Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shamrock 5 Logistics

The race starts at 1:15pm on Sunday in downtown Baltimore...BUT we need to get there no later than 11:30am in order to pick-up our number (packet pick-up closes at 11:30 and they make no exceptions. In fact it is worth it to sit around and watch what happens at 11:31 when angry runners try and argue their way into packet pick-up).

Because something always goes wrong, I am leaving Fox Den in North Bethesda no later than 10:00am...get to B'more by 10:45am, park and get to packet pick-up well before it closes. Then I'll hang for 45 mins and warm-up. I am going to go toat a Falls Road Running event postrace where Ryan McGrath (RM) promises to do stand-up.
If this sounds like something you want to get behind, let me know.


Jake Marren said...

Non Racer logistics can be discussed here too. Anyone want to do a easy long run in the Baltimore environs and then head to the race? Or we could just run at the line and then go to the race/post race party.

RM said...

1. Never use RM and the question "is this something you want to get behind" in the same sentence. Ha!

2. But seriously, here's what I'll say: If you give me names, I can pick up yo shhh and keep it with me so you don't have to get there *that* early.

Post-race will be the same as last year, 1321 Clarkson St. For directions or whatever, drop me an email at It is approximately 1.5 miles from the start line. Then you can rendezvous with me at the house, pick up your numbers, warm up, etc - and then head to the race.