Tuesday, July 1, 2008



Melissa Tanner(captain)
Justin Dickman(i need your e-mail)
Billy Askey
Jason Dwyer(on the fence)
Bridget Murray(did you register yet)?
Maria Kozloski
Lance Kozloski
Dan Simonds
Naoko Ishibe(back when she was Melissa's age she was the queen of the roads in the DC road racing scene)I think she even ran the trials a few a times. A local legend on the comeback.
Pat Murphy(last minute addition)


Anonymous said...


I check this email pretty regularly & will be at the run from the store tomorrow as well if that helps.

Bridget said...

Max, I did not register yet. What is the team name?

MAX said...

Bridget, the team name is Georgetown Running Company. Register now since it closes at midnight. go the runwashington.com site. peace out

P Murph said...

Max - the team does not appear in the drop down menu when I try to join a team. Am I doing something wrong?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I also had a lot of trouble joining the team so I started one just for good measure titled "Georgetown Running Company"... Sorry it was so late, but I just got home from work & running.

MAX said...

Sorry all, since this was a last minute deal I was unaware that the captain needed to start the team. I spoke to the race director and we should be all set so long as everyone is signed up. Melissa Tanner is organizing some sort of pre-race group hug. She should be getting in touch with you shortly. M

P Murph said...

Thanks for taking care of that Max!