Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wednesday 8/22 Workout & Fashion Show

From Coach Jerry:

Once again, please indulge me and give your full attention to these important administrative matters . 
1)   Wednesday will be part 2 of the GRC fashion show.  This week, we will turn our attention to the latest in outerwear.  Specifically, we’ll be ordering Nike half-zips, and each of you should try one on for size, so that we can place the order forthwith.  Charlie will have the samples in the parking lot starting at 6:30.  Please be sure to arrive a couple of minutes early, so that you can be ready to start the warmup promptly at 6:45.  If you arrive after the gang leaves for the warmup, please come see me on the track to do the sizing, before you start your wamup.  We’d like to avoid having anyone try on the samples who is already sweaty, for obvious reasons.
2)   The race season is rapidly approaching.  Most of you know your race schedule.  The only race that most of you are running that we’re likely to receive any comps for is Veterans Day, so it might make sense to enter the other races on your schedule now, so you can take advantage of lower entry fees.

3)   There will be practice on Saturday at BCC for the half-marathon crowd.  If anyone wants to join the fun, let me know.  And if you’re not interested in doing the half-specific workouts (which would be hard for me to understand—the concept of lots of miles at tempo pace on the track sells itself)—but want to do a second workout this week, let me know that too. 

Now to the news you've all been waiting for so breathlessly.  The men’s workout will be 3 x 2k, 4 x 1k, with a 3 minute recovery after the 2ks, and a 2:30 recovery after the 1ks.  The targets for the A group will be 77s on the first 2k, 75s on the second 2k, and 73s on the third 2k; the targets for the 1ks will be 2 @ 71s, 2 @ 69s.  The targets for the B group on the 2ks will be 79s, 78s, 77s, and the 1ks will be 2 @ 75s, 2 @ 73s.

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