Friday, July 4, 2008


is what I am and a runner, no more. None the less, it was great to get out and see a race from another vantage point this morning. I was on the sideline with a camera in hand and boxes of shoes and apparel.

As for the race, I was really impressed with everyone who ran for our team. Please note, that because we registered as a team at the last minute, we did not get scored as a team. This is OK, in my humble opinion, since 99.9% of the teams for this race are compiled simply for fundraising efforts as opposed to winning the prize for best team.

None the less, I am sure we won as Crane was the only Pacer male(i think), and Askey, Murphy And Dickman were all right behind him. Melissa was #2 overall and beat out the Pacer girls.


This Sunday, I am meeting some of the kids(literally) at the G-town store at 7:30am for a run out at great falls. Young phenoms Johns Ross, Andrew(last name please), Ayallu(correct spelling?) are joining me, Melissa and some others out at Difficult Run. We begin the run at 8:15am as myself and the boys need to be back by 1100ish so that we can attend to our craft as the Nation's Capital best running shoe salesman.


Melissa said...

I am coming and may be bringing a special guest who has recently defected from another local running club. Show up to find out who.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Max,
I would love to do this run just wondering what time you guys are meeting & I will drive out there myself. If no one posts, I will assume 8am. I think there is a link in the archives to the location, but if anyone has the location on google map saved & would want to post directions that would be great and save me some time...

P Murph said...


Billy and I plan to join everyone for this run. You can get to the start by driving the beltway (495) north towards Bethesda/Silver Spring/I-270, etc... You'll take the exit for Georgetown Pike (Rt 130) and go north, and pull into the dirt parking lot about 3-4 miles up on the left. Here is a link for anyone that needs to get directions:,-77.250366&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=13&sll=38.963947,-77.269077&sspn=0.052455,0.150375&ie=UTF8&z=13

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I will be there. Here is the correct link as well for anyone that might be wondering. Sorry that I'm posting this so late.

You will obviously have to cut & paste things since it doesn't all fit in one line on the blog