Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The Six Million Dollar Man continues to make progress. I went running for the 4th and 5th times, respectively, in 5 weeks over this past weekend. On Saturday, I went out with an army of GRC runners on the Glover Archibald trail. I had no idea how I would fair. To my amazement my legs felt looser. Not perfect by any means but nothing like they had been. The hamstrings are looser and overall tightness is less present. Massage, Yoga and some rest have done the trick.
On Sunday, met some past legends and a bunch of other guys out at Difficult Run. In attendance were former road racing champs, Pete Sherry and Ben Cooke. These guys used to win all of the local races including the Rockville Twighlighter and Marine Corps Marathon. They have since given up competitive running but are always game for a little jog here and there.
Andrew Palmer, the high school champ for the state of Maryland was there as was Dylan, who forgot his shoes, Justin Dickman was running sprints in the parking lot when I arrived and some new guys from around town were milling about and game for a run.
We did the usual hilly Difficult Run route. Though tired, I felt ok. Have taken two days off and done some tune up work instead. An adjustment here and stretch there and just trying to stay loose.

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