Wednesday, July 23, 2008


One more shout out for this run. No excuses. Use it as Sunday morning long run or whatever. I remember running this race something like 7 years ago against Mark Hoon. Another year I ran it with super runner Paul Rades. He hurt his back so bad on the hills he was out for months. Once, I ran it with Jacob Frey where we discussed the state of Maryland Politics, among other topics for 10 miles, until he decided to pull away like wind. This race is one to tell stories about.

Hills and pain await.

Jake, that other Jake who beat you by a second at Rockville is running it. Maryland high school running champ, Andrew Palmer is running it as are others.

Bain, don't let your ego and passion for running get the best of you and run the Rumble plus the 5k the night before as you risk injury! Of course, who I am I to talk as I have run many races in less than adequate running condition.

Life and we(people) are full of contradictions.



Jake said...

i might be there Max... but I might run that 5K on sat. night and who knows what might happen after that.

the video was great. you guys rock!

-"other" jake

Melissa said...

i will probably do this for my long run, against my better judgment.

JARRIN said...

I'm in for Riley's with Melissa.

sheena :) said...

I'll be at Riley's, although I'm sad to hear that I'll be missing out on Fred Smoot's Smack Energy Bar One Mile Smack Down: (