Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"The Line" on Sunday

Per the race late on Saturday night, a bunch of us were thinking of staying somewhat closer to the city for the Sunday long run. Depending on the lastest weather report (heat/sun) we will meet at either 9 or 9:30am. TBD closer to the weekend. I plan to run at least 15-18 depending on how I feel after the race. Let us know if you're interested so we know who to wait for.


PR said...

I'm good for 18, and I'll put my vote in for 9:30.

Peter said...

I'll meet you guys there at either time though earlier is always my preference. Probably going to go 10 and save my long run for a weekday when I will have gotten better sleep (since as a result of twilighter it will be a late Saturday night)

P Murph said...

Sunday looks like it will have storms, but be in the 90s. Based on our last run at The Line, I would say 9 is the latest we should even consider running in the heat. We started that run at 9 and (I) cursed the late start the whole time. If it's really cloudy/rainy then 9:30 is fine. Either way, I'm up for smoothies again after!

Reagan said...

As of now I'd definitely like to join you guys, where exactly do you meet? Good luck to all at the Twilighter.

bain said...

I am in for either time, and will plan to go for 18.

Regan, we meet here.