Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Day 10k photos

Andy Sovonick (18th, 33:45) passed the first mile in the first Veterans Day 10k that wasn't a disaster for him.
Sam Luff (3rd, 31:00) and Ryan Witters (4th, 31;17) came through three miles just under 15 minutes.
Ryan Hanson (6th, 31:55) and Wilson Komen (7th, 32:12) stalk GRC defector Chris Sloane at three miles.
Paul Guevara (15th, 33:00) got back on the roads after cooling his heels in Texas and Alabama following last month's Twin Cities Marathon.

Anna "Usain" Holt-Gosselin led the GRC women in 3rd place in 35:39.
Jerry Greenlaw (14th, 32:58) loops around in the fourth mile.
Dickson Mercer (10th, 32:19) and Dave Wertz (11th, 32:38) planned to run together and that ended up being a good idea.
Dizzy Jimmy Daly (22nd, 34:48) raced with the team for the first time in eons, following a long layoff thanks to vertigo. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH

Maura Carroll continued an excellent fall racing season with a 6th place finish in 37:05.
Susan Hendrick ran 37:34 for 9th place,then forgot to put her ticket in the raffle basket to try to win a free vacation.

Laura O'Hara's shoe came untied shortly before the third mile marker and she spent at least 30 seconds retying it, but still finished 10th in 37:42, holding off a Pacers runner.
The trophy for the Veterans Day10k team competition will rest in the GRC case at Hank Dietle's.
Ryan's eating cookies in this photograph.


Chris Vames Sloane said...

damn, they had cookies there? I missed that...

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