Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Track Workout Tonight

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School @ 6:30pm

Reaves, Bain, Murphy, me and maybe Jarrin and Geir will be running one of the following workouts tonight (text descriptions c/o Reaves):

Jason's Ladder
1600m (400 rest), 1200m (400 rest), 2x800m (400 rest), 3x400m (200 rest), 800m (400 rest) - We tried to run everything at :72-:73 pace for this.

The Mile, revisited
1 mile, all-out (1 mile jog recovery), 2x5x300 @ mile pace (100 jog rest - 400 between sets)

The go-to workout
3 x (2k (400 rest), 1k (400 rest)

More speed
I won't be doing many more of these in the months to come...
16 x 400 (200 rest)


MAX said...

i am at my remote hidden library checking e-mail. During my morning run(wearing new red shorts, i was attacked by deer flies and almost died. For those who do not know, Vermont deer flies are the worst. They come out of nowhere in massive bunches and go right for the head. Had to jump in some batch of pine trees and chill until they gave up and swarmed away to some other victim(probably a cow).

All of those workouts look terrifying but will make you stronger. I am sure glad I am not doing them.

The Green Mountains say hi.


KLIM said...

A brief recap:

2.5 mile w/u
1600 - 4:42
1600 rest
4x400 with 200 rest @ 69
400 rest
4x400 with 200 rest @ 61-76
2 mile c/d

Goal was to hit a hard mile and then run 70 sec 1/4s on tired legs. We had a solid pack and everyone was within a second or two of the 400s.

KLIM said...

should read 61-66, NOT 76.

P Murph said...

Also - congrats to Jarrin who set back-to-back-to-back-to-back.... PRs in the workout!