Saturday, March 13, 2010

Matias & Marren Go 2 & 3 in Wet/Windy PA

Chambersburg, PA

Matias is runner up in deluge of rain and wind at Chambersburg Half Marathon - 1:17

Marren runs 1:18:40, finishes 3rd

35 mph headwind and downpour for most of the race.

"Effort" still achieved despite horrendous racing conditions

Marren noted "at least I won money"



Matias said...

Check the spread

Mile 7 split - 6:41
Mile 9 split - 5:11

The rest are somewhere in between

Jake Marren said...

Best six minute miles of my life.

Andy said...

Well done to both! I want those times on a dry and calm day!

Peter said...

Slam-Dunk!™ (RF)

Joe Wiggy said...

Stud Performances!!! Great work Matias and Marren!!! I cringed during my 6 mile run today in the PA monsoon... great work pounding a 1/2 marathon during the sideways rain!