Sunday, July 27, 2008


Live from Max Lockwood its...................................sorry Jason, but you must endure yet another loving sermon:)

On a positive note I no longer feel like the 6 million dollar man. I have been partially rebuilt and feel better. Like a yoyo I went out and ran the Riley's Rumble simply because I said I would and it is a race I always try to do.

Along with myself was THE JARRIN(his name reminds me of a comic book superhero), Dylan/Jessee Keith, Mighty Melissa and Sheena(no nickname yet).

Along with GRC folks was a slew of other regulars including masters champ Chris Hamley. Chris was a punk rock music star prior to his running career. Marriage and moving to the burbs has turned him into a running machine. James Moreland, Karsten Brown, Ted Poulos and lots of others were there to sweat it out, too.

At the outset of the race I was feeling OK and decided to give it a whirl. Clearly, the mind was way out of wack with the body on this one. I ran the first half in maybe 40 minutes hoping to turn it on in the second half. This was not to be. By mile 10 I was running like a marshmellow fluff dough boy and just decided to waddle in. At mile 11.5, Dylan came up to me with some ultra runner dude and they passed me. For a moment, I thought I would reach into the gut and get by them but this did not happen. I put in a burst and then slowed.

Eventually, I regained myself and finished strong. I think I ran the thing in 1:23(slowest ever).

Good news is that my body felt fine and I was able to run the thing on minimal miles and no speed work.

I know that the base is there and if I want to run speed workouts I can regain something. The question is whether I do.

On another front, I am seeing if anyone wants to do the Leesburg 20k in a few weeks. Its a great summer run out in Leesburg and is nice and easy. Slighty uphill on the way up and downhill coming back. I am thinking of getting a GRC crew together to do battle with some other stores, so let me know.

Take care, run strong and smile.

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