mercer 30 WASHINGTON DC 32:19 32:19 5:12 16:09

11 1/121 29 David Wertz 35 ARLINGTON VA 32:38 32:38 5:16 16:09

15 3/167 30 Paul Guevara 25 ALEXANDRIA VA 33:00 33:00 5:19 16:15
18 5/167 43 Andy Sovonick 25 GAITHERSBURG MD 33:45 33:45 5:26 16:58
22 7/167 26 Jimmy Daly 25 ROCKVILLE MD 34:48 34:48 5:36 17:34

1 1/296 1708 Serena Burla 29 FALLS CHURCH VA 33:04 33:04 5:20 16:30
2 2/296 1709 Kristin Anderson 28 ARLINGTON VA 35:04 35:04 5:39 17:28
3 1/157 17 Anna Holt-Gosselin 23 VIENNA VA 35:39 35:39 5:45 17:52
4 2/157 1704 Jacqui Wentz 23 BALTIMORE MD 36:07 36:07 5:49 18:10
5 3/157 7 Wendi Robinson 24 WASHINGTON DC 36:46 36:45 5:55 18:59
6 4/157 27 Maura Carroll 22 WASHINGTON DC 37:05 37:05 5:59 18:49
7 1/143 6 Lisa Thomas 35 ALEXANDRIA VA 37:10 37:10 5:59 18:48
8 1/243 8 Lindsay Wilkins 33 ARLINGTON VA 37:30 37:30 6:03 18:49
9 3/296 19 Susan Hendrick 25 WASHINGTON DC 37:34 37:34 6:03 18:50
10 2/243 44 Laura O'Hara 31 ALEXANDRIA VA 37:42 37:42 6:04 19:06


16 4/143 25 Kristie Connelly 36 ALEXANDRIA VA 38:41 38:41 6:14 18:49
18 1/112 2382 Samantha Cole 43 ARLINGTON VA 39:23 39:23 6:21 19:24
20 6/157 2326 Elizabeth Laseter 23 WASHINGTON DC 39:33 39:27 6:21 20:06
23 2/112 42 Lisa Chilcote 41 N BETHESDA MD 40:02 40:02 6:27 19:47
33 10/296 888 Emily Norton 29 N BETHESDA MD 41:46 41:43 6:43 21:10

REPORT: Murphy runs 15:00 for 5k across river in Alexandria!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

GRC to race Veteran's Day 10k


The Georgetown Running Company is set to race the Veteran's Day 10k on flat, fast Hains Point tomorrow. Arguably one of the fastest 10k courses around, Hains Point is a j-shaped out-and-back along the Potomac just opposite of Reagan National Airport. This race will serve as a great test for the USATF Club Cross Country squad, as all of our likely scorers are entered and ready to run hard.

Coach Jerry notes, "the men's team is led by Sam Luff, who is rounding into shape at just the right time. Sam will be pushed by Ryan Hanson and Ryan Witters, while Jerry Greenlaw looks to build some confidence going forward after a couple of solid weeks of training. I'm also looking for a big PR from the ageless Dave Wertz who is challenging for a spot on the A team at Clubs."

Coach Jerry adds, "the women's team has looked fantastic in workouts and will be strong from top to bottom. Anna Holt-Gosselin seems to have recovered from a minor injury that has limited her training and she is in a position to threaten her PR. Laura O'Hara and Susan Hendrick are also in PR shape, and Kristie Connelly is starting to regain her form and looks ready to push Laura and Susan. Maura
Carroll will be making her 10k debut, and will be right in the mix with her teammates."




Ban - 25:18!

FLASH: Ban runs 25:18 for 8k in Richmond.

In what is arguably his best race ever in a GRC singlet, Charlie Ban ran a 57-second PR 25:18 this morning in Richmond at the HCA VA 8k.

Jason Meyers runs 26:20.

On Sunday GRC is sending a huge contingent to race local competition at the Veteran's Day 10k. A full preivew of that race to come later today.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Saturday Run

For anyone interested, I am hosting an easy run from the Chevy Chase store at 9am this Saturday with free food across the street at Whole Foods afterward. They are planning a yogurt parfait bar, a local tea producer, and a chef with some demos. I know a good handful of you are running Vet's Day so might be a nice alternative to the usual GRC location. Comment if you're interested.

Kinhaven 5K - 11/20/11

This comes from Mike Wardian...

Come Run the Kinhaven 5K on November 20, 2011.

Come out and run a local grassroot community driven event for a local Arlington, VA Pre-school.

Kinhaven School, a parent-governed, independent preschool, provides a rich community of involved parents, highly educated teaching professionals and school staff. Kinhaven School's unique model harnesses the professional expertise of our experienced faculty along with the parent power generated by our membership organization to offer parents a wonderful opportunity to influence their children’s early education.

Tech Shirts, The North Face Race Bags & Waterbottles, PowerBars, Awards for Overall and Age Group, Barefoot Running Awards and a raffle for a BOB Stroller.

A pre and post race food and snacks being donated by local businesses such as Giant Foods, Whole Foods, Safeway.

It is going to be fun and look forward to seeing you out there.

Monday, November 7, 2011

11/9 Wednesday Workout

Congratulations to Chris Bain for a very nice run in New York. We'll have many more athletes in action this weekend at Veterans Day 10k, and I'm expecting some excellent performances in our last big tune up before Clubs.

A couple of administrative points:
  1. If you want to run Vets Day, you must register in advance, so don't delay.
  2. Jake needs to submit our list for Cherry Blossom in the near future, so if you want to get in on the guaranteed entry gravy train, be sure to send Jake your 10 mile PR, 2011 CB place and time, and expected 2012 time, and cc Jerry.
For the workout this week, we'll be at BCC (next week, 11/16, we'll be on the mall). The men will do 1 x 2k, 2 x 1k, 4 x 500, with 3 minutes after the 2k, and 2:30 after the 1ks and 500s. The A group will go 75s on the 2k, 72s and 70s on the 1ks, and the 5s will be 2 @ 66, 2 @ 64. The B group will go 77s on the 2k, 74s and 72s on the 1k, and the 500s will be 2 @ 67, 2 @ 65.
-Coach Jerry

Saturday, November 5, 2011

BAIN - 2:34!

Evidently Pat Hughes and Billy Askey are, too. I'd have know that if they had put their names on the racing calendar.

UPDATE: Bain crosses line in 2:34:43!!
Hughes 3:00:17
Askey 3:00:27