Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunday Long Run Option B

Max has a good plan for a Sunday long run (see immd below), but a few of us decided to forgo a race environment and get in something a bit longer.
Reaves, Murphy, Bain, me and others plan to start on the Canal Towpath at Edwards Ferry (mile marker 30.44) and run south along the C&O to Old Anglers Inn (11.97). 30.44 - 11.97 = 18.47 Miles. This promises to be an epic run.

All interested participants should meet at Old Anglers (MAP HERE) at 8:15AM and then we will carpool to Edwards Ferry in one car...then run straight back to Old Anglers. Hopefully we can start the run by 9am and finish around 11am. Coffee and tomfoolery to follow.

This run is mostly shaded, with bathrooms and water in various spots along the way. Additionally, we plan to drop off some Gatorade at a lock somewhere in between both points (likely mile marker 15-20). Those who want to run less than 18.5 could park their cars and carpool to a separate spot. If you'd like suggestions, indicate the amount of mileage you're looking to go and let me know.
SATURDAY - Georgetown Running Company at 8:30AM for the usual, easy group run. Max plans to open the store early.


Anonymous said...

I'm down for 15-16 miles Sunday morning.


KLIM said...

Jonah - we can probably make that work by dropping you off down the road a bit.

Peter said...

If my work schedule allows me to make it to this expedition, I may do this 16 mile option with Jonah.

KLIM said...

Peter - aren't you self employed? If so, tell your boss to stick it and then go for the run. Something tells me you will still have a job Sunday afternoon.

Peter said...

You're right. I'll show him who's boss.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, sounds good.


Peter said...

As a result of being egged on by Klim, I've moved my editing client from Sunday to Saturday so I am in for this run, probably going to do the whole 18.5.

In terms of carpooling to old anglers, who else is coming from NW DC? I'll drive but would prefer to just give somebody else a few $ for gas.

Also, a pace question: Are we doing this as a true LSD run or are we going to be dipping into Marathon pace?

Nate said...

I'm in for at least 14 - 16. By Sunday, I may decide to go 18.

KLIM said...

I think those running less than 18 should head to Sycamore Landing Rd and run back to Old Anglers. This is 15 miles.

Suggest you "hang and stretch and pee" for 20 minutes until the pack of 4+ reaches you and we can all run back to Old Anglers together.

Still suggest ALL parties meet at Old Anglers at 8:15am...we will then carpool from there.

Anyone else?

smoney said...

I'll join the 15 mile group (and stop missing every group run) if someone can give me a ride out to Old Anglers.

KLIM said...

Bain and I have a business meeting out of town and need to leave immd after we finish the run.

Pat2 - can one of you be the guy who drives to Edwards Ferry?

Then someone else can drive the original driver back to his car?

Usually I would volunteer for one of these tasks since these ridculous runs are my idea, but I found out I have somewhere to be on Sunday afternoon.

Peter said...

Where are you coming from Steve? I can drive people situated in Upper NW/Georgetown.

Peter said...

I can take Patrick back to his car.

Jake, so you don't have to rush as much, how would you feel about pushing the start time 15-30 minutes earlier? This way you don't have to push the pace.

Peter said...
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smoney said...

Peter, I'm near Dupont, but can get myself to Georgetown to meet you.

Peter said...

Better yet, take Metro to Tenleytown/AU. Assuming we need to be at old anglers at 8:15am, plan on arriving at Tenleytown by 7:45am. Jonah, if you need a ride, just follow the same instructions. (Pad the time a bit because sometimes Metro is single tracking on the Red Line on weekends.

havegoats said...

I have work at noon, so I may be a bit antsy to roll out therefater.

if there is a northern va group- let me know if you need a ride?

P Murph said...

I may only run from Sycamore Landing, but either way I can drive to one of the start points.

KLIM said...

We should be okay with the start time at 8:15am.

Plus I told some of the EVIL PACERS about the run so they may show up at the original start time too.

Peter said...

Alright, so anyone riding with me:
1. Arrive at Tenley/Au 7:45
2. Walk to the Entrance of the Cityline Condo on Albemarle
3. Call me, 202-341-8971

Peter said...

I plan on departing Tenleytown at 7:50am, so remember to compensate for Metro slowness.

KLIM said...

We had a solid pack of 10 for this run; 6 ran 18+ and 4 ran 15+.

We cruised down the towpath under a mostly shaded canopy for the first 8 miles and then entered stretches with desert-like sun.

At mile 11, we quenched our thirst with Gatorade and then continued our trek. A few of us upped the paced and hit marathon speed for a few miles before shuffle jogging the last 12 mins of the run.

Bain and Reaves showed their strength by tacking on and making it a 20 mile day.

The front packed averaged 6:20s for 18.

It was a great run. Logistics make this brutal, but without social lives this is quite manageable.

As summer wanes into autumn, we should pool our calendars together and come up with additional epic runs/weekend workouts. I plan on getting up to 20 miles with the marathon men (Duel Ferries Loop) and would like to engage in a few more point-to-point long runs/workouts along the Canal, Buddy Attick Lake and some others locals.