Monday, July 7, 2008


Though this post does not compare to the fun in Eugene drama, I can say that I have discovered something new about the bod(at least mine). Yesterday, I went running with Melissa, Justin, Pat, Billy, this young kid Andrew(MD State running champ) and Ayallu(Ethiopian at G-town). We met at Difficult Run.

This was my second run in the 3 weeks. We must have run for 70 minutes or so and I felt fine. This is after three weeks of doing nothing. There was some light cardio and weights thrown in during the interim but that's all.

Yesterday afternoon the legs were tight and cranky but that's it.

Maybe lots of miles and running is not necessary in order to perform at a relatively solid level? I think that even when healthy, I will run only 3 days a week and do nothing but yoga, get massages and do other body maintenance during the other days. This certainly sounds more appealing to my brain and body.

Every body and set of legs is unique and requires its own formula to operate well.


KLIM said...

This (feeling good on a long run after little running) shouldn't surprise you at all. But don't think that you'll get better by resting so often and not putting in the work.

The more you run, the better you'll be. The issue is knowing how much your body can handle and walking that fine line while pushing the envelope.

MAX said...

Jake, I am 38 years young and simply want to enjoy a healthy body. I have no interest in really getting better(whatever that means).

My goal is to have a totally healthy body. That means keeping all of the ligaments and joints flexible and strong as well as maintaining a strong core and upper body.

Too much running over the last 6 years took its toll. I am not saying that I am giving up running but that my running will change and evolve to accomodate a different set of priorities for Max Lockwood.

The older you/one gets the more you/one realize that life is moving rapidly and precious moments are being taken away that will never come back. At 28 one is still invincible and this type of thinking is not really present.(at least it was not for me)

I enjoyed running like a mad man for a bit but a more fitness oriented Max Runner man needs to emerge so that I can smell the roses a bit more.

Anyway, from time to time I will still be out there show you guys who is the boss:)

peace out