Friday, July 11, 2008

Running in San Francisco, CA...

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I'll preface everything by assuming that most of you have either been to San Francisco more times than I or have lived here and probably know this city better than I ever will. So consider this a sunny walk down memory lane to see an old friend and confidant.

Wednesday, July 9: 11.5 miles (5pm) moderate effort.

Started from my hotel in Union Square (the area is actually called "The Tenderloin") to the Pan Handle, in and around Golden Gate Park and returned. San Francisco is an interesting city that reminds me more of NYC than it does DC. It's busy, more busy than DC, but still not too overwhelming; concrete but with lots of rich architectural character; dirty but spotted with green little parks that shine like an emerald constellation; and at times wreaking with the unmistakable scent of sour urine. (Side note: the homeless population seems tragic. Unlike most cities that I travel to. It's heartbreaking to see people whom look and smell like the living dead strewn throughout every nook and cranny, hopeless in their ravaged state).

It's a real city, rich in history and passion with a funky attitude and an open mind. I like it. And it's hilly. At times really hilly. The temperature seems always cool to me although I hear it can soar. Golden Gate Park is pretty with sidewalks and trails that are mostly paved. Not much trail running (at least that I have discovered) but it's picturesque and offers lots to see including small waterfalls. I did not have time to run towards the Presidio or the Golden Gate Bridge; it gives me an excuse to run there next time.

Thursday, July 10: Ran 3 easy miles throughout Union Square (6am); conference, conference and more conference (7:30am-5:00pm); ran another 4 easy miles on the hotel treadmill (6:00pm).

Total mileage while in San Francisco for two days = 18.5.



KLIM said...

I echo your comments about the homeless population. When journeying through the Tenderloin a few years ago, there seemed to be hundreds of hippy folks left over from the Height/Ashbury days of the 60s/70s still stringing about. Very tough stuff. 3rd World like in some places and open drug use in Golden Gate Park.

DaveO said...

My favorite so fare! I went to San Fran with LT this past year and never wanted to leave. What can I say I'm a bleeding heart liberal that loves great architecture. We stayed with LT's best friend from College on 5th and California in the Richmond District. I really enjoyed it because it wasn't Nob Hill it was gritty and real. Thanks so much for the pics. I did get to run through the Presidio but did not get to run in Gold Gate Park so thanks for the preview. I'm already planning my next trip there. But probably won’t make it till next summer. Govies and Teachers might have the time but definitely not the cash to travel to the west coast.

Dane said...

Great pictures indeed. Most assuredly the homeless population is a sad sight there.