Tuesday, July 29, 2008


There will be the usual runs this weekend. On Saturday the G-town Store will be open at 8:15 and people can leave their things there. As usual, the run will be run at different paces depending on what folks are feeling. I like the route we have been running in recent weeks as it combines some trail and road and ends nicely along the Capital Crescent trail or C&O Canal.

I will make sure water is available at the store. If people want Gatorade, they should bring their own. Also, bring a towel.

To piggy back on the notion of having an after run coffee or bite to eat, I think it would be easy to hit the Dean and DeLuca across the street and one block down. They have a nice outdoor but shaded area to sit and chat. Furthermore, historically, it is where bike and running clubs have gone to schmooze after their weekend workout. NOTE: This is not a place to get pancakes and waffles and such but more a place to grab a muffin or bagel, some coffee and shoot the breeze.

As for the Sunday run, I throw out Difficult Run due to fact that we have not gone there in a bit. Furthermore, I have asked a few others to join in who live out that way. Please bring water or Gatorade if you plan on coming.

The Saturday run begins at 8:30am and the Sunday run at 8:00am.

take it easy and stay cool.



Peter said...

Is anyone else panning on doing 18 mi at difficult run?

I would also be interested in carpooling over to VA with anyone coming from the district.

MAX said...

We are meeting at the G-town store at 7:30am to carpool over to Difficult Run. Some people are running long. See you there.