Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boston Marathon Team

Earlier today I officially registered the Georgetown Running Company for the team competition (men's and women's open) of this year's 114th running of the Boston Marathon.  So far I have the following on our teams:
  1. Bain
  2. Cochran
  3. Ernst
  4. Palavecino
  6. Oneill
  7. Conchita Gabler
I have until March 31, 2010 to register others under the GRC teams.  Thus, if you run with us, are a confirmed registrant and would like to be included on our team roster, please contact me via Klim.



Charlie Ban said...

I realize most of you are probably flying, because nothing sounds like a worse idea than driving to DC from Boston after running a marathon, but if anyone IS driving and I can come along, let me know. I am planning to go up and watch the race and run the BAA 5k and the trip would be a lot more fun not on a train.

Charlie Ban said...

PS Matias if you drive I will wear the shorts of which you seem to be so fond

Unknown said...

Robert!! Hello! I am running Boston if you need more female support...

JARRIN said...

Conchita, how could I forget...will you ever forgive me?