Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boring yet practical Sunday Towpath Long Run

I am leaning towards doing my Sunday long run on the towpath. My plan of late is to extend my long run distance into the 18-20 mile range and the towpath allows one to cover that kind of ground in an efficient manner. I was clinging to the edge of life after last Sunday's 18 miler which makes me inclined to run on a familiar course as opposed to difficult run. I plan on starting at mile post/lock 5 and stowing some drink/energy gu there. I will head north for 6 miles, turn around and come back to mile post 5 (12 miles in at that point), take some gel and fluids and continue south for either 3-4 miles before looping back which will bring the total to 18-20.

Meet 7:50, get moving by 8.

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MAX said...

yo peter. i know you love running along the boring c&o forever, but i want you to experience the pain and misery of Difficult Run. Its all up and down with hills that can be torture in the humidity. You can add on extra miles with some others to make it 18 or 2hrs or whatever. Come out and experience the run once and if you don't like it then there is the answer. Heck, you never know. You might even get in an Allen Webb sighting.

That is his favorite DC area training spot.

PS. One of our highschoolers who works at the store said you ran 36 miles on the Canal last Sunday. Is this true?

Peter said...

Maybe you can convince me to come to Difficult run during the party on Saturday. Mainly, I don't want to hold people up since I'd be riding out there with the carpool.

As for the 36 mi, the kid in question probably got my description of the GRC point to point 18 mile run confused with an 18 out, 18 back run.

MAX said...

Peter, I will keep the truth hidden from the kid as the 36 mile run has already put you in legend status in his mind.

Peter said...

This run has been cancelled in favor of the cougar expedition