Saturday, July 12, 2008

XC Invitational & kudos

Some you of might have heard that next year the USA XC Championships will be held in Deerwood, MD. MCRRC, the host running club, is organizing a 'preview' XC race on November 15th in the same course as the championships! Any takers for this?

Pacers/MCRRC XC Invitational

Btw, congratulations to Jake, Patrick R. and Patrick M. for their solid performances at the Midnight Summer Mile last night!


Peter said...

Damn, that's a solid time Jake, you almost got that guy. What's your pr?

As for the Pacers/MCRRC Cross Country Invitational on Nov 15th, that is perfect for an end of fall season race. There does not seem to be info listed as to whether there will be team scoring, but it would be great to be 7+ deep at the race

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone is driving out of the Georgetown area to go to Riley's Lock tomorrow morning. I'm a summer intern in DC who was tipped off to this group by Dylan. I've been doing 80 mile weeks solo and would love to do 15 or 16 with other folks. If anyone would be willing to swing by this neck of the woods to give a ride to a (friendly, not creepy) stranger, I'd much appreciate it.


KLIM said...

Jonah - I can give you a lift.

If you metro to Grosvenor (Red Line) I can give you a ride from there. Be there at 8:15am.

My cell is 508-364-4980. Call if you plan to be there.

PR said...

We'll see about the XC race. It's a scant three weeks after MCM, so while I'll probably do it, I don't think I'll be able to rally my A-game by then.

KLIM said...

I presume I will run this race.

Peter - My mile PR is 4:20 (indoors) or 4:00 for 1500m (eq 4:17-18) outdoors.

RM said...

Yeah Jake, great race - and you don't think you have any quickness in you.

Count Baltimore in for the course preview race, thanks for the heads up on it.