Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday "workout"

Late notice - Bain, Reaves and I are meeting at BCC at 6:30 tonight for a mini workout - 400, 3x200 at MILE pace (66-68, 33-34). We want to get our legs "thinking" about the race on Friday. Long cooldown on CCT to follow. Let me know if you're interested.


KLIM said...

Good workout:

800 - 2:13 (66.5 @ 400)
800 rest
400 - 66 (33/33)
400 rest
400 - 59 (32/27)
400 rest

Goal for me was to run 66 1/4 pace per lap. Last 400 was to see what I had in the tank (without going into the well) after hitting 200m on pace.

PatSQUARED ran 2x200 after in/around 30.

Anonymous said...

This sounded like a good session, something I would love to do as sometime later when healthy :)
btw, did you get acid on the 27 sec (last 200 of the 400)or just fatigue?

KLIM said...

Neither acid nor fatique, I felt good. I was surprised to find my "wheels". I haven't seen them for years and have been mostly running on flat tires.

Anonymous said...

Thats great news, so what are you estimated time on the mile friday?

KLIM said...

I will have to let you know on Saturday (wink)!