Friday, July 18, 2008

Saturday morning run

In lieu of the race on Saturday night, there will be no "official" run from the GRC store on Saturday morning. That is to say, the store won't be open but folks can still meet and depart from the M Street location at 8:30am. Reply to this post to coordinate.

REMINDER - for those running the Twilighter, please meet at the elite runner room at 30 Courthouse Square at 7:30PM tomorrow night. We will leave shortly thereafter for a group warmup before splintering off to do our individual pre-race "thing". I would suggest arriving in Rockville at 7-7:15PM as parking always is an issue. Weather reports indicate a high of 94 degrees tomorrow in Rockville.

REMINDER #2 - Sunday long run to commence from "The Line" at either 9 or 9:30AM.


Justin McCarthy said...

I am not planning on the running the Twilighter, so hopefully I can meet someone for the Saturday morning run?

Peter said...

I'm planning on doing 12-14 from towpath lock 5 at 7am. Let me know if you are interested and I might be negotiated to a 7:30am departure.

Peter said...

Jake, I put 9:30am down for Sunday because most people are going to have a lot of trouble getting out of bed that morning regardless of time so I figured we'd make their lives a little easier.


Where is the post-race rendezvous?

KLIM said...

Post-race rendezvous is below. I would love to run a cooldown of at least 3 miles, then drink my free beer c/o of my bib number and then lumber over to Gordon maybe by 10:15pm?

Situated in the Town Square in Rockville, Maryland, Gordon Biersch offers fresh, handcrafted beer and premium, made from scratch food...all served up in a friendly and fun atmosphere! Surrounded by modern day decor and handsome wood furnishings, guests are able to watch the brewing process through the glass walled brewery.

200 East Middle Lane, Unit A
Rockville, MD 20850
phone: 301-340-7159

Justin McCarthy said...

Where is the towpath lock? Is that near Georgetown?

Peter said...

If you go down to the towpath from the Gtown GRC store, lock 5 is 4 miles out. If you want, I can run south on the towpath at 7:30am, and you can start running north on the towpath from Georgetown and we will meet each other somewhere in between and continue north.

(I'll have a blue under armor hat on)

Here is a map for clarification:

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys - I have to back out of tonight. I've been dealing with some hip issues, and I was going to try to run tonight, but think it better that I don't race. Hope to run with you again soon though.

Peter said...

Sorry to hear that Bridget. You might want to check out Potomac Massage Therapy Institute in friendship heights:
Student clinc is $37/hour. They just saved me a lot of grief by fixing a aggravated muscle behind my knee.