Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello All,

Although we just moved and will still be living out of boxes for a little while longer; Emily, Lily, and I would like to invite the men's and women's team over for a viewing party to watch the Olympic Men's Marathon at 6AM on Sunday morning at our house.  Fair warning - I live way out in Ashburn now (near the Van Metre race).

The plan is to have people arrive at or after the start of the race and we can watch the marathon while enjoying coffee, light breakfast, and perhaps an AM cocktail.  Afterwards we'll do a run and explore the area near my house or head to the W&OD path.  Afterwards people can come back to shower and eat/drink more.  I know it's early and far, but we'd love to have you attend. 

Email me ( and let me know if you're in for watching the race, going for a run, and/or the post run activities.  Please feel free to attend any or all parts.  I'll provide my address and directions to those interested.

GO USA!!!!


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