Monday, November 7, 2011

11/9 Wednesday Workout

Congratulations to Chris Bain for a very nice run in New York. We'll have many more athletes in action this weekend at Veterans Day 10k, and I'm expecting some excellent performances in our last big tune up before Clubs.

A couple of administrative points:
  1. If you want to run Vets Day, you must register in advance, so don't delay.
  2. Jake needs to submit our list for Cherry Blossom in the near future, so if you want to get in on the guaranteed entry gravy train, be sure to send Jake your 10 mile PR, 2011 CB place and time, and expected 2012 time, and cc Jerry.
For the workout this week, we'll be at BCC (next week, 11/16, we'll be on the mall). The men will do 1 x 2k, 2 x 1k, 4 x 500, with 3 minutes after the 2k, and 2:30 after the 1ks and 500s. The A group will go 75s on the 2k, 72s and 70s on the 1ks, and the 5s will be 2 @ 66, 2 @ 64. The B group will go 77s on the 2k, 74s and 72s on the 1k, and the 500s will be 2 @ 67, 2 @ 65.
-Coach Jerry

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Kent Werner said...

CHRIS BAIN, great job at NY. Top 75 - extremely awesome. You're tearing it up, man. I'd have emailed you, but I lost all my contacts in a computer fight. Hope to catch you one day.