Sunday, November 20, 2011

MONDAY workout & Weekend Wrap


Congratulations to Kate, Drea, and Michelle for their performances in Philadelphia.

Kate ran a huge PR of
2:53:20, cutting over six minute off her previous best. Kate has had a spectacular 2011, running significant PRs at every distance. In the last two years Kate has transformed herself from an average local runner to elite status. Kate is only starting to scratch the surface of her talent, and there is every reason to believe that Kate will continue to make dramatic breakthroughs in the future as she develops the confidence to believe that she can compete at the highest level. I could not be more pleased with Kate’s performance yesterday, and I’m excited to watch her continued progression!

Drea also ran a huge PR of
1:21:06, knocking over 80 seconds from her previous best. Drea ran aggressively early on, setting a new 10k PR en route, and not surprisingly, she paid the price later in the race, but fought to the tape and held on for an excellent result. Drea was quite disappointed that she was not able to run Chicago due to a nagging injury, but this performance was certainly a nice consolation prize. With a full season of injury-free training in the spring, Drea will continue to develop into a runner to be reckoned with!

While Michelle did not meet her goal of qualifying for the Trials, she proved to me this season that she has a great future in the marathon. Her training was superb, and had she been fully healthy on race day (which she was not), there’s no doubt in my mind that she would have qualified with time to spare. Not to belabor the point, but Michelle is a national-class marathoner waiting to happen, and despite (or perhaps because of) this setback, she will be back with a vengeance when the qualifying window opens for 2016.

Well done to all! And good luck to everyone who is racing
on Thursday. I expect more great results to report next week.

Because of the holiday this week, Coach Jerry has the following workout scheduled on MONDAY at BCC. Meet in the parking lot at 6:30 for the warmup. From Jerry:

We'll be on the track this week on MONDAY because of thanksgiving races. We'll try to roll at 7:15 as normal. Everyone is doing a 4-3-2-1, with a 3 minute recovery on all of it. The A group will go 72s, 70s, 68s, 64. The B group will go 74s, 72s, 70s, 66. The women will go 84s, 81s, 78s, 74. Looking ahead, we will not meet again until the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, Nov 30, at which point we'll be 10 days out from Clubs, and we'll work hard at that workout. We'll come back the following Saturday, 12-3, at the cell tower field, and we'll have one final light sharpening workout either Tuesday or Wednesday the week of clubs. We're looking great, and we'll be ready to go in Seattle. And please mark your calender for the team meeting on Saturday, 12-17, at 5 pm in Bethesda at a bar to be named later.

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