Thursday, July 31, 2008


Allen's party on Sat, the Difficult Run should be even more difficult. Which, in the end, makes it better. One gets to sweat out all of toxic material taken into the body the night before.

None the less, folks have inquired and I want to set up the Georgetown Running Company Store as the official meeting spot at 7:15am for those who need a lift or want to follow us out there. On the carpool front, I think I will need some help. So, if anyone has a car and wants to take some people out there, let me know.

Otherwise, either meet at the store on contact me directly regarding how you want to get out there, etc.



Chris Lombardi and myself are hosting a party at our place this Saturday at 8pm and everybody is more than welcome to attend. I am unsure of what we will be serving, but I would recommend bringing your own alcohol to be safe. We are meeting tonight to discuss what we will have (snacks will definitely be served), so I will follow up later with more details.
Our place is in Takoma, DC (just below Silver Spring and a little under 3 miles away from "the line"). The closest metro is Takoma on the red line, which is about 5 minutes from the place. If you get off of the metro, head under the metro(make a U turn once you exit) on Cedar St and stay straight until you hit Piney Branch. Take a left onto Piney Branch and we are at the very next corner. I would say to look for the house that looks like a barn, but a lot of the houses in the area fit that descrption.
The address is: 6833 Piney Branch Rd NW, DC 20012. There is also plenty of street parking right outside.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

DC Road Runner Results

Off the wire...

Robert Wade M 26 Arlington VA 8:45.9
Willy Viviani M 26 Arlington VA 8:46.4
Jake Krong M 24 Vail CO 8:49.0
Bert Rodriguez M 28 Arlington VA 8:59.8
Randy McDermott M 36 Alexandria VA 9:16.7
Tony Viviani M 23 Arlington VA 9:21.3
Brendan Brown M 25 Falls Church VA 9:29.6
Sean Prinz M 23 Wantagh NY 9:36.3
Jake Green M 23 Falls Church VA 10:08.3
Ian Clements M 44 Alexandria VA 10:12.6

Bert Rodriguez M 28 Arlington VA 4:21.6
Willy Viviani M 26 Arlington VA 4:22.9
Robert Wade M 26 Arlington VA 4:23.3
Scott Anderson M 34 Washington DC 4:24.1
Jake Krong M 24 Vail CO 4:25.5
Sean Prinz M 23 Wantagh NY 4:30.7
Tony Viviani M 23 Arlington VA 4:36.1
Randy McDermott M 36 Alexandria VA 4:38.1
Geir Lie M 27 Washington DC 4:48.1
Luke Merkel M 24 Washington DC 4:48.5

Boring yet practical Sunday Towpath Long Run

I am leaning towards doing my Sunday long run on the towpath. My plan of late is to extend my long run distance into the 18-20 mile range and the towpath allows one to cover that kind of ground in an efficient manner. I was clinging to the edge of life after last Sunday's 18 miler which makes me inclined to run on a familiar course as opposed to difficult run. I plan on starting at mile post/lock 5 and stowing some drink/energy gu there. I will head north for 6 miles, turn around and come back to mile post 5 (12 miles in at that point), take some gel and fluids and continue south for either 3-4 miles before looping back which will bring the total to 18-20.

Meet 7:50, get moving by 8.

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I thought some more about the matter during a run this morning.

It was during the run this morning that it became crystal clear why I run and have for some time. Whether in the minds of some, this makes me a "real runner", it really does not matter.

For the first time in over a year I woke up this am with a desire to run early on a weekday. I have been blowing off early weekday runs for a long time but for some reason, I woke up early this morning with a desire to throw on the shorts and hit the roads.

For me the run is a ritual like experience. Running gives me a chance to express a piece of my humanity that no other activity does.

I Woke up at 5am and looked at the window and saw a glimmer of dawn coming. Got out of bed and put on some vintage Public Enemy and began to get psyched as the powerful voice of Chuck D resonated throughout the apartment. Put on the coffee and began to feel it. Drank two strong cups of coffee as the tunes switched to a more mellow but equally inspiring John B Good by Peter Tosh.

Put on some random pair of red shorts and hit the door. I started down Newton St in a shuffle as my big toe and hamstring injuries needed to loosen up and begin to cooperate.

Hit Pierce Mill and headed to the the trails that I have been running for years. Ran and ran and started to feel good. It was during this particular run that so many positive memories started to come into the brain. I have vivid memories of running with reckless abandon on these same trails 8 years ago with my buddies Bill Lickert and Josh Busby. I remember running around these parts with a younger Steve Money and this guy Hugh Owen and Alex Filides. We would meet at Fleet Feet in Adams Morgan and just run for hrs on hot summer evenings.

After some time, I found myself back at Pierce Mill and instead of heading home, I attacked the Ontario Rd hill heading up towards Connecticut Ave. I felt the power and juice flowing through the legs. This feeling is the best a runner can have(in my opinion). I moved up the hill easily and took a left on Connecticut where I headed to Cleavland Park and then to the Zoo and then just kept going all the way to DuPont Circle. I took a left at DuPont and headed down Mass Ave and over to 16th St. where I bolted left and ran up to my house.

During the course of the run, I saw people I knew all over the place. I smiled and said good morning. After a while, DC becomes rather small.

All throughout the run I was keenly aware of my body. Everything was working in unison. The legs, the arms and torso were complimenting each other and this is a great feeling.

I never bother to bring watches or such on my urban runs as I have run every inch of the city and realized today that running has allowed me to see and appreciate all of nuances of DC that I would never have been able to do without running.

Upon conclusion of the run, I stretched and put on the Kid Rock song All Summer Long and smiled and spoke with some my neighbors about life in general.

Running in Balboa Park - San Diego, CA...

I know, I're probably all sick of me reporting about San Diego. But I've been here three times in the past three weeks. This latest trip brought me out Monday morning. Times like this I really do live in three cities: San Diego, Miami and DC. Anyway, on Wednesday I was able to get out and run one of the City's most famous cultural icons, Balboa Park. Peter Silverman has some fond memories of this park so this report goes out to him.

Balboa Park is the nation's largest urban cultural park and is spread over 1,200 acres in the heart of San Diego. It's labeled a "cultural park" because of the sheer volume of intellectual institutions that call the park home: 15 major museums, numerous performing arts amphitheaters, urban gardens, the world renowned San Diego zoo and various fields, lawns and courts, for most customary sports (they also have a Velodrome for cycling).

The park dates back to 1868, when civic leaders dedicated a 1,400 acre parcel of land that awkwardly sat atop a shrub filled mesa parallel to where the City's downtown area is today. Back then it was known simply as "City Park." The name was changed to "Balboa Park" in 1910 when a contest was held. The winner chose the name in honor of the explorer "Vasco Nunez de Balboa" who was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean (from Panama). Since the Park had splendid views of the ocean (now mostly obscured by urban development), this name made perfect sense.

The park is a quirky jumble of soft trails, hard cement, concrete and paths. Everyone and anyone can be found here weeknights enjoying San Diego's famous sunsets, playing sports or frolicking in the idyllic romantic setting.

Miles run July 30th: 10. A very, very easy recovery run.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Deseret News Marathon Recap

I usually link you to my personal blog because I have nice pictures and the like but given this is just text, I will cut and paste it here.

have had my sights set on a new and big PR for a few months now. I will be the first to admit that my racing this month was not 100% conducive to getting a new and big PR but that’s life.

To be honest, I am a little disappointed right now. This recap may get bigger later but I don’t have it in me right now. You see, I did not set the new and big PR today. For whatever reason, around mile 11, my stomach turned against me for one of the first times ever. The power drink on the course made me almost throw up, so surprisingly so I actually said: “What the hell was that?”

This was disappointing as everything was going to plan until that point. And it was the first part of the marathon that was the most difficult. First were four miles of screaming downhill. Then miles 6 to 8 had a large uphill (at 6,000 feet of elevation, mind you). After that it was 5 miles or so of nice gentle downhill which I normally would love. However, after the near vomit issue I could not get on track. I was trying hard to run 6:20 miles and all I could get were 6:25s.
When I did miles 17 and 18 in 6:51 and 7:10, I knew it was not my day.

I made the decision to pack it in and run a respectable time. However, with each mile, my energy ebbed. I won’t blame the heat or the sun. For the most part I was running in shadow (which was also in perfect synch with my plan. Running the times I wanted at that time of day, kept me in the shade until mile 23). I just plain and simply did not have it. Maybe it was my needing to get up at 2:30 AM to be at the bus at 3:30 to get shuttled out for the 5:30 AM start. Maybe it is the stress of beginning a new career. Perhaps it was my triathlon or my pacing effort last week in Philly. Regardless, it does not matter.

However, while I am extremely disappointed, I am also happy. As they were not accurately measured for certification, I would never count them, but I set new PRs in the 5k, 10k, 15k, and half marathon (and I am guessing every other distance in between). And not by a smidgen. I crushed them all.

But it is the fact that, after deciding my day was done and my time kept slipping away, I dug very deep to make sure I got the absolute bare minimum of goals I have set for all my marathons from here on out that aren’t ridiculously hard to begin with: to run a sub-3. With my needle on empty I pulled in to the finish in a 2:59:14 or so.

That makes 7 straight sub-3s for me in races I was trying to do so in (my pacing effort at Carlsbad and the first of my two Boston Marathons in one day do not count) and a BQ in 17 of my last 19 marathons.

It was a very wise person who said “Anyone can run when they feel well. It is doing so when you don’t, that is impressive”.

So I will take solace in that and realize that even a bad day running is better than a good day at work!

I finished 17th and 7th in my age group. I hate my age group! :)

Here are my miles:

5:50 (5k in 17:38)
6:44 Start of big hill (10k in 37:40)
7:21 Big hill
6:55 Tail end of big hill
6:11 (15K in 58:30)
6:36 (stopped to pee)
6:24 (1:23:30 half)
6:34 (dropped Gu; stopped to get it)
6:38 (hill; was quite pleased with this split actually)
6:51 (WITH a downhill: Now I knew race was over)
8:03 (ugh)
1:42 (.2)

p.s. I don't talk about my personal life much but this was a bitter pill to swallow as I was dedicating this race to my Aunt Rita who succumbed to cancer Tuesday night. I have no doubt she is the one who helped me dig deep and get the sub-3.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have been reading some posts and blogs and received some interesting e-mails recently on the matter of what is a "real runner". Interesting. In my mind, a "real runner" is someone who runs, whether it be a 15 minute mile, a 4 minute mile, races to air out some competitive angst or runs to relieve stress after a hard day of work. Most adults I know who run in the Gym, come into the store, etc. have busy lives and simply love to run because it provides them with an escape from the insanity and stress of their real lives. They use running as a means of coping with our urban/borderline non-human office like lifestyle culture we have created for ourselves. Why do you think people want buy houses in the country to escape. Running falls into the same category of escapism. Escape to freedom or such.

As for why some people are fast, etc. 90% of its genetic. In that respect, its simple. Running is no different than any sport in that regard. When I played soccer and basketball I was always put in the position that required lots of running and endurance. Point guard or center mid-field, etc. I was good at these positions because I just was. I have good hand eye coordination that is just natural. I think the same applies to running. I do not have to run a great deal to just do it ok. I know some guys who run 65-70 miles a week to run a 16 minute 5k. That seems like too much work for such a feat. If doing that makes you a "real runner", I would say the criteria for "real runner" should be re-evaluated. Perhaps running to that extent for such an achievement is more a sign of being a "compulsive/driven runner" rather than a "real runner". In any case, that is a subject for another post. I will say that too much of the darn sport combined with simply getting older has broken me down a bit and in retrospect, I can say that I got carried away with it a bit over the years. None the less, I still find running and overall fitness, a nice complement to my life.

With all of that said, all runners can improve to meet their own goals and objectives, no matter what they might be.

Personally, I have more admiration for the weekend runner dad or mom who makes it out and runs a 60 minute 10K and nearly collapses in exhaustion with their kids watching from the sideline. These are my heroes simply because the effort and sacrifice made to make such an effort is more so than those of us who are single and have time to dwell on our running/personal lives, etc. to such an extent.

The aforementioned mom/dad non-competitive elite runner population is also the one that makes up the majority of the "real running" population in the DC area.

For every speedster who was blessed with quick wheels like Jake, etc. there are 50 other "real runners" out there just moping along trying to stay fit and and make running a positive compliment to their stressful lives.

For all of you guys/gals in your 20s who run like the wind, your 20s will go and other matters take over and then eventually, you might end up like one of those 60 minute 10k moms or dads.

In your 20s its hard to see that your body and such will change. It will though. I can remember 26/27/28, etc. like it was yesterday and now I am 38. I tried in vain to make time stop but it would not. Things are really no better or worse but simply different. Once gains perspective.

Time flies when you run and are having fun.

peace out


There will be the usual runs this weekend. On Saturday the G-town Store will be open at 8:15 and people can leave their things there. As usual, the run will be run at different paces depending on what folks are feeling. I like the route we have been running in recent weeks as it combines some trail and road and ends nicely along the Capital Crescent trail or C&O Canal.

I will make sure water is available at the store. If people want Gatorade, they should bring their own. Also, bring a towel.

To piggy back on the notion of having an after run coffee or bite to eat, I think it would be easy to hit the Dean and DeLuca across the street and one block down. They have a nice outdoor but shaded area to sit and chat. Furthermore, historically, it is where bike and running clubs have gone to schmooze after their weekend workout. NOTE: This is not a place to get pancakes and waffles and such but more a place to grab a muffin or bagel, some coffee and shoot the breeze.

As for the Sunday run, I throw out Difficult Run due to fact that we have not gone there in a bit. Furthermore, I have asked a few others to join in who live out that way. Please bring water or Gatorade if you plan on coming.

The Saturday run begins at 8:30am and the Sunday run at 8:00am.

take it easy and stay cool.


Track Races This Week

Track fans,

Two track events this week.

Wednesday, July 30 2008, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
1 Mile & 3K Track Championships
Location: Wakefield High School in VA

Friday, August 01, 2008 - Bethesda
Go For The Glory Track Meet
7:30pm 0.25mi & 0.5mi young run (YR)
7:45pm 2mi (CS,JP)
9:00pm 400m, 1mi races
Dust off those spikes and head for the Go for the Glory Track Meet at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda. The .25 and .5 mile Young Runs start at 7:30pm. Then the 2 mile (Championship Series and Junior Participation Series) begins, followed by the 400m, and the 1 mile. The fast heat of the 2mi will be held first. The track meet is part of our low-key club race series, and is free to club members and $5 for non-members. Registration is race-day only.

Estimated times for Heats:
7:45 - Heat 1 11:30 and faster
8:00 - Heat 2 11:30-13:00
8:20 - Heat 3 13:00-15:00
8:40 - Heat 4 15:00 and slower
400 Meter 9:05 - Possibly 2 heats
Mile 9:10 - Heat 1 6:00 and faster
9:20 - Heat 2 6:00 and slower

Location & Directions
Walt Whitman High School

7100 Whittier Boulevard, Bethesda MD 20817
Take I-495 to Exit 39, River Road east to Washington. Turn left onto Whittier Blvd.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Run For Roch 2008 Race Report

So I went home to Pitt PA to do the Run For Roch Memorial 5k. Roch was one of my really good friends who past away in 04 from a diving accident in a river in WV. I am happy to say that this year was the biggest yet with about 350 runners, pretty big by Pitt standards, and all the best runners came out for it. For a little flavor of a what a real Italian Pittsburgher is like here is a brief portion of the a conversation I had with Roch's mother after the race at the local pub. Me "So my fiance Laura would love to run this race, she loves anything that is painful and difficult." Roch's Mom " Ya, I na, guess that's why she's marring youz!" I know I walked into that one. Anyways I Google mapped the course that you can see the elevation changes. It's on Mt. Washington so that should be a clue as to the difficulty. It is a nasty course and I was in 3rd place about 5 seconds back from 1st and 2nd till the last hill and then proceeded to lose three places and even with a big kick still only got 6th place but ran a 25 second pr for the course 16:38. This being the Pittsburgh running scene, they don't exactly have immediate results but the guy who won ran 16:15 I think and 3rd place was 16:34 so I was in the mix but just not ready for those kind of hills. Winning wasn't exactly what this race was about for me so I was just a happy to see the race was still going strong and it was great to see some old friends.

Fartlek Run

OK, I need to try and get some leg turnover going. I am going to give it a shot. My hamstring did not die yesterday so I am more confident. I would like to do one fartlek run per week with one or a group of young guys who are stronger. It would be ideal to have some sort of pull along type run going. Basically, something where you have stronger runners pulling others along. Nothing too crazy but enough to where people are striving to get stronger by chasing the lead runner/runners.

I can meet anytime before 7am or after 4pm. I suggest the canal(by the store)/capital crescent(by the store) or rock creek, though its not flat.

I used to run these with Scott Munro, Wilson and some others and my experience tells me these are the best runs to get in race shape quickly.

I suggest something simple such as 2 minutes on and 1 off 15 times. Start off slow and finish strong. Begin with one mile warm up and end with one mile cool down. If people want, we can make this an official store workout run and open it up to all runners of various abilities. I would like to also incorporate a stretcing routine into the mix. Something post run to ensure people do not tighten up.

If we do the the all runners deal, we will begin and end the run at the G-town store and can provide some water/gatorade and a place to change.

I am throwing this out there as a suggestion/idea. If interested or have some idea of your own, let me know via e-mail.

Race Report: Tanner Wins Riley's.

Photo Credit: Ken Trombatore 2008 © MCRRC Runners Photos

On Sunday morning, several of us ran Riley's Rumble Half-Marathon, in what started out as a cool, overcast and somewhat idyllic running day. For those that are familiar with Riley's Lock, the Rumble is not run on the actual trail but rather on a serene set of roads that run perpendicular to the lock. Green meadows, babbling brooks and corn fields line a course that floats up and down with sharp rolling hills. It's not an "easy" race course (none ever are, really) but the scenery does its best to distract you from what you're doing.

Melissa Tanner and I had made a pact to run this race together as a training run and fall into whatever comfortable pace we managed to find along the way. That ended up being a 6:40 overall, which had started out as flat 7:00's. Although we sped up, at no time were we hitting any reserves or struggling. In fact, we were talking so much that another runner complained we weren't working hard enough.

It wasn't until about half a mile after turning at the mid-point that I realized what was happening. It seemed that everyone we were passing who had yet to make it to the half way point would yell out words of encouragement and support to Tanner. Finally getting what was going on I turned to her and said, "S**t Tanner - are you in first place?!?!? Time to get serious!!!" But Tanner being Tanner, after a long pause calmly said, " need to change anything..."

In the end, Melissa won overall women's with a time of 1:27:13. Sheena Dahlke our other female GRC contender came in 8th place with 1:38:08 (7:30 pace).

On the men's side, Jesse Dylan Keith finished 6th overall with 1:23:51 (6:25 pace), Maxfield Lockwood came in 8th at 1:23:56 (6:25 pace) and I finished with Melissa at 1:27:15 (18th male overall). The fields were 201 women and 336 men. Overall race results can be found here.


Sunday, July 27, 2008


Live from Max Lockwood its...................................sorry Jason, but you must endure yet another loving sermon:)

On a positive note I no longer feel like the 6 million dollar man. I have been partially rebuilt and feel better. Like a yoyo I went out and ran the Riley's Rumble simply because I said I would and it is a race I always try to do.

Along with myself was THE JARRIN(his name reminds me of a comic book superhero), Dylan/Jessee Keith, Mighty Melissa and Sheena(no nickname yet).

Along with GRC folks was a slew of other regulars including masters champ Chris Hamley. Chris was a punk rock music star prior to his running career. Marriage and moving to the burbs has turned him into a running machine. James Moreland, Karsten Brown, Ted Poulos and lots of others were there to sweat it out, too.

At the outset of the race I was feeling OK and decided to give it a whirl. Clearly, the mind was way out of wack with the body on this one. I ran the first half in maybe 40 minutes hoping to turn it on in the second half. This was not to be. By mile 10 I was running like a marshmellow fluff dough boy and just decided to waddle in. At mile 11.5, Dylan came up to me with some ultra runner dude and they passed me. For a moment, I thought I would reach into the gut and get by them but this did not happen. I put in a burst and then slowed.

Eventually, I regained myself and finished strong. I think I ran the thing in 1:23(slowest ever).

Good news is that my body felt fine and I was able to run the thing on minimal miles and no speed work.

I know that the base is there and if I want to run speed workouts I can regain something. The question is whether I do.

On another front, I am seeing if anyone wants to do the Leesburg 20k in a few weeks. Its a great summer run out in Leesburg and is nice and easy. Slighty uphill on the way up and downhill coming back. I am thinking of getting a GRC crew together to do battle with some other stores, so let me know.

Take care, run strong and smile.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Inner peace and utter relaxation with sport is not easy to achieve, especially if you are a competitive athlete. While in Vermont I ran short little slow runs up and down hills. I mean very slow. 10-11 minute pace and watched birds and slow turtles crossing roads. I ran so slow I was totally chill with my thoughts and aware of where I was at all times. I took in everything.

Prior to running in Vermont I ran 4 times over a 6 week period before running at the Twighlighter. I did not run that race very fast. However, after, I was not tired and was able to stay up all night and talk to friends. In the end, more fun and important than running my guts out. Presently, I am tired and have tons of extra energy to do many other activities without feeling tired.

Point being is that I used to spend lots of time doing exercise/running and really only got a little faster and in the end, spent lots of time doing it and avoiding/ignoring critical life skill endeavors, which, down the road, make you a stronger/more well rounded person.

Case in point,

I can say that between 22-29, I took a real break from organized sports. I played lots of Basketball but that's it. I spent these years working, dabbling in interestning business projects, traveling, getting involved with other hobbies, partying, dating(tons) and learning as much as I could about the broader world. I learned a lot because I took the time to spread myself in many different directions and explore everything.

I started running more in my 30s and found it an easy way to meet people, socialize, etc(especially in DC). Heck, I used races as a means to travel throughout DC, VA and MD. I ran Riley's on a whim one year after spending all night and early morning in some dive night club in Adams Morgan.

When I started getting more competitive and running harder and racing harder, it fed the ego and I got faster. However, such an endeavor takes time and energy, etc....... and ultimately, the sport took valuable time away from developing/maintaining some friendships, career stuff, other hobbies, etc.

Bottom line is I am re-discovering that running, like most activities, is a means to an end. Its a way to see a nice country road or travel about on some trails or simply run with a group of friends to talk about life. How to keep it this way and maintain a balance, is the key to success and long term happiness with the sport.

Yes, these are just words, and though I do not always abide by them, I think they speak some truth.

Anyway, this is what becomes of you after spending a week with Mom in Vermont.

Also, despite my good natured way, I still expect Jake, Jason, or someone to beat Bert at a race. My memory tells me that Bert is undefeated against the whole lot of you.

peace out

GRC You're Invited to Katie's Big 3-0 Jungle Jamboree

Come celebrate with us at Katie's 30th birthday bash! Yes, believe it or not, Katie is turning 30! The party will be jungle style so feel free to wear your favorite animal prints, cargo, camouflage and khaki gear!

We'll provide snacks, and booze, and scotch for Klim and Ernst.

Cougars welcome. Guns N' Roses will be played.

Location: 11032 Thrush Ridge Road, Reston, VA 20191 US
When: Saturday, July 26, 8:00PM
Phone: 202.674.2200

Friday, July 25, 2008


For those attending the Saturday morning run including Steve(AWOL)Money, Nate(never show)Timm and others, please bring the following:

Water or G-rade
A towel to wipe sweat off

On the fighting words front, Big Bert R suggested via an e-mail that I am not a "real runner"(whatever that is). My feelings and pride are hurt. One of you young, hungry guys must bring him down in a road race. Yes, the lines have been drawn! To incentivize the deal, a reward will be given to the person who does this first. It must be at one of the local races in the next 4 or 5 months and he must be healthy.

Rather than blurt out what the prize is via the blog I will wait until the feat takes place before making the announcement.

Peace out


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunday Long Run Option B

Max has a good plan for a Sunday long run (see immd below), but a few of us decided to forgo a race environment and get in something a bit longer.
Reaves, Murphy, Bain, me and others plan to start on the Canal Towpath at Edwards Ferry (mile marker 30.44) and run south along the C&O to Old Anglers Inn (11.97). 30.44 - 11.97 = 18.47 Miles. This promises to be an epic run.

All interested participants should meet at Old Anglers (MAP HERE) at 8:15AM and then we will carpool to Edwards Ferry in one car...then run straight back to Old Anglers. Hopefully we can start the run by 9am and finish around 11am. Coffee and tomfoolery to follow.

This run is mostly shaded, with bathrooms and water in various spots along the way. Additionally, we plan to drop off some Gatorade at a lock somewhere in between both points (likely mile marker 15-20). Those who want to run less than 18.5 could park their cars and carpool to a separate spot. If you'd like suggestions, indicate the amount of mileage you're looking to go and let me know.
SATURDAY - Georgetown Running Company at 8:30AM for the usual, easy group run. Max plans to open the store early.


One more shout out for this run. No excuses. Use it as Sunday morning long run or whatever. I remember running this race something like 7 years ago against Mark Hoon. Another year I ran it with super runner Paul Rades. He hurt his back so bad on the hills he was out for months. Once, I ran it with Jacob Frey where we discussed the state of Maryland Politics, among other topics for 10 miles, until he decided to pull away like wind. This race is one to tell stories about.

Hills and pain await.

Jake, that other Jake who beat you by a second at Rockville is running it. Maryland high school running champ, Andrew Palmer is running it as are others.

Bain, don't let your ego and passion for running get the best of you and run the Rumble plus the 5k the night before as you risk injury! Of course, who I am I to talk as I have run many races in less than adequate running condition.

Life and we(people) are full of contradictions.


Track Workout Tonight

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School @ 6:30pm

Reaves, Bain, Murphy, me and maybe Jarrin and Geir will be running one of the following workouts tonight (text descriptions c/o Reaves):

Jason's Ladder
1600m (400 rest), 1200m (400 rest), 2x800m (400 rest), 3x400m (200 rest), 800m (400 rest) - We tried to run everything at :72-:73 pace for this.

The Mile, revisited
1 mile, all-out (1 mile jog recovery), 2x5x300 @ mile pace (100 jog rest - 400 between sets)

The go-to workout
3 x (2k (400 rest), 1k (400 rest)

More speed
I won't be doing many more of these in the months to come...
16 x 400 (200 rest)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


As I was on some lonely mountain road in the Northeast Kingdom this am on a 50 minute run, random thougths began entering my head.

First and foremost------

For all of you undergoing a mid-life crisis, have just gotten dumped by a significant other, fired from your dream job, or just want to enjoy some R&R and want some away/quiet time, you are more than welcome to stay at my house in Vermont anytime. Its in God's country away from yuppies, modern technology, noise and all other evils associated with modern-urban living. Its a runner's paradise. You can safely heal and run and look at trees and smell the earth. Its raw and natural and clean. You actually have to hike to some remote library hidden away in a small country town to find internet service(where I am now). You can either hike or run back to your living quarters where on the way, you can stop at the country store and buy some beer and food.

Yesterday, in the early eve I went on a 60 minute run in the woods with only my red shorts and some sneakers. I could only see the ground in front of me and heard all kinds of noises from the surrounding trees as I scampered about. There were no cars, no lights or signs of humanity to guide or protect me. I could have been eaten by a bear or attacked by an owl, etc.

I may never leave.

On a side note,

Peter, that video you produced is great! You have some talent. You and Klim should partner up and start a running/video/movie business.

peace out


Twilighter '08

Running the Iron Mountain in Poway, CA...

This past weekend I was back in San Diego for a wedding. On Sunday at the crack of dawn I took advantage of a lull in activities and drove out to run the Iron Mountain and its adjacent trails in Poway, CA. Located in Northeast San Diego County, Poway is home to two of the largest peaks in the area, one of which is Iron Mountain.

The area is southwestern pretty with outcroppings of huge stone boulders everywhere. It gives the appearance of being on a movie set in mars. Vegetation runs rampant amongst the boulders with lots of dead brush spewing deep green, rich vegetation from grotesquely disfigured opaque wood. Most of the low lying underbrush is prickly and undeniably harsh. Natural wildfires ravaged the area in 1995 and 2003, so I imagine that most of what is alive is recovering from dead vegetation. Life literally seeps from the grips of death. Native to the area are chaparral, wild lilac, white and black sages. And of course snakes, lizards, bobcats and an occasional mountain lion.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the terrain and foolishly thought that it would be similar to Torrey Pines – compact dirt with a thin layer of what feels like beach sand ideal for running (heavenly, actually). Torrey Pines it is not. Iron Mountain is not that tall (2,696 feet in elevation) but the adjacent trails surrounding the mountain (Wild Horse and Ellie Lane) are tough to navigate for moderate/fast running. I was looking to do a long run of 16+ and had to settle for 10 jagged, tedious, slow, frustrating miles. At times I was just hiking and climbing, not running. The Iron Mountain trail is better with a much wider path and devoid of intense geology (softer ground too), but at 2.5 miles in length…it's...yeah; yup, exactly.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

FLASH: Twilight Results

Hot Weather Produces SLOW Times...

1 10 Mohamed Awol 29 Bronx NY 24:24 4:55 24:24
2 21 Solomon Haile 18 Silver Spring MD 24:40 4:58 24:40
3 7 Abiyot Abebe 20 Silver Spring MD 24:59 5:02 24:59
4 1 Jared Abuya 31 Fairfax VA 25:05 5:03 25:05
5 76 Robert Wade 26 Arlington VA 25:07 5:04 25:08
6 68 Andy Biladeau 21 Lutz FL 25:09 5:04 25:10
7 14 Michael Wardian 34 Arlington VA 25:30 5:08 25:30
8 602 Dejene Regassa 24 Wheaton MD 25:42 5:11 25:43
9 77 Lewis Butler 23 Arlington VA 25:56 5:13 25:57
10 2006 Jakee Krong 24 Vail CO 26:02 5:15 26:03
11 28 Jake Klim 28 N. Bethesda MD 26:03 5:15 26:04
12 11 Yonas Negatu 22 Bronx NY 26:07 5:16 26:07
13 37 Dustin Whitlow 22 Ashburn VA 26:10 5:16 26:10
14 22 Nathan Brigham 25 Washington DC 26:10 5:16 26:11
15 16 Adam Condit 25 Centreville VA 26:22 5:19 26:24
16 75 Phil Turner 24 Linthicum MD 26:37 5:22 26:40
17 838 Benjamin Koch 28 Damascus MD 26:43 5:23 26:43
18 32 Patrick Reaves 23 Silver Spring MD 26:46 5:23 26:47
19 171 Ben Allen 18 Silver Spring MD 26:45 5:23 26:48
20 1641 Mark Stickley 46 Winchester VA 26:50 5:24 26:50
21 34 Scott Anderson 34 Washington DC 26:49 5:24 26:50
22 24 Patrick Murphy 24 Washington DC 26:50 5:24 26:53
23 1018 Kit Wells 32 Mansfield MA 26:55 5:25 26:58
24 23 Izzy Mehmedovic 23 Columbia MD 27:02 5:27 27:04
25 2015 Darkwing Duck 23 Washington DC 26:56 5:25 27:06
26 29 Kent Werner 28 Columbia MD 27:06 5:28 27:09
27 31 Christopher Bain 31 Rockville MD 27:07 5:28 27:09
28 982 Paul Bourg 31 Eldersburg MD 27:09 5:28 27:11
29 70 Kevin McHale 24 Burke VA 27:11 5:29 27:12
30 592 George Ingham 23 Herndon VA 27:20 5:30 27:24
31 1047 David O'Hara 32 Washington DC 27:28 5:32 27:29
32 443 Brian Fahetry 16 Greenbelt MD 27:30 5:32 27:30
33 2042 Andres Wright 41 Fredrick MD 27:29 5:32 27:31
34 2162 Kyle Smith 21 Oakton VA 27:34 5:33 27:38
35 18 Ray Pugsley 39 Potomac Falls VA 27:37 5:34 27:40
36 63 Michael Pfarr 22 Jarrettsville MD 27:40 5:34 27:40
37 2110 Adam Bray 26 Rockville MD 27:39 5:34 27:41
38 873 Mark Barela 29 Washington DC 27:39 5:34 27:43
39 33 Dylan Keith 23 Arlington VA 27:43 5:35 27:47
40 156 Raymond Fan 25 Alexandria VA 27:46 5:36 27:51

1 Julie Culley 26 Arlington VA 26:57 5:26 26:58
2 2 Hirut Mandefro 22 Silver Spring MD 27:48 5:36 27:49
3 12 Lucinda Hull 26 Boulder CO 28:10 5:40 28:11
4 589 Shauneen Garrahan 23 Fairfax Station 28:34 5:45 28:36
5 6 Veena Reddy 29 Arlington VA 29:26 5:56 29:28
6 42 Alisa Harvey 42 Manassas VA 29:48 6:00 29:49
7 8 Christine Ramsey 25 Baltimore MD 29:56 6:02 29:59
8 2120 Liz Wilson 40 Bethell WA 30:24 6:07 30:28
9 64 Hilary Cairns 37 Washington DC 30:51 6:13 30:54
10 15 Meghan Ridgley 29 Reston VA 30:57 6:14 31:00
11 39 Denise Knickman 40 Baltimore MD 31:01 6:15 31:03
12 38 Michelle Cunningham 33 Centreville VA 31:21 6:19 31:22
13 2297 Mary Bertram 21 Salisbury NC 31:25 6:20 31:30
14 586 Melissa Bosslet 23 Baltimore MD 31:39 6:22 31:47
15 486 Rachel White 19 Bethesda MD 31:54 6:25 31:59
16 2419 Alison Parris 20 St Leaonard MD 32:03 6:27 32:05
17 57 Courtney Waldhauser 18 Fallston MD 32:06 6:28 32:07
18 2284 Elizabeth Montgomery 22 Silver Spring MD 32:07 6:28 32:13
19 20 Anya Oleynik 19 Gaithersburg MD 32:13 6:29 32:14
20 58 Cara Wettlaufer 24 Bel Air MD 32:24 6:31 32:25
21 781 Michelle Miller 27 Damascus MD 32:14 6:29 32:30
22 27 Melissa Tanner 27 Bethesda MD 32:36 6:34 32:38
23 47 Cindy Conant 47 Kensington MD 32:48 6:36 32:53
24 2206 Kelly Behan 25 Washington DC 32:48 6:36 33:01
25 41 Elizabeth Feldman 41 Chevy Chase MD 32:56 6:38 33:02
26 1869 Lorna Bituin 57 Silver Spring MD 32:53 6:37 33:13
27 49 Rosalind Sheppard 41 Bowie MD 33:15 6:42 33:17
28 56 Colleen Depman 23 Arlington VA 33:14 6:42 33:22
29 2125 Katie Howard 32 Germantown MD 33:25 6:44 33:27
30 2017 Dewey Duck 23 Washington DC 33:22 6:43 33:32
31 560 Jessica Erickson 22 Herndon VA 33:28 6:44 33:32
32 35 Sheryl Kline 45 Arnold MD 33:38 6:46 33:42
33 2082 Veronique Hauschild 41 Hoppatowne MD 33:48 6:48 33:52
34 87 Paula Pels 41 Bethesda MD 33:50 6:49 33:57
35 496 Ashlyn Sinclair 19 Silver Spring MD 33:44 6:48 33:57
36 656 Sheena Dahlke 25 Washington DC 34:04 6:52 34:10
37 17 Alicia Condit 25 Centreville VA 34:12 6:53 34:14
38 764 Kristin Roberts 27 Washington DC 34:18 6:54 34:33
39 2234 Laura McCary 19 Gaithersburg MD 34:31 6:57 34:34
40 929 Sari Stenholm 30 Columbia MD 34:34 6:58 34:39

Friday, July 18, 2008

Saturday morning run

In lieu of the race on Saturday night, there will be no "official" run from the GRC store on Saturday morning. That is to say, the store won't be open but folks can still meet and depart from the M Street location at 8:30am. Reply to this post to coordinate.

REMINDER - for those running the Twilighter, please meet at the elite runner room at 30 Courthouse Square at 7:30PM tomorrow night. We will leave shortly thereafter for a group warmup before splintering off to do our individual pre-race "thing". I would suggest arriving in Rockville at 7-7:15PM as parking always is an issue. Weather reports indicate a high of 94 degrees tomorrow in Rockville.

REMINDER #2 - Sunday long run to commence from "The Line" at either 9 or 9:30AM.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I was running on the treadmill at 11 minute pace this eve. FYI--running on the mill allows me to chill and listen to good news and watch ESPN. I was listening to vintage Jimmy Cliff and Madness and other ska/reggae toons for a while and then switched to ESPN where there was all of this nonsense about more doping on the Tour De France. What a joke. It seems as if everyone of these guys dope and that most, are just trying to figure out how not to get caught. Its has become a Russian roulette sort of thing. Those that are lucky enough not to get tested at the wrong time, might win and those that are not lucky enough get kicked off the tour. Of course, this is what the media presents, and thus, is what is shaping my opinion. But, based on what is coming out out from various news channels, it seems pretty ridiculous.

I have even heard rumors that local bike racers in this area are so type A(I need to win at all costs) they they might even stoop down to do performance enhancing drugs.

Could the same be said of local runners?

What is the world coming to?

Roger Clemens was once my hero. I remember when I was 14 and 15 years old going to Fenway Park early on the games Clemens would pitch. Me and my buddies worshiped the dude. Now look at him.

Everyday a sports hero comes crashing down.

Lesson learned here is keep your body clean and remain a righteous athlete!

Crystal City 5k July 26th

I'm bummed about missing the rockville twilighter, but instead, I will be bringing it to the dreaded Pacer's home turf and would love a posse. It is also the last race I will run as a 28 year old as the following day I will drop the 8 and add a 9. As a birthday present, Bert has intentionally ensured he will be out of shape to allow me to obliterate him. This is a gift we can all partake in.

metro accessable, showers at the locale, beer nearby.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Dark Knight before the Twilighter

Sheena and I are planning to see "The Dark Knight" at the Regal Rockville Stadium 13, which is located right next to the starting line, prior to the race on Saturday. Others are more than welcome to join us! It'll be good to stay out of the sun. Plus, it'll be a good opportunity to judge whether Heath Ledger's performance merits the posthumous Oscar buzz. We're going to the 4:15 show, which is supposed to get out at 6:45, leaving 2 hours to get into race-mode. Let me know if you plan to join us.


The Six Million Dollar Man continues to make progress. I went running for the 4th and 5th times, respectively, in 5 weeks over this past weekend. On Saturday, I went out with an army of GRC runners on the Glover Archibald trail. I had no idea how I would fair. To my amazement my legs felt looser. Not perfect by any means but nothing like they had been. The hamstrings are looser and overall tightness is less present. Massage, Yoga and some rest have done the trick.
On Sunday, met some past legends and a bunch of other guys out at Difficult Run. In attendance were former road racing champs, Pete Sherry and Ben Cooke. These guys used to win all of the local races including the Rockville Twighlighter and Marine Corps Marathon. They have since given up competitive running but are always game for a little jog here and there.
Andrew Palmer, the high school champ for the state of Maryland was there as was Dylan, who forgot his shoes, Justin Dickman was running sprints in the parking lot when I arrived and some new guys from around town were milling about and game for a run.
We did the usual hilly Difficult Run route. Though tired, I felt ok. Have taken two days off and done some tune up work instead. An adjustment here and stretch there and just trying to stay loose.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Where is the team meeting at the Twighlighter, how many people are running for GRC, do we need to scrounge up singlets, etc?

Does anyone have a clue what the team competition looks like?

Do we need to hire a hit man to come in to provide some extra punch:)

I did send word out to Chris Raabe but have yet to hear back.

Two Mile Race - August 1

There is a 2 mile race on Friday, August 1 in Bethesda. It is put on by the same folks who put on the mile a bunch of us ran last Friday. Some of you have watched/run in it before. Last year Andrew Jessien and Nate Carlson ran 9:31ish. I am hoping to go through the mile in 4:40-4:45 this year and try to keep at it. I could use any/all assistance. Maybe we can head to a Bethesda area establishment post-race for some light beer and such...?
The fast heat of the two mile is the first event (7:30pm). Slower heats follow.
There is also a one mile race (for those that want to double/workout). It is fairly low key (usually won in a time slower than the split during the 2 mile) but the 400 can produce some fast times ~ 53ish.
The cost is only $5.
Go For The Glory Track Meet Friday, August 01, 2008 - Bethesda 7:30pm
0.25mi & 0.5mi young run (YR) 7:30pm 2mi (CS,JP) 8:00pm 400m, 1mi races
Dust off those spikes and head for the Go for the Glory Track Meet at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda. The .25 and .5 mile Young Runs start at 7:30pm. Then the 2 mile (Championship Series and Junior Participation Series) begins, followed by the 400m, and the 1 mile. The fast heat of the 2mi will be held first. The track meet is part of our low-key club race series, and is free to club members and $5 for non-members. Registration is race-day only.
Location & Directions Walt Whitman High School 7100 Whittier Boulevard, Bethesda MD 20817 Take I-495 to Exit 39, River Road east to Washington. Turn left onto Whittier Blvd.

"The Line" on Sunday

Per the race late on Saturday night, a bunch of us were thinking of staying somewhat closer to the city for the Sunday long run. Depending on the lastest weather report (heat/sun) we will meet at either 9 or 9:30am. TBD closer to the weekend. I plan to run at least 15-18 depending on how I feel after the race. Let us know if you're interested so we know who to wait for.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Two Great Workouts

I just did these two track workouts over the last two weeks and I know they're good because the hurt....bad. Anyways the both help get you into a good rhythm and help , I think, to flip the switch especially when your getting tired and that's what you need to do in a race. I of course go too fast and try not to die so I hope that these workouts help me run a little smarter and make me a little tougher. Maybe they'll do the same for you.

Workout 1#: 3 mile drop down. First mile at about half marathon pace, second mile at 10k pace and last mile just drop the bomb and try to run 5k or better pace. I did 5:40, 5:30, 5:15 for a total time of 16:25. I was hopping to run under 5:10 for the last one but it was not to be.

Workout 2# : 2 X 3K. Run the first 2k of the 3k at 10k pace then try to drop the hammer on the last 1K. I took like 5 minutes but the rest should be 3-5, 5 being the max, and I needed it. I went 3:20, 3:20, 3:16 (9:56) for the first set and 3:20, 3:20, 3:17 (9:57) for the second. Not great but adjust to your own ability level. Peace


As a matter of respect for the place, I highly encourage all of you who meet at Riley's Lock on a regular basis are around and tough enough, to run this. If I am in town I will run this(even on one leg). I have done it a bunch of times.

Its a classic, tough, old school simple club race that many a runner has been humbled at. Hot, Humid and Hilly make this one to remember.

Rileys Rumble
Sunday, July 27, 2008 - Poolesville
7:00am half marathon (13.1mi) (CS)
Marathoners take note! This is a great tune-up for MCM along the rolling hills of Potomac/Poolesville. The race is free to club members, they should register on race morning. Registration is $10 for non-members, they should register online to avoid the race day crowd.
Please see the
event website for more information.
Location & Directions
Rileys Lock
13015 Rileys Lock Rd, Poolesville MD

Deer Creek Triathlon Report

I participated in my very first triathlon this past weekend, a low-key race about an hour away from Salt Lake City. My recap and pictures are posted here.

If you want the short version: I won.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mile Video

Someone sent me the link to the mile from last night. Those in it can get their accurate splits.

XC Invitational & kudos

Some you of might have heard that next year the USA XC Championships will be held in Deerwood, MD. MCRRC, the host running club, is organizing a 'preview' XC race on November 15th in the same course as the championships! Any takers for this?

Pacers/MCRRC XC Invitational

Btw, congratulations to Jake, Patrick R. and Patrick M. for their solid performances at the Midnight Summer Mile last night!

Friday, July 11, 2008


I really do feel like the the Lee Majors astronaut character from the Six Million Dollar Man 70s TV show.

There is this great line from the beginning of the show that comes on after they show a clip of his test rocket crashing. The line goes something like this...................


As for the workout,

I ran on a treadmill for the 3rd time in roughly a month yesterday. I felt like someone that most of you all make fun of when you go to the gym. I was running on a slight incline at 10 minute pace. I was watching the Jim Rome show on espn about athletes who are head cases for demanding money and having affairs with Madonna, etc. and then some politics. After, I did some back extensions, stomach crunches, bench presses and squats.

I concluded by getting a very painful massage. I am getting someone to basically take away the arthritic bone mass and scar tissue that has built up in my big toe joint. Basically, I have been running on a bad toe for 4 years. There is all types of spurring and other non-sense built up in there that needs to be squished/hammered out. Its not fun.

If you want the details you can ask me in person.

Bottom line is its getting better.

Lesson # 1 learned is I should have done this type of massage therapy early on. I made the mistake of going the traditional rout of orthotics and ice with limited success.

Lesson # 2 learned is that the feet rule. Proper shoes are key but if you are a serious runner you need to get your feet massaged and stretched on a regular basis. You need to sit them in a bucket of ice at least twice a week and really take care of them through proper maintenance.

over and out

Running in San Francisco, CA...

(For the expanded version of this entry, see my blog)

I'll preface everything by assuming that most of you have either been to San Francisco more times than I or have lived here and probably know this city better than I ever will. So consider this a sunny walk down memory lane to see an old friend and confidant.

Wednesday, July 9: 11.5 miles (5pm) moderate effort.

Started from my hotel in Union Square (the area is actually called "The Tenderloin") to the Pan Handle, in and around Golden Gate Park and returned. San Francisco is an interesting city that reminds me more of NYC than it does DC. It's busy, more busy than DC, but still not too overwhelming; concrete but with lots of rich architectural character; dirty but spotted with green little parks that shine like an emerald constellation; and at times wreaking with the unmistakable scent of sour urine. (Side note: the homeless population seems tragic. Unlike most cities that I travel to. It's heartbreaking to see people whom look and smell like the living dead strewn throughout every nook and cranny, hopeless in their ravaged state).

It's a real city, rich in history and passion with a funky attitude and an open mind. I like it. And it's hilly. At times really hilly. The temperature seems always cool to me although I hear it can soar. Golden Gate Park is pretty with sidewalks and trails that are mostly paved. Not much trail running (at least that I have discovered) but it's picturesque and offers lots to see including small waterfalls. I did not have time to run towards the Presidio or the Golden Gate Bridge; it gives me an excuse to run there next time.

Thursday, July 10: Ran 3 easy miles throughout Union Square (6am); conference, conference and more conference (7:30am-5:00pm); ran another 4 easy miles on the hotel treadmill (6:00pm).

Total mileage while in San Francisco for two days = 18.5.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scott Anderson on

Linked on the front page of, Pacers' Scott Anderson has a post up, chronicling some recent running and racing.

More importantly, the post gives a shout-out to our own Geir Lie:


Many of you have most likely seen the TV commercials and magazine ads over the past few weeks for Nutrilite but some of you may not know much about this company or their great line of sports nutrition products. Butch and Lisa Montgomery are independent marketing representatives for Nutrilite and will be in our Chevy Chase store introducing folks to the products and their benefits. If you're interested in finding out more information about this awesome product line please check out their website below or come by the store on August 16th from 1pm - 4pm to try some of these great products.

Info: Nutrilite www.nutrilite.comOrdering:

About Nutrilite: Nutrilite is the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of completely natural multi vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements. They are so committed to total quality control of their plant concentrates from seed to tablet, it's the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on its own certified organic farms, located in California, Washington, Mexico, and Brazil. Recently a number of major athletes have signed on with Nutrilite as spokes people for the brand.

These include:

Asafa Powell [world record for the 100m sprint]

Liu Xiang [world record for 100m hurdles, Gold medal in 2004 in Athens, Greece]

Ronaldinho [two-time FIFA Player of the Year]

Sanya Richards [400-meter sprint American record holder]

Thanks and Hope to see everyone there!

Max Lockwood - The Running Company

4461 Willard Ave Chevy Chase, MD 20815(301) 215-6355

Running in San Diego, CA...

(For the expanded version of this entry, see my blog)

This entire area is called Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and boasts majestic cliffs, breathtaking bluffs, scenic canyons and a true labyrinth of trails that are all interconnected and well distributed.

Ran through Broken Hill, North Grove, Parry Grove, Razor Point, down/up the Torrey Pines Hill, through Guy Fleming Trail and repeated a lot of it. You cannot get enough of these trails as they are hard packed with a tiny layer of soft beach sand on top, making them the softest natural padding I've ever run on. This entire area is called Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and boasts majestic cliffs, breathtaking bluffs, scenic canyons and a true labyrinth of trails that are all interconnected and well distributed.

The trails are clearly defined although at times its edges of natural desert shrubs and low lying trees are tall and overgrown giving the ominous appearance that they will swallow you at will. As you run to the sounds of the sea below and your own rhythm creating the only noticeable other noise, you'll occasionally get startled by a scampering cottontail, jack rabbit, hare or gopher...possibly running for its life from a predator like the one below.

However no words can accurately describe the rolling trails...sometimes smooth, sometimes rocky, but always rich in character. At times those trails take on steep natural slopes like ladders leading straight up into the sky, or they become deep gorges with jagged rocks protruding from the sand like broken steps getting ready to give way into the abyss. I love Torrey Pines and it's definitely one of my favorite places in the whole world.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday "workout"

Late notice - Bain, Reaves and I are meeting at BCC at 6:30 tonight for a mini workout - 400, 3x200 at MILE pace (66-68, 33-34). We want to get our legs "thinking" about the race on Friday. Long cooldown on CCT to follow. Let me know if you're interested.


I am meeting some folks at Difficult Run on Sun early in the am for a long trail run. Nothing too intense but just an easy run along some rolling trails. There will be different abilities and distances run so come along regardless of your ambitions.

I am thinking 7:45am. I need to get back to town by 10:45am or so and thus the reason for an early start.

For those sleeping in a little later I noticed a long run leaving from Riley's Lock at 9am posted on the blog.

If you are coming to Difficult Run send an e-mail to me or comment so we will know to wait.

stay cool out there.


Final Eugene Video

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rockville Twilight 8k

Let me know if you are interested in racing it - July 19. I will be there. I am also racing a mile on Friday in Rockville HS as a tune up. It should be fun.


Though this post does not compare to the fun in Eugene drama, I can say that I have discovered something new about the bod(at least mine). Yesterday, I went running with Melissa, Justin, Pat, Billy, this young kid Andrew(MD State running champ) and Ayallu(Ethiopian at G-town). We met at Difficult Run.

This was my second run in the 3 weeks. We must have run for 70 minutes or so and I felt fine. This is after three weeks of doing nothing. There was some light cardio and weights thrown in during the interim but that's all.

Yesterday afternoon the legs were tight and cranky but that's it.

Maybe lots of miles and running is not necessary in order to perform at a relatively solid level? I think that even when healthy, I will run only 3 days a week and do nothing but yoga, get massages and do other body maintenance during the other days. This certainly sounds more appealing to my brain and body.

Every body and set of legs is unique and requires its own formula to operate well.

Running in Oregon & Other Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

Ironically, I didn’t run much while in Track Town USA. I did, however, get in most of the cliché runs and, while doing so, saw some great sites. Below is a wrap up from my week:

RUN #1 – The Wildwood Trail
I arrived in Portland, OR on Sunday en route to Eugene for the Running Film Festival. I got in at 10:45 PCT and had 2 hours to kill before my colleague arrived so I decided to head into town and go for a run. I ventured out to an area I had researched southwest of the city called FOREST PARK (Caps not necessary). After way too much driving I decided my “address” wasn’t specific, rather general, so I decided to back track to where I had seen some nice looking trails.
I parked, changed, and was eager to hit the trails. As I waited to cross the road and enter the trail system, a runner came stumbling out of the woods. I quickly swarmed him and asked 3 questions at once; which way should I go, what’s the trail like and how hilly would it be? He replied “this way”, “very hilly” and “stay on the Wildwood Trail”. I began to limber along and quickly found myself running straight up hill…after a mile it flattened a bit but it still climbed, and by 9 minutes I was definitely breathing hard. Soon the trail (a nice dirt-packed trail sans roots) headed downhill dipping in and out of valleys of old growth trees – a symbol of the Pacific Northwest. It felt at times like I was in a rain forest with all the lush green around me. Mile after mile, the trail ran up…and then downhill. There was a plethora of other trails that darted in and out but I remember what my guide said – “stay on the Wildwood Trail”. Most of the hills weren’t steep, but they were very long (like switchbacks on the Appalachian Trail). After about 4 and ½ miles I turned around and headed back. One of the hills on my return was heartbreaking. I hadn’t breathed this much since that time I quit smoking Marlboros back in ‘78. I’m usually fairly good on hills, but this hill certainly left me breathless. The last mile-plus dropped me straight back down to the parking lot. I jumped back in the car, picked up my friend and then we bombed our way south to Eugene. It was definitely one of those runs I will always remember.

RUN # 2 – Pre’s Rock
Everything about Eugene involves track & field to some capacity. Additionally, everyone is biking to campus and there are a ton of “Capital Crescent-like” trail systems that allow for lots of commuting and physical fitness. My day started out testing beers at a microbrewery at 8:30am. I sampled 7 or so of microbrewery heaven. Needless to say I left the bar (where we are holding a Happy Hour later in the week) a bit dehydrated and “happy”. I was running around most of the day doing odds and ends; handing out fliers, putting up posters and getting accustomed to the area. When the races began in earnest around 7pm PCT, Phil and I decided to go on a run wearing our new dry-fit Running Film Festival t-shirts. I parked at Gabe Jennings’ house (where we were earlier in the day watching and receiving his film) and headed over to the stadium. We ran as advertisements up and down the lines heading into Hayward Field. We got a lot of funny looks, some drunkin’ yells and at least one ass pinch from the various folks in line (the last part I made up). Phil stopped back at the car but I continued up into the hills towards Pre’s Rock. There are signs that guide you to this space where pilgrimages of sorts had been taken place all week. Again, the hills were brutal but I loved them. Up and up I went. I stopped briefly at the rock and eyed the various running “stuff” that was cast about. If you’ve ever been there it is very hard to imagine how he could have been going fast at all on that road. It’s extremely curvy and really not a long road. I drove the road earlier in the day and simply could not get going to a point that if I had hit the rock I would have caused damage to myself. Anyways, after pondering this for about 3 hours, I decided to continue on my run and hit the trails atop skyline drive. Again, more hills but it was great for the soul.

RUN # 3 – Hotel Run
My hotel sucked, simply put. It was “non smoking” (for the trials). That means that 2 weeks ago, some fat dude in a tank top without underwear, was probably smoking Winstons in the bed that I was now sleeping in for a week. As you all know, the smell of cigarette smoke is hard to mask especially if you only make the room non-smoking during major sporting venues. The bathroom smelled like an ash tray and there wasn’t even a chair for the desk nor shampoo for the shower (I used soap for 3 days before finding some). Needless to say, I was happy to have a room. I stayed in Springfield just outside of Eugene and ran on July 3rd around my hotel. It was one of those awful office park runs that you do simply to get the time in. The only highlight was finding a hazelnut orchard near the end of the run. I felt like a character in a Mother Goose and Grim Fairy Tale story. I ran up and down this grid of trees for a couple miles without ever seeing the sky above me. I only did an easy 6 and then went to set up for the film festival.

RUN # 4 – Pre’s Trail
Jarrin and Bain (who now were in town for some reason) and I ran Pre’s Trail on July 3. The goal was to get going early in the morning in an effort to get to the film festival and begin setting up. I got to the hotel to pick the guys up, but Jarrin was wicked late. Apparently he needs lots of time in the morning before getting out the door, unlike Bain and me who “don’t care bout’ nothin” (copyright – KLIM 1999). Halfway to Pre’s Trail, Jarrin realized he hadn’t even brought his running shoes (God knows what he was actually wearing at the time). He dropped off Bain and I and we began to explore the trail system. We eventually hooked up with Peter Silverman (who needs a nickname) and ran on the lovely soft wood chip trail. We did a myriad of loops and figure eights and saw many elites getting ready for their big race. Eventually Jarrin returned, this time with shoes, and we all ran about. GRC had invaded Eugene and it was a proud day (tear drop).

RUN # 5 – Brooks Run
The Brooks Team had a house next to campus. I had done a FloTrack intvu earlier in the week here and learned they held group runs at 9am each day. Every morning the run was led by a different member of the Brooks Hansons Team. The day we arrived most of the folks milling about were still hammered drunk (as was I – see previous post by JARRIN) and I had no idea who was there. There were definitely a couple of pros. I hadn’t run in a day or so and was itching to put my nose out and be a workout hero. We headed up to Pre’s Rock and then back down to Pre’s Trail. 15 minutes into the run I needed to find a “Pre’s Bathroom”. Lack of sleep, a poor diet and lots of beer does terrible things to a stomach. Our small group of 6 or so led the other 30 people in the run. It wasn’t one of those crowds who you could say “I need to go to the bathroom, can you wait a minute?” so away the pack went. I finished up my business with Geir (but not in the same portajohn) and I began to search for the pack. I saw Bain, Jarrin and some other guys blazing down the trail on the other side of the river and quickly caught the pack with new vigor. As soon as I joined, Bain bailed for the restroom too. In a way, it was awesome. Jarrin, Geir, some kid from Oregon and I hammered our way around the trails and then onto campus. Jarrin, like always, REALLY pushed the pace. We flew down campus and back to the house. A solid 10 with a free bagel at the end. 10 minutes later, Bain came storming down the road.

It was truly awesome to run with a huge group of guys and push the envelope a bit, especially after watching the men’s 10k and women’s 5k the night before. Combined with running around Pre’s Rock, Trail and Bathroom (?) the energy of competition and the general aura of being in a town where running is NOT considered “weird” was omnipresent.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A night in Eugene...

There's so much to say about the last few days that honestly, I don't even know where to begin. It's after 3:00am, I just got back to our temporary home and Klim, Bain and I are supposedly running with the Brooks Team for an open group run in less than 5 hours.

Call these pictures a preview, a scintillating taste or simply a tease...but here are some of the sights from tonight's partying post Men's 10,000 Meter and Women's 5,000 Meter finals.

Welcome to Track Town USA!!

Jennifer Rhines (Women's 5K Silver Medal), Lauren Gabler, Jake Klim, Chris Bain and I.

Abdi Abdirahman (Men's 10K Gold Medal), Peter Silverman and I.

Amy Hastings (Women's 5K finals competitor) and Chris Bain

Friday, July 4, 2008


is what I am and a runner, no more. None the less, it was great to get out and see a race from another vantage point this morning. I was on the sideline with a camera in hand and boxes of shoes and apparel.

As for the race, I was really impressed with everyone who ran for our team. Please note, that because we registered as a team at the last minute, we did not get scored as a team. This is OK, in my humble opinion, since 99.9% of the teams for this race are compiled simply for fundraising efforts as opposed to winning the prize for best team.

None the less, I am sure we won as Crane was the only Pacer male(i think), and Askey, Murphy And Dickman were all right behind him. Melissa was #2 overall and beat out the Pacer girls.


This Sunday, I am meeting some of the kids(literally) at the G-town store at 7:30am for a run out at great falls. Young phenoms Johns Ross, Andrew(last name please), Ayallu(correct spelling?) are joining me, Melissa and some others out at Difficult Run. We begin the run at 8:15am as myself and the boys need to be back by 1100ish so that we can attend to our craft as the Nation's Capital best running shoe salesman.

Autism Speaks 5k

We had a great turnout for the Autism Speaks 5k this morning. Justin Dickman, Billy Askey, Patrick Murphy, Naoko Ishibe, Bridget Murray, Dan Simonds, Lance Kozloski, and I showed up to represent GRC. Justin and I each came in 2nd overall, Billy was fifth overall, and I think Patrick and Naoko won their age groups. Max, do you know how we did as a team? Thanks again for putting it all together. My race report is up on my blog. Others should post theirs too.