Friday, July 11, 2008


I really do feel like the the Lee Majors astronaut character from the Six Million Dollar Man 70s TV show.

There is this great line from the beginning of the show that comes on after they show a clip of his test rocket crashing. The line goes something like this...................


As for the workout,

I ran on a treadmill for the 3rd time in roughly a month yesterday. I felt like someone that most of you all make fun of when you go to the gym. I was running on a slight incline at 10 minute pace. I was watching the Jim Rome show on espn about athletes who are head cases for demanding money and having affairs with Madonna, etc. and then some politics. After, I did some back extensions, stomach crunches, bench presses and squats.

I concluded by getting a very painful massage. I am getting someone to basically take away the arthritic bone mass and scar tissue that has built up in my big toe joint. Basically, I have been running on a bad toe for 4 years. There is all types of spurring and other non-sense built up in there that needs to be squished/hammered out. Its not fun.

If you want the details you can ask me in person.

Bottom line is its getting better.

Lesson # 1 learned is I should have done this type of massage therapy early on. I made the mistake of going the traditional rout of orthotics and ice with limited success.

Lesson # 2 learned is that the feet rule. Proper shoes are key but if you are a serious runner you need to get your feet massaged and stretched on a regular basis. You need to sit them in a bucket of ice at least twice a week and really take care of them through proper maintenance.

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Peter said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. It might be a good idea to start a personal training blog ( like the ones we have on the right hand side of the main blog.) I find keeping a training log helps me avoid mistakes when coming back from injury, and if I do suffer a setback, I am able to look back at my training and analyze what I could have done better.

havegoats said...


As you are one who advocates balance, I would offer that you incorporate this into your wholistic training, beyond week to week.

You started running at breakneak (or break hamstring) pace with national/world level runners... and you valiantly hung in there and produced a remarkable 2:33 boston result.

Now you are running once or twice a week? sometimes on a treadmill, and then 70 minutes with the group on sunday, fresh off the sofa/kayak/rock climbing cliff.

This is meant to be an outside perspective. I say this to try to help, in two years you will be a master and can rock the age group. you're already one of the best 35-40 year olds.

if you don't want to hear this from a brash 29 year old, ask, "what would Moeser do?"


Matias said...


MAX said...

thanks Jason. You and some of the other rational souls on this group are more disciplined and certainly, wiser about your running than I. As for balance and my preaching of it, I can honestly that I do not always practice what I preach. Who does? This does not mean my intentions are not right on, though.

I do like to talk and write a lot about my ideas and what I think should be done.

This being said, I can say that I have always been very indepent and disciplined to do the MAX thing.(only child syndrome) NOTE: This sometimes means going my own way or into unchartered waters, for good or for worse. Perhaps this leads to my admiration of Wardian. His actions and feats as a runner defy all reason, logic or common sense.

On a side note, Allen Carr was yet to be born when I started sneaking out of my bunk bed on Sunday nights to watch the Six Million Dollar man.

PR said...

Max?? Or Steve Austin?

You decide: