Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bucknell Bison Classic (April 9th). Any interest?

I decided I am going to take a personal day next friday (april 9th) and head up to Bucknell University to race a 5,000. They have a legit "Distance Night" at this meet. The schedule of races are at the link below. If there is any interest, 3 or 4 people would have a place to stay friday night. I figure I would head back to MD/D.C saturday early afternoon after a run in Lock Haven (which is 30 mins from Bucknell). This could be a good opportunity for anybody not racing Cherry Blossom.

events: 1500 (3 heats + invitational), 3k steeple, 5,000 (3 slow heats + invitational), 10,000 (1 section of mens/1 section of women-45 entrant max per section).

(go to home meet event schedule on right side of page. April 9th Bison Classic.) It would not let me link the pdf for whatever reason.

If you want in, we will have to send an email to coach Kevin Donner:

Switching Sides

As one or two of you already know, I am turning over to the Potomac River Racing team. I am doing this because it makes sense for me since I work at their store. I will however, before I retire my GRC singlet to someone else and officially become "the enemy", run for Georgetown one last time at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler next Sunday. I will still meet up at regular workouts/runs whenever I can. This is a great group and I will continue to help push/be pushed by anyone in training runs. Thanks again to everyone for letting me be a part of the GRC. I will still see you all out there in many races to come..

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wednesday Workout

Who will be present for the Wednesday workout? I'm adding a set and cutting rest, 4x(300, 300,200 Rest 65) Rest 2min

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

FLASH: UMD Results



Joe Wiegner - 15:16
Billy Askey - 15:40 PR
Andy Sovonick - 15:44 PR

From Wiggy: Pace went out slow (77)...Wiggy takes leader duties with UMD collegian and Adam Condit of PR Running, 9:50 for Wiggy at 3200m, goes for broke with 1000m to go, but caught by UMD runner. Wiggy is second.

Major PRs for Chicken Tender (30 seconds!) and Billy (12 seconds?).

Huge breakthrough for the rapidly improving Andy!

Friday, March 26, 2010

FLASH: Raleigh Relays

The Red Fox, Patricks Murphy and Reaves storm down to Raleigh today to show those college boys how real men run 5000 meters.

RED FOX PRs -- 14:45

Maryland Invitational

We have several runners competing tomorrow at the University of Maryland Invitational. The 5000 meters is scheduled to go off with the women first at 9:00am, men will follow. I have not seen a schedule yet ( i got the start time for the 5k from Danielle last night). I plan to arrive at UMD at 7:30 and warm up around 8:30. I am going to chill in the car or find a nice area in a nearby building to camp out for awhile. If anybody who is participating or wants to come to spectate would like to carpool, we can comment to this message.

Best of luck to Klim, Murphy and Reaves who have started their own wolfpack, and will be racing against other wolfpacks at the NC State Wolfpack Invitational. I guess this answers the question if Wolves and Foxes get along... who would of thought... Good luck fellas!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekend Runs

For those not racing this weekend.

1. Will we be able to run from the Store on Saturday morning?

2. I propose we run from Sycamore Landing to Old Anglers Inn. We would need a few cars to drive people to the landing and then people willing to drive back to the cars after the run. I like these point to point runs because you have no choice but to run the whole darn thing! Distances could vary from 15 - infinity miles.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010


I will plan on working out Tuesday evening at American University. I plan to begin warming up at 6:45, and will run 1600m, 1600m, 800m, 800m at 5K pace. Comment below if you're interested in joining me.

Wednesday Workout

With people peaking and other's on the IR, I think I will take the lead on organizing the Wendesday workout at AU. Moral support is the biggest thing, but anyone that wants to run 300's (my first attempt at this distance this year) is more than welcome to workout at 6:30.

3x(300,300,200) Rest 75sec.

Pikes Peek

For those interested in running Pikes Peek on April 25 please EMAIL me your PR/seed time.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reaves, Sloane both looking to call themselves PR today!

Patrick Reaves is racing the Half Marathon today (gun goes off at 7am)
while Chris Sloane is racing the Marathon (gun goes off at 8am)

These guys are ready to run something quick on this fast course. I will have cell phone on course and will text updates to klim and chicken tender... These guys are ready to roll!


7:49 - leaders in half marathon pass "10 miles rolling"...probably a group looking for a trials qualifier of 1:05.

7:51 - Berdan of Falls Road hits mile 10 in 51 flat

7:54 - Reaves in 13th place at mile 10...split unsure (circa 54-55 is but a guess)

7:59 - Reaves digs it in and heads towards finish line

8:00 - Sloane toes the line and heads for personal glory

8:01 - Jake Marren wakes up in Jamaican hotel and heads out for long run

8:11 - UNOFFICIAL - 1:11:02, top 20 for Patrick Reaves...result could be faster. Either way, Reaves has knocked about 1 minute off his previous best.

MIKE MORGAN - 1:04:49
DAVE BERDAN - 1:06:09
TIM YOUNG - 1:07:50

ANDREW CLOKE - 1:08:11

8:20 - Reaves: "tough day, battled head wind alone after mile 7"

8:25 - Sloane 25 minutes into marathon. Hopes to better PR of 2:38.

Reaves OFFICIAL TIME is 1:10:56! PLACES 15th OVERALL


Saturday, March 20, 2010

FLASH: Saturday results

National Half Marathon
Dirk De Heer - 5th, 1:07.35
Andy Sovonick - 1:15.18

Dirk ran a really smart race, working off a lead pack that went out really fast. A couple guys that went with that pack -- some top local Ethiopians -- had to drop out. Andy looked really, really smooth -- showing a lot of potential for the longer stuff.

UPDATE: Wiggy ran 25:20 and placed 16th overall!

Joe Wiggy ran 25:20 at the Shamrock 8K this morning. He was 16th place.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Saturday Workout

This is a bit last minute, but I plan to run 3 x mile tomorrow afternoon (3pm?) in the brilliant sunshine when the temps hover in the mid-70s. I am hoping to run 4:40, 4:40, sub-4:40 with 400 spikes. I could use all the help I can get - whether you want to run one rep, two reps, or 800s at 2:20 or...anything. Location is TBD pending who is interested.

I am volunteering at the National Marathon in the morning so will do a shake out run then.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Old Anglers on Sunday

I am running my long run here at 9:30am. There are trails above the Towpath which are good for 4-5 miles, then I'll hit up the old Towpath for the rest. Any interest?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FYI: Anybody who is attending workout at BCC tonight!

I need to get a uniform (preferrably a Small or Medium Brooks GRC uniform). If someone you has an extra nike GRC uni, that will work too (Towpath mentioned he had one... not sure if you are coming tonight or not Peter?)

Greatly appreciated



Jake M. and I will be at the track Wednesday. If anyone wants to come and help Jake get through a peak-week marathon workout, we'll be there at 6:30, get the whole running thing done and then go out for St. Pat's.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Lock 5 of the C&O canal fails and forces the towpath to close. Peter was last seen quietly weeping into a bowl of oatmeal, questioning whether to go on. Keep him in your thoughts.

Bocce Season

Are there any interested bocce ball ringers out there who want to join a league on Thursday nights at Rose Park (26th & P Streets, NW) at 6:30pm or 7:30pm (the times vary based on the schedule)? It's great upper body strength training, and the strategy is almost exactly like curling (for those of you making a push for the 2014 Olympics in Russia). If you're interested, let me know. Sign-ups have started and it fills up quickly. More info here:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

UPDATE: Shamrock 5k Results


Baltimore, MD.

Jake Klim was unable to defend his 2009 Shamrock 5k title, but was rewarded for his valiant efforts with a PR time of 14:48!

1 1/381 345 David Berdan M 28 Parkville MD 14:28 14:29# 4:40
2 2/381 2204 Jake Klim M 29 North Bethesda MD 14:48 14:48 4:46
3 3/381 2779 Izzy Mehmedovic M 25 Columbia MD 15:06 15:06 4:52
4 4/381 2937 Patrick Murphy M 25 Washington DC 15:32 15:32 5:00
5 1/507 1973 Benjamin Ingram M 32 Baltimore MD 15:41 15:42 5:04
6 5/381 1928 Patrick Hughes M 23 Washington DC 15:52 15:53 5:07
7 6/381 622 Mark Buschman M 25 Columbia MD 16:00 16:01 5:10
8 7/381 2225 Will Knox M 25 Cockeysville MD 16:03 16:04 5:10
9 1/44 4330 Michael Wegner M 13 Columbia MD 16:10 16:11* 5:13
10 8/381 2462 Alex Loper M 22 Bel Air MD 16:14 16:15 5:14

UPDATE: St. Patricks Day 8K results

3 Dirk De Heer M 28 Silver Spring MD 24:36 4:57
18 Charlie Ban M 27 Falls Church VA 27:23 5:31

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Matias & Marren Go 2 & 3 in Wet/Windy PA

Chambersburg, PA

Matias is runner up in deluge of rain and wind at Chambersburg Half Marathon - 1:17

Marren runs 1:18:40, finishes 3rd

35 mph headwind and downpour for most of the race.

"Effort" still achieved despite horrendous racing conditions

Marren noted "at least I won money"


Friday, March 12, 2010

Workout Next Week

I am way ahead of this, but next Wednesday is also St Patrick's Day...perhaps we should move the workout to Tuesday night (cough)? Also, this gives those racing NEXT weekend an extra day of rest. Am I alone on this?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

GRC Singlet

I meant to bring it up at the workout last night and totally forgot... Could someone who has one of the old Brooks GRC singlets, bring it to the run from the store on saturday? I spoke with Klim and he said he would take it off your hands and hand it off to me next week (as I will be in PA this weekend). If anyone happens to have an extra white nike singlet, that would be even better... as I planned to just cover up the nike symbol w/ tape. But the old brooks singlet would do just fine for the meantime. I am looking for a medium ... if possible...

Thanks, and best of luck to all racing this weekend!

Journey to the End of the Night

It's not too early to think about our post-racing season adventures... The Journey to the End of the Night is a fantastic adventure through the dark streets of our nation's capital, and it's tentatively planned for Saturday, May 15th. Mr. Reaves and I teamed up and raced to victory in the inaugural event in 2008, and this would be a fun night for the anyone in the GRC up to the challenge.

Here's the gist: Teams of adventure-seekers depart from a central location and criss-cross the city to a series of checkpoints while being chased by people lurking in the dark. If they tag you, you become a chaser. If you out-sprint them, you survive and continue to play. This "race" is as much about strategy as it is about speed and endurance. The first team to the final checkpoint is the victor, and will be spoiled with golden chalices overflowing with the juice of the jungle.

I will add this event to the race calendar. Just keep it in mind, and we can plan for it later in the spring.

JourneyDC Website.
JourneyDC Twitter Feed.

Track Tonight

It looks like most people got in a good track workout yesterday, but I wanted to see if there was anyone else eager to run in circles tonight. I will be at AU 'round 7 to run some shorter stuff.

Shamrock 5 Logistics

The race starts at 1:15pm on Sunday in downtown Baltimore...BUT we need to get there no later than 11:30am in order to pick-up our number (packet pick-up closes at 11:30 and they make no exceptions. In fact it is worth it to sit around and watch what happens at 11:31 when angry runners try and argue their way into packet pick-up).

Because something always goes wrong, I am leaving Fox Den in North Bethesda no later than 10:00am...get to B'more by 10:45am, park and get to packet pick-up well before it closes. Then I'll hang for 45 mins and warm-up. I am going to go toat a Falls Road Running event postrace where Ryan McGrath (RM) promises to do stand-up.
If this sounds like something you want to get behind, let me know.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Achilles Injury

Hey guys,
I just wanted to let you know I will be out of running for at least another week with a micro-tear (really it's messed up tissue that got overstretched) in my achilles. I haven't run for a few days and it's already healing but I have have to take some additional time off and then take it slow. It's really frustrating to not run right now since I can't use my fitness and because the weather is nice now after I was running serious mileage on the roads near my place this whole last month. Oh well, that's part of running. Anyway, anyone who wants to do some cross-training in the pool, contact me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Track @ B-CC

I plan to do a light workout at B-CC on Wednesday. "Light" because I am coming off a race and have another one this weekend. Not sure what I'll do, but I'll probably piggyback off of what others decide upon.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

UPDATE: University of MD is now including 5,000 meters due to popular demand!

If interested in entering please email asst. coach Danielle Siebert:

Include name, event and seed time.

The Champ!

Dirk de Heer opens up what's left in his tank and outs sprints the 62 minute half marathoner Demesse Tefera for a 5 mile time of 24:18.
A cool breeze on snow-free streets made racing fun again. Photo & Quote from Washington Running Report

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Van Metre 5-mile

Early results (unofficial)

Dirk 1st, 24.18...Klim 3rd, 24.46 (pr)...Burnam 26.05

1 1/39 230 Dirk De Heer 28 SILVER SPRING MD 24:18 24:18 4:52
2 2/39 9 Demesse Tefera 27 SILVER SPRING MD 24:22 24:22 4:53
3 3/39 5 Jake Klim 29 N BETHESDA MD 24:48 24:47 4:58
4 4/39 241 Adam Condit 26 ASHBURN VA 25:19 25:19 5:04
5 5/39 214 Dustin Whitlow 23 ASHBURN VA 25:26 25:25 5:05
6 6/39 6 David Burnham 25 ARLINGTON VA 26:07 26:06 5:14
7 7/39 733 Justin Fritzius 25 VA 26:30 26:30 5:18
8 1/118 750 Bart Borghuis 34 ARLINGTON VA 26:48 26:48 5:22
9 8/39 779 Andrew Towne 28 ARLINGTON VA 28:03 28:03 5:37
10 1/86 367 Bill Bray 45 FAIRFAX VA 28:04 28:03 5:37

Saturday PM Team Building: Buffalo Billiards in Dupont...

Folks -

Klim and I had talked about getting together Saturday night for a burger, root beer and more at Buffalo Billiards in Dupont Circle.  So consider this an open (albeit late) invitation to join us there starting at 7:00pm.  Buffalo Billiards is located at 1330 19th Street Northwest, Washington, DC.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Video of the Week

Ryun's last 300m was 39 seconds!

Run or no run?

Here's a question for the board. We're all obsessive-compulsive about our running to varying degrees. This is a classic example of that, so I thought it would make good discussion:

I have a 5:30 AM flight tomorrow. That means to get in a run at all tomorrow, I have to wake up at 3:00. There isn't another chance in the day to run since I'll be on a plane or on field trips. If I don't run, it'll be my second "0" day in two weeks. I hate zeros, plus there's just that icky feeling of not running when you don't have a reason not to other than just being busy.

I can sleep on the plane afterward from NC to Philly and then from Philly to San Francisco. Do I suck it up and get in a 30-minute jog at 3AM? Or take another day off? The prospect of running seems perfectly reasonable to me at this point as there isn't much of a difference between waking up at 3:00 versus 3:30. I'm also admittedly hurting for sleep right now coming off of a week of midterms and projects at school.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

UMD Outdoor track invite, 3/27

UPDATE #2: UMD assistant coach just mentioned that the 5K is being reconsidered... I'll stop updating until I actually know. Stay tuned.


I'm checking to see if anyone is in for the University of Maryland outdoor track meet, March 27, at College Park. I'm doing the 5K.

Comment if you're interested. We'll send a roster to the assistant coach to get registered.

I hear Pacers are showing up as well...

Boston Marathon Team

Earlier today I officially registered the Georgetown Running Company for the team competition (men's and women's open) of this year's 114th running of the Boston Marathon.  So far I have the following on our teams:
  1. Bain
  2. Cochran
  3. Ernst
  4. Palavecino
  6. Oneill
  7. Conchita Gabler
I have until March 31, 2010 to register others under the GRC teams.  Thus, if you run with us, are a confirmed registrant and would like to be included on our team roster, please contact me via Klim.


Sunday - Riley's Lock?

It'd be nice to run on some soft stuff and if things keep progressing they way they have, the towpath and area trails should be good for a run. I propose Riley's Lock at 9am.

If they're too muddy/snowy/crummy, we can always hit the roads around there. This proved to be good running last time.

Note to bikers/tri people - excellent biking out this way if you wanted to do a "double"

Anyone game?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Track Workout

I don't know if B-CC is cleared, so should we plan for AU at 6:30pm?

Karl and I discussed a "lighter" workout of 400m x 3 x 4 sets at 8k race pace.

A heads up that my job could be crazy and I MAY not be able to make it. Though, assuming I can, is there someone who can pick me up at the Metro again?

Monday, March 1, 2010

2012 Olympic Marathon Trials to be held in Houston


Karl, Chris Raabe..and any others looking to run/qualify for the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials:

"The 2012 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials will be held in Houston January 14, 2012, a day prior to the 40th anniversary run of the Houston Marathon. Both Trials races will be run on the morning of January 14, with the women's event expected to start before the men's. The specific race schedule, as well as details about the 26.2-mile course, will be announced later."