Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weekend Runs

In speaking with a number of you yesterday at the workout, below are two weekend run options. Please "comment" if you're interested and/or need more information.

Chevy Chase Running Company @ 9:00am
I was thinking of running an hour+/9 mile loop that takes us into the park and back on Western Ave

Edward's Ferry Parking Lot @ 9:00am
I'm planning to run the first (approx) 7 miles of the "Duel Ferries" course and then branch off for a hilly loop that totals about 16 miles. This is a great run and the weather should be favorable (read cool). I think PMurph and Dix were interested.


Andy said...

I'll look to be there Sunday, but will just run the full Duel Ferries loop for 10mi total.

Karl D. said...

I'll be there Sunday taking the ferry from VA. Looking forward to it.

KLIM said...

Will you meet us at the White's Ferry lot (where your ferry is and approx 5 miles into run) or at Edward's Ferry?

If the latter, give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get from Whites to Edwards on River Road.

Of course we can always "pick you up" at White's 5 miles into our run, circa 9:35.

Big City said...

I'm in for saturday

DM said...

See you Sunday.

P Murph said...

I'll be there Saturday, but won't make it Sunday.