Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wednesday 8/15 Workout

From Coach Jerry:

A few administrative notes: 

1) If you don't have a schedule of your fall races, now is the time to make one.  I'm available to make suggestions on how you can best prepare yourself for Clubs. 

2) Speaking of Clubs, we'll start Saturday workouts at the cell phone field on September 8.  The idea will be to get as much time on grass as we can to be fully ready to roll on race day.  We'll have workouts every Saturday when most of you are not racing.  If you'd like to get a schedule of the dates of Saturday workouts, let me know.

3)  When the high school sports season starts after Labor Day, there will undoubtedly be some games on Wednesday nights at BCC.  Once the sports schedules are finalized and I can determine those Wednesdays when we can't use BCC, I'll let you know of the alternate plans.  With any luck, we'll have minimal interference. 

4)  Many of you are already sending me weekly training summaries.  For those of you who are not, I'd appreciate it if you start doing so.  With such a large team, it's difficult for me to keep track of everyone's training, so a weekly email would be most helpful to me. 

For the workout this week, it looks like we'll have another reasonable night, so we'll continue with our volume-oriented approach.  The men will do 3 x 1.5 mile (or 2400 meters, for you sticklers in the crowd) with a 3:30 recovery, then 3 x 800 with a 3:00 recovery.  The targets for the A group will on the 2400s will be 76s, 75s, 74s, and the 8s will be 72s, 71s, 70s.  The B group targets for the 2400s will be 79s, 78s, 77s, and on the 8s it will be 75s, 74s, 73s. 

I’ll send the women’s workout separately.

I’ll see everyone at BCC on Wednesday for a 7:30 start.

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