Friday, August 31, 2012

Kentlands Meetup

To those running Kentlands --

Please meet outside the STAR DINER & TIKI BAR (yes, seriously) tomorrow at 7:30am for a warm-up.

GRC race photos available here:

Feel free to download the high res images and if you want one without a watermark, just shoot me an email.

Weekend running

Most people are racing this weekend... but for those who aren't, when are people running? I am thinking of going long tomorrow AM from the store at 830 or so . If you are interested post up. I'll probably take the trails to rock creek, kick around in there, then head back. Let me know whats up Jerry

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ban named Editor in Chief of RunWashington

From RunWashington:

We are excited to welcome our new Editor in Chief, Charlie Ban, to the RunWashington team. Charlie and his editorial staff are poised to bring you the best in Greater DC running news. You'll soon see their work in this newsletter, on our new website (coming October), and in the magazine. Have story ideas? Contact Charlie.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wednesday 8/29 Workout

From Coach Jerry:


The fall season got off to a great start last week, with 3 of our stars making triumphant returns to competition after lengthy absences due to injury. In the highly competitive NOVA Coach's 5k at Bluemont Park, Jerry Greenlaw and Samantha Kirby Cole bested the huge field to get the wins. The outcome was in question at the half way point, as Outlaw had to contend with a long-haired, trash-talking 9 year-old on rollerblades who was going for the blue ribbon, but Outlaw was able to call on his superior strength to prevail in the final mile. Kirby used the home course to her advantage and eked out a win over her closest pursuer, who was a mere 6 minutes behind. In a slightly less competitive race, Michelle Miller cruised to the win in the Annapolis 10 Miler. What is noteworthy about these performances are not the times, which were pedestrian by the high standards of each of these runners, but the fact that Outlaw, Kirby, and Michelle are racing at all. Each of them has dealt with serious injuries in the last few months, and their return to fitness is wonderful news.


1) If you're running Kentlands 5k, please let me know, as several of our athletes are looking for a ride to the race. It would behoove those of you who plan to run to register in advance, as this is a very popular race, and the on-site registration lines are long on race morning.

2) Unfortunately, we will have several Wednesday nights this fall when we cannot use BCC due to high school games. On September 12 and 19, the current plan is to use American University. I recognize this option is inconvenient for some of you, but at this point it looks like the best bet. One bit of good news for those of you who use Metro, you will be able to leave your stuff at the home of Charlie, Sam, and Witty, which is very close to the Tenleytown stop, and run over to the track. I will keep you posted on the specifics as those dates get closer.

3) Don't forget that Saturday workouts on the grass start on September 8. 


Because the weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter, beginning this week we will return to our normal start time of 7:15, meaning the warm up starts at 6:30.
We will do 3 x mile, 5 x 600, with a 3:00 recovery after the miles, and 2:30 after the 600s.  I'll see you Wednesday at BCC for a 7:15 start.

Miller Wins Annapolis Ten Miler

That fast monkey mama we know as Michelle Miller won a race today, the Annapolis 10-miler, in 1:02:57 (6:18 pace). She apparently ran the first 5mi in 33min (and therefore a second half at sub-6min pace, and that's a hilly course!)

A win is great, but what makes this even cooler is that it was her first race longer than 5k since the 2011 Philadelphia Marathon, almost a whole year. And, she subsisted entirely on a pop tart the day before. Quite a re-debut, I'd say. Oh and check out that massive trophy she won. You can't see it so well because it's clear, but I can see it. It's gigantic.

Picture nabbed from Lee Firestone's facebook page.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunday at The Line

I am running there at 9am. Probably for an hour.


Friday, August 24, 2012

A post

Jake and Patrick want people to post and comment on the blog more, and that's cool. So I thought I'd contribute with an old photo of Jake. This is from 2006, when Jake was a mere kit. He ranked 22nd in the WRR rankings. O how he's grown since, blossoming into a handsome, fleet fox.


Photo by Kathy Freedman: 22nd ranked Jake Klim (26) of Bethesda, MD charges home at the Parks HM in 1:14:25 for 2nd overall.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Saturday Run @ Bull Run

Let's reenact the War of Northern Aggression at Bull Run on SATURDAY at 9AM.  The running is on some of the best trails near DC, or anywhere for that matter.  Prepare by studying up on the two Battles of Bull Run, and the nearby Battle of Crystal City in which the GRC skirmished with the Pacers.  Comment if you're interested in going and/or need a ride.

Let's meet at the address below:

6511 Sudley Road
Manassas, VA 20109

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wednesday 8/22 Workout & Fashion Show

From Coach Jerry:

Once again, please indulge me and give your full attention to these important administrative matters . 
1)   Wednesday will be part 2 of the GRC fashion show.  This week, we will turn our attention to the latest in outerwear.  Specifically, we’ll be ordering Nike half-zips, and each of you should try one on for size, so that we can place the order forthwith.  Charlie will have the samples in the parking lot starting at 6:30.  Please be sure to arrive a couple of minutes early, so that you can be ready to start the warmup promptly at 6:45.  If you arrive after the gang leaves for the warmup, please come see me on the track to do the sizing, before you start your wamup.  We’d like to avoid having anyone try on the samples who is already sweaty, for obvious reasons.
2)   The race season is rapidly approaching.  Most of you know your race schedule.  The only race that most of you are running that we’re likely to receive any comps for is Veterans Day, so it might make sense to enter the other races on your schedule now, so you can take advantage of lower entry fees.

3)   There will be practice on Saturday at BCC for the half-marathon crowd.  If anyone wants to join the fun, let me know.  And if you’re not interested in doing the half-specific workouts (which would be hard for me to understand—the concept of lots of miles at tempo pace on the track sells itself)—but want to do a second workout this week, let me know that too. 

Now to the news you've all been waiting for so breathlessly.  The men’s workout will be 3 x 2k, 4 x 1k, with a 3 minute recovery after the 2ks, and a 2:30 recovery after the 1ks.  The targets for the A group will be 77s on the first 2k, 75s on the second 2k, and 73s on the third 2k; the targets for the 1ks will be 2 @ 71s, 2 @ 69s.  The targets for the B group on the 2ks will be 79s, 78s, 77s, and the 1ks will be 2 @ 75s, 2 @ 73s.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

GRC Men's Top 5 Alltime Times

Last spring I started to create a "top 5" men's list at the behest of Coach Jerry and some others. Many wanted to know how their respective marks stood against the long (well, 10 year) history of the team. That said, this shouldn't be treated as gospel. While I certainly spent a great deal of time donning pince-nez poring through dusty record books at the library, I am sure there are a few errors. So, PLEASE e-mail me any corrections. if anyone would like to create a women's list, please e-mail me. I can help get you started.

Note - races must be run in a GRC singlet, hence why no college times are noted (duh).

i = indoors

1. Chuck Kacsur - 1:54.08 - Maryland Invite 2012
2. Ryan Witters - 1:54.37 - Maryland Invite 2012
3. Jason Myers - 1:57.37 – Official GRC Time Trial 2012

1. Ryan Witters - 3:53.66- Maryland Invite 2012
2. Joe Wiegner - 3:54.35 – Sam Howell Invite 2007
3. Ryan Hanson - 3:54.82 - Princeton 2011
4. Jason Myers - 4:01.52 - Maryland Invite 2012
5. Sam Boimov – 4:05.04 - Maryland Invite 2012

1. Joe Wiegner - 4:12.74 - Penn Relays 2007
2. Ryan Witters - 4:15i - Columbia Last Chance Meet 2012
3. Jake Klim - 4:22.06 - Mid-Summer's Night Mile 2009
4. Paul Guevara - 4:24.0 - Mid-Summer's Night Mile 2011

1. Ryan Hanson - 8:23i - Boston 2011
2. Sam Luff - 8:24.91 - Forget the Towson Invite 2012
3. Karl Dusen - 8:31.25 - UMD 2011
4. Jake Klim - 8:41.71i - UMD 2011
5. Ryan Witters - 8:43 - GRC Invite 2011

5k (ROAD)
1. Joe Wiegner - 14:44 - Kentlands 5k 2010
2. Jake Klim - 14:48 - Shamrock 5k 2010
3. Sam Luff - 14:51 - Shamrock 5k 2011
4. Ryan Witters - 14:51 - GTSI 5k 2011
5. Philippe Rolly – 14:56 – Damien’s Run 5k 2005

5,000m (TRACK)
1. Kyle Smits - 14:09.69 - Stanford 2003
2. Sam Luff - 14:15.20 - Larry Ellis Invite Princeton 2011
3. Karl Dusen - 14:30.34 - Swarthmore Last Chance Meet 2011  
4. Joe Wiegner - 14:39 - Swarthmore Last Chance Meet 2011  
5. Ryan Hanson - 14:40 - Boston University 2011

8k/5 Miles
1. Karl Dusen - 24:01 - Van Meter 2011
2. Dirk de Heer - 24:18 - Van Meter 2010
3. Chris Raabe - 24:28 - NYRR Club Championships 2007
4. Kyle Smits - 24:35 - Pequot Thanksgiving Day 5 Miler 2008
5. Jake Klim - 24:47 - Van Meter 2010

10k (ROAD)
1. Philippe Rolly – 29:55 - Pike's Peek 2005
2. Karl Dusen - 30:05 - Pike's Peek 2012
3. Chris Raabe  - 30:35 - Pike's Peek 2005
4. Joe Wiegner - 30:39 – Pike’s Peek 2011
5. Jake Klim - 30:56 – Pike’s Peek 2010

10,000m (TRACK)
1. Sam Luff - 29:37 - Penn Relays 2012

10 Miles
1. Chris Raabe - 49:07 - GW Parkway 2009
2. Karl Dusen - 50:06 - Cherry Blossom 2011
3. Sam Luff - 50:45 - Cherry Blossom 2011
4. Jerry Greenlaw - 50:55 Cherry Blossom 2011
5. Jake Klim - 50:56 - Cherry Blossom 2010

Half Marathon
1. Chris Raabe - 1:05:06 - Philadelphia Distance Run 2007
2. Karl Dusen - 1:06:58 - RnR Philly Distance Run 2011
3. Sam Luff - 1:07:08 - Gary Bjorklund Half 2011
4. Dirk de Heer - 1:07:38 - National Half Marathon 2010
5. Philippe Rolly – 1:07:56 - Philadelphia Distance Run 2007
1.Chris Raabe - 2:15:13 - Grandmas 2009
2. Paul Guevara - 2:21:54 – Twin Cities 2010
3. Karl Dusen - 2:26:26 - Chicago Marathon 2011
4. Philippe Rolly – 2:26:48 - Twin cities Marathon 2005
5. Chris Bain - 2:31:03 - Hangang, Korea Marathon 2009

Weekend Runs

In speaking with a number of you yesterday at the workout, below are two weekend run options. Please "comment" if you're interested and/or need more information.

Chevy Chase Running Company @ 9:00am
I was thinking of running an hour+/9 mile loop that takes us into the park and back on Western Ave

Edward's Ferry Parking Lot @ 9:00am
I'm planning to run the first (approx) 7 miles of the "Duel Ferries" course and then branch off for a hilly loop that totals about 16 miles. This is a great run and the weather should be favorable (read cool). I think PMurph and Dix were interested.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wednesday 8/15 Workout

From Coach Jerry:

A few administrative notes: 

1) If you don't have a schedule of your fall races, now is the time to make one.  I'm available to make suggestions on how you can best prepare yourself for Clubs. 

2) Speaking of Clubs, we'll start Saturday workouts at the cell phone field on September 8.  The idea will be to get as much time on grass as we can to be fully ready to roll on race day.  We'll have workouts every Saturday when most of you are not racing.  If you'd like to get a schedule of the dates of Saturday workouts, let me know.

3)  When the high school sports season starts after Labor Day, there will undoubtedly be some games on Wednesday nights at BCC.  Once the sports schedules are finalized and I can determine those Wednesdays when we can't use BCC, I'll let you know of the alternate plans.  With any luck, we'll have minimal interference. 

4)  Many of you are already sending me weekly training summaries.  For those of you who are not, I'd appreciate it if you start doing so.  With such a large team, it's difficult for me to keep track of everyone's training, so a weekly email would be most helpful to me. 

For the workout this week, it looks like we'll have another reasonable night, so we'll continue with our volume-oriented approach.  The men will do 3 x 1.5 mile (or 2400 meters, for you sticklers in the crowd) with a 3:30 recovery, then 3 x 800 with a 3:00 recovery.  The targets for the A group will on the 2400s will be 76s, 75s, 74s, and the 8s will be 72s, 71s, 70s.  The B group targets for the 2400s will be 79s, 78s, 77s, and on the 8s it will be 75s, 74s, 73s. 

I’ll send the women’s workout separately.

I’ll see everyone at BCC on Wednesday for a 7:30 start.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shop Run

Saturday, 8 am at the Chevy Chase store. 10 miles, Lavar and I will be there. How about you?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello All,

Although we just moved and will still be living out of boxes for a little while longer; Emily, Lily, and I would like to invite the men's and women's team over for a viewing party to watch the Olympic Men's Marathon at 6AM on Sunday morning at our house.  Fair warning - I live way out in Ashburn now (near the Van Metre race).

The plan is to have people arrive at or after the start of the race and we can watch the marathon while enjoying coffee, light breakfast, and perhaps an AM cocktail.  Afterwards we'll do a run and explore the area near my house or head to the W&OD path.  Afterwards people can come back to shower and eat/drink more.  I know it's early and far, but we'd love to have you attend. 

Email me ( and let me know if you're in for watching the race, going for a run, and/or the post run activities.  Please feel free to attend any or all parts.  I'll provide my address and directions to those interested.

GO USA!!!!


Friday, August 3, 2012