Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Recap & Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry:

The coveted GRC Athlete of the Week award goes to Charlie Ban for his huge PR in Richmond. It’s unusual for an athlete as experienced as Charlie to have such a major breakthrough in a single race, and my hat is off to him for a truly excellent performance. Charlie was not the only GRC athlete to excel this weekend, as our Veterans Day crew turned in some outstanding runs as well. Top honors go to Maura, who unleashed a furious kick at the end of her first ever 10k, and fell just short of breaking 37 minutes. That is an impressive debut under any circumstances, but it is even more so given the fact that Maura has only been training for a couple of months. Anna had another very strong race, and although she’s not known for her patience, she showed admirable restraint early and ran negative splits. Susan ran a very solid race, and she’ll be ready to roll when the distance decreases at Clubs. LTO was undone by a wardrobe malfunction, and Kristie was hindered by a balky calf, and their times are not in any way indicative of their fitness. On the men’s side, Sam ran another very strong race, and had plenty of gas left in the tank when he crossed the line, which bodes well for Clubs. Ryan Witty continued to impress, and despite his assertion that the race was "six miles too long," he looked comfortable throughout. Ryan Hanson was a bit flat yesterday, but he will be ready to roll at Clubs. Dickson ran a very strong race, and he will be missed at Clubs. Dave Wertz continues to impress with his development, and the fact that a guy whose PR a year ago was over 35 minutes was disappointed to run 32:38 speaks volumes. Paul looked very solid in his first race since Twin Cities, and he will be ready to run well in Seattle once he gets a few workouts under his belt. Andy is still making the transition back to running full time after the conclusion of his tri season, and yesterday was a big step in the right direction. Finally, I was extremely pleased with Jimmy’s performance. In fact, after the serious medical problems Jimmy has dealt with this year, I’m pleased that Jimmy is running at all. He was in PR shape before the onset of his health issues, and I expect him to regain that fitness level in the next few months. Well done to all!

On Wednesday, because of the threat of heavy rain, we will be at BCC, not on the mall. The basic framework for the workout will be 2 x mile, 2 x 800, 4 x 400, with a 3 minute recovery after the miles and 8s, and 2 minutes after the 4s. The targets for the A group will be 5:00, 4:50 on the miles, 2:22, 2:20 on the 8s, and the 4s will be 2 @ 66, 2 @ 64. The targets for the B group will be 5:10, 5:05 for the miles, 2:26, 2:24 for the 8s, and the 4s will be 2 @ 67, 2 @ 65. I emphasize that these are flexible targets, as some of you will be ready to work hard, while others will want to run this as a maintenance workout because you’re still recovering from the race. We can adapt the paces and distances for anyone who needs an accommodation, so feel free to discuss this with me before the workout.

I'll send the women's workout separately.

See you Wednesday at BCC.

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